Trump: Jews Knocking Over Own Gravestones

Trump: Jews Knocking Over Own Gravestones

Trump suggests anti-Semitic acts are ‘false-flag’ attacks

President Trump suggested on Tuesday that the recent spate of anti-Semitic bomb threats and cemetery vandalism could be politically coordinated attacks to “make people look bad”.

Who these "people" are and why those acts would make Trump look bad is still unexplained and unexplainable.

The Anti-Defamation League swiftly responded to Trump’s comment in a statement. “We are astonished by what the President reportedly said,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote. “It is incumbent upon the White House to immediately clarify these remarks. In light of the ongoing attacks on the Jewish community, it is also incumbent upon the President to lay out in his speech tonight his plans for what the federal government will do to address this rash of anti-Semitic incidents.”

SCCRENDO | 28 février 2017

Trump is such a disgrace. Is anybody even going to listen to him tonite?

Silver2K | 28 février 2017


I have to watch this wreck!

RedShift | 28 février 2017

His conscience is a train wreck.

SCCRENDO | 28 février 2017

@silver. I listen or watch from time to time because we need to know what he is up to. But I am not sure I want to watch an hour and a half of him tonite.

Captain_Zap | 28 février 2017

I wouldn't want to contribute to the Nielsen Rating.

rxlawdude | 28 février 2017

The Orange-a-tan has another OMG! moment.

lilbean | 28 février 2017

From Wikipedia

Nielsen television ratings are gathered in one of two ways:

Viewer "diaries", in which a target audience self-records its viewing or listening habits. By targeting various demographics, the assembled statistical models provide a rendering of the audiences of any given show, network, and programming hour.
A more technologically sophisticated system uses Set Meters, which are small devices connected to televisions in selected homes. These devices gather the viewing habits of the home and transmit the information nightly to Nielsen through a "Home Unit" connected to a phone line. The technology-based home unit system is meant to allow market researchers to study television viewing habits on a minute to minute basis, seeing the exact moment viewers change channels or turn off their television set. In addition to set meters, individual viewer reporting devices, such as people meters, have allowed the company to separate household viewing information into various demographic groups, but so far Nielsen has refused to change its distribution of data of ethnic groups into subgroups[clarification needed], which could give more targeted information to networks and advertisers.
Changing systems of viewing have impacted Nielsen's methods of market research. In 2005, Nielsen began measuring the usage of digital video recording devices such as TiVo. Initial results indicated that time-shifted viewing will have a significant impact on television ratings. A year later, the networks were not yet figuring these new results into their ad rates because of the resistance of advertisers.[2]

Dramsey | 28 février 2017

I suppose it would mark me as a mouth-breathing troglodyte if I pointed out that in SamO's cited article, Trump never actually said that Jews were "knocking over their own gravestones." But hey, it makes for a good headline, and that's what counts, right?

SamO | 28 février 2017

I think he called it a false flag. You'll have to ask Trump the follow up questions.

rxlawdude | 28 février 2017

@Dramsey, with all due respect, your argument dances on the head of a pin.

rxlawdude | 28 février 2017

@Dramsey, with all due respect, your argument dances on the head of a pin.

Silver2K | 28 février 2017


rxlawdude | 28 février 2017

I guess it wasn't a safety pin.

SCCRENDO | 28 février 2017

I reckon it hits home when our local JCC and the day school where my youngest son attended high school received a bomb threat yesterday. Also on the list was the Cherry Hill JCC where my daughter represented Orange County as a soccer player in the local Maccabi games. Any Jew who voted for a bigoted racist president who hesitates to disavow the KKK should not be surprised that anti-semitism is on the rise under a president they thought would be good for Jews

Carl Thompson | 28 février 2017

Sigh. Trump. I still can't believe it. Are so many of my fellow Americans really that foolish and shortsighted?

bigd | 28 février 2017

"Any Jew who voted for a bigoted racist president who hesitates to disavow the KKK" Must have got his information from CNN or another fake news site.
http://www.cnn dot com/2016/03/03/politics/donald-trump-disavows-david-duke-kkk/

bigd | 28 février 2017

rac·ist ˈrāsəst/
noun: racist; plural noun: racists
1. a person who uses logic to win an argument with a liberal

RedShift | 28 février 2017


In the post above, did you realize you quoted that much hated fake news site CNN, yourself? I know, ha ha ha, right?

In the second post, you seem to suggest racists are conservative. You realize that, right? I know I know, double haha!

I would like to use a term dramsey often uses to describe conservatives here, but I won't. :-)

bigd | 28 février 2017

Aww RedShift I thought you would understand it.
Irony that even CNN has articles about Trump disavowing the KKK and yet they want to insist he is anti Jewish at this time.
"second post" Who always calls someone a racist, the left, as they cannot get race out of their vocabulary. I was just relaying the definition of racist to them.

You are correct, I went over some peoples head and I didn't draw stick figures. Next time I will try to do better

RedShift | 28 février 2017


How can it be irony, OP never mentioned CNN, and you did, going against your own theme that CNN is all fake news, in the process?

Next, regarding racism - if I were to ever bring up racism as a problem, then I am the racist, did I get that right?

SCCRENDO | 28 février 2017
Carl Thompson | 28 février 2017

bigd, you're (perhaps purposefully) misstating things. The issue wasn't that Trump didn't (eventually) disavow the KKK and other white supremacist groups. The issue was that he didn't do so immediately when those groups endorsed him. He waited. And waited. And made it clear that the only reason he finally did it because he felt he had to in order to win the election.


compchat | 1 mars 2017

You guys are beyond insane. Trump just had BB to the white house and BB had nothing but compliments for the guy. President Trump's daughter is a converted Jew who married and orthodox Jew (BTW this is not an easy process). His other daughter is dating a Jew. I think one his sons is married to a Jew. BTW his grandchildren are Jewish.

You guys make me sick as a Jew and as an American. If you want to look at an enemy of the Jewish people look to former President Obama.

I simply don't understand the antisematism defamation of the desperate left. It has no basis in fact. Sccrendo should be ASHAMED of himself because he is smarter and knows better then to spread the lies that he does.

Is anti-sematism still alive. Yes. Is President Trump antisemetic? NO!!

I can't say that I am surprised by these allegations as the democratics are in a seek and destroy mode. That's their stratgey. Destroy the Trump Presidency. I watched it with my own eyes and ears when Donna Brazil selected the new Fueher of the democratic party. His speech was atrocious, virtreolic and full of lies about Donald Trump.

You want to make the Trump coalition stronger. Keep talking like you are. Keep spreading lies and made up news. The media is a pit of lies especially CNN and people like Shepard Smith on FOX. I don't believe a word they say anymore. Shepard Smith should really move to CNN.

BTW, Screendo, because you are a naturazlied citzen and not a natural born citzen you can never be the president which shows the wisdom of our founding fathers. The Kenyan got away with it but you couldn't. For you this is an intellectual exercise. For me, well, I've grown up saying the pledge of allegience since Kindergarten. You have dual loyalties. One to your native country of birth and one to the USA. Anything split like that will surely be weak. A house divided cannot stand.

compchat | 1 mars 2017

You know anti-sematism is nothing new. I can remember, vividly, people drawing swastikas in my high school year book. I guess some will blame it on Trump but this happend in this late 60s.

You guys cannot know the hurt involved in antisematism until you experience it. I don't feel any of it when I listen to Trump speak. I trust my gut. He is not a Jew Hater. I know them when I hear/see them. So as a Jew, Screendo, perhaps you should start listening to your gut and stop spouting the leftist line on this ONE singular issue.

eric.zucker | 1 mars 2017

What in the world does this discussion have to do here, on the Tesla forums?

SCCRENDO | 1 mars 2017

@compchat. Bomb threats where my children used to play are not leftist lies. These are real facts. Whether you trusted Obama or not he tried to unite. Trump singles out multiple groups with vitriolic hatred. He has been very slow and even reluctant to condemn antisemitism, the KKK and his racist supporters. I know the religious background of his daughter, son in law and their kids. Ever heard of "some of my best friends are ******"?

Other members of his family such as his dad may have have had different beliefs

J.T. | 1 mars 2017

@SCCRENDO >>>>Other members of his family such as his dad may have have had different beliefs

And that proves what?

My daughters have different beliefs from me. Do you question their liberalism because of my conservatism?

SamO | 1 mars 2017


Zero. Which is why its in the GENERAL forum. And also because some threats are so fundamental to the continuation of LIFE, let alone TESLA, that they need to shared.

This thread will drop away soon.

And we'll discuss Tesla Network, Tesla Energy, Tesla Solar Roof, Gigafactories 3-100, HUD, Elon's latest romance, SpaceX, Mars, Hyperloop, Model Y, Tesla Truck, Tesla Semi, 1000 Superchargers reached, Coast to Coast, Carbon Tax, Basic Income, Fascism, Stupid things Politicians say, Uber death watch and burgers.

I'm almost done here.

SCCRENDO | 1 mars 2017

@JT. No proof but indeed supports the point that just because his daughter converted to Judaism does not make him a lover of Jews. Indeed if he was a little antisemitic perhaps because of his father's influence he may be angry that Ivanka converted. And we know Trump would never be vindictive,

massimob30 | 1 mars 2017

I really can't think of a time, where I saw so much pearl clutching over an election.

What's really funny is, people were worried about Trump supporters being irrational if Hillary won. Man, how they got that backwards.

J.T. | 1 mars 2017

@SCCRENDO >>>if he was a little antisemitic perhaps because of his father's influence he may be angry that Ivanka converted.

He may be!!!

Does Ivanka strike you as the rebellious teen type?

Let's follow the parental influence.

You suppose that since Fred Trump was racist and maybe anti-semitic then some of that might have been infused into Donald's DNA and he has latent anti-semitic feelings.

Then it could follow that those tendencies might have been passed along to Ivanka, but they obviously weren't or she wouldn't have married Kushner.

So, if Ivanka didn't get it from Donald, why are you so sure Donald got it from Fred?

Also, Don Jr's wife is half Jewish and Eric's wife is Jewish.

Why didn't Donald's blatant anti-Semitism filter down to them?

Does it skip a generation like pattern baldness?

RedShift | 1 mars 2017


It's got nothing to do with Trump's genes, but his brain.

KP in NPT | 1 mars 2017

I don't believe Trump is anti-semitic. I just think his conscience (if he has one) allows him to accept the support of hate groups like the KKK or people like David Duke and all their supporters because their votes are more important to him than alienating a chunk of his base. He won by small number of votes in a flawed system - I have no doubt that number was achievable because of that segment of the electorate.

Take a look at David Duke's twitter. He's just one example and there are many of his ilk you can look at on twitter but it is very clear they see Trump's win as a win for their ideals.

J.T. | 1 mars 2017

@KP in NPT I am sure that if David Duke met you he just might tweet about the beautiful, intelligent person he just met.

Now, why are you trying to get compliments from the KKK?


J.T. | 1 mars 2017

@Red Shift So, it helps you to get through the day to think that that Donald Trump is anti-Semitic, he resents his children's choices of mates, he gave Jared Kushner a top position just so he can make mistakes and Donald can blame the Jews and the only reason he feigns support for Israel is to give him an excuse to nuke Tehran, then pretend that's all true. As SCCRENDO says, it just might be.

SCCRENDO | 1 mars 2017

I don't know if Trump is anti-semitic. All I am saying is that his daughter converting does not prove he is not. His statements do not give me much confidence that he is a defender of Jews. And I believe he at least gives tacit support to the KKK and other racist groups which I believe gives some cover fro anti-semitism. Even my right wing South African Jewish Trump supporter friends are alarmed at the rise in anti-semtism.

SamO | 1 mars 2017


Whether Trump is anti-semitic or just provides excellent cover for their hate-filled word and actions is really strawman.

False Flag.

Jews knocking over their own tombstones, calling in death threats to their houses of worship, community centers and daycares?

False flags?

finman100 | 1 mars 2017


J.T. | 1 mars 2017

@SCCRENDO>>>>I don't know if Trump is anti-semitic.

I don't know either, but that's why I don't say that he is.

KP in NPT | 1 mars 2017

LOL J.T. - that brings up another important point - that Trump simply cannot get enough adoration - no matter who from. ;-)

RedShift | 1 mars 2017


"So, it helps you to get through the day to think that that Donald Trump is anti-Semitic, "

No, I didn't say Trump was anti-Semitic. His brain was. I am purposefully being coy. Well, didn't work.

NKYTA | 1 mars 2017

@KP, mic drop on the above. ;-)

SCCRENDO | 1 mars 2017

@JT. Whether he is anti-semitic or not is probably not the main point. It's how he addresses it that matters. And his efforts to counter this so far are pretty pathetic.

massimob30 | 1 mars 2017


No, the rust belt didn't vote for Trump because of David Duke. In fact, the rust belt voted for Obama twice, but you suggest they are racist because they didn't vote for the white woman ?

Good luck with that.

KP in NPT | 1 mars 2017

I did not mention the rust belt.

That is part of the problem here. Did rust belt voters switch from supporting Dems (Obama) to supporting trump? Yes. Are all Trump supporters racist? NO. And I did not say that.

I in no way lumped in those voters with David Duke/KKK supporters. But Trump DID get their support, along with the rust belt voters. I don't blame rust belt voters for not wanting to be lumped in with that group - but the fact is they both voted for the same person - albeit for different reasons.

lilbean | 1 mars 2017

Uh, I'm pretty sure he is not anti-Semitic since he is standing by Israel.

Bighorn | 1 mars 2017

He's definitely anti-semantic. And Ivanka married a billionaire--I don't think the family cared which flavor of the supernatural came with it. Business is business.

KP in NPT | 1 mars 2017

Watching is speech last night, I walked away thinking he was very anti-semantic, @bighorn. ;-)

J.T. | 1 mars 2017

@Bh I'm sure Ivanka could have gotten any billionaire she wanted. But, maybe she just wanted to make sure she outlived her husband, because everyone knows that Jewish men die before their wives.

And why? Because they want to. ba dum bum.

massimob30 | 1 mars 2017


You are trying to float the idea that Trump won due to racists, without actually saying. I would rather you say it than to beat around the bush. Look at how you phrased it.

"He won by small number of votes in a flawed system - I have no doubt that number was achievable because of that segment of the electorate."

The problem with constantly calling people racist is, it's hard to ask them to vote for you after that.