Beta production

Beta production

According to an article on Electrek today, Beta production of the Model 3 has already started. I imagine they will do all sorts of things with the betas, including crash testing. Would they be ineligible for sale?

KP in NPT | 2 mars 2017

Beta production cars are not for sale. I remember seeing an article of a field at Fremont with dozens (hundreds?) of teslas, some wrecked, missing windows, etc with grass and weeds growing up around them. :( I can't find it now but if I do I will post.

Frank99 | 2 mars 2017

Probably. Car makers don't like anything but "production" cars to get into the public's hands. If the Betas accurately reflect the final cars, they might be used for showroom demos. Whether they're used this way or not, they're likely to end up getting crushed.

Red Sage ca us | 2 mars 2017

There are particular series of VIN numbers that are assigned to all cars dependent upon their use. Take a look see here:

The #12 position for 'Build Phase Code' outlines different types of vehicle iterations. Among these are 'E = Evaluation Prototype, Roadster' and 'B = Beta Prototype'. The pre-production vehicles with such designations are fine for promotional photos, crash testing, car shows, auto reviews, and can even be registered at the DMV as manufacturer's vehicles... But they cannot be sold as a transfer of title.

tedirelan | 3 mars 2017

Would you really want one though? The tests they put them through are pretty rigorous. Talk about your ware-and-tare.

Haggy | 7 mars 2017

They need to have the beta builds to get everything certified, which means by definition that the certification can't happen before the beta builds. They won't be built for sale to begin with.