Wrapping the chrome and warranty

Wrapping the chrome and warranty

I'm considering wrapping the chrome of my Model-S if it wouldn't affect the warranty. One of the things that they need to wrap are the two side cameras (AP2) mounted on the front fenders (AP1 car did not have these two cameras). I'm concerned that messing with those cameras would affect calibration or something else that would affect/void the warranty.
Has anyone done this to an AP2 Tesla and know if it affect the warranty?

lilbean | 22 mars 2017

Chrome deleting is reversible. The film can be peeled right off. The installer needs to cut around the cameras.

Ms_PriceLa | 22 mars 2017

We had ours wrapped by SD Wrap. They disconnected and reconnected the side cameras no problem. Of course they have worked on hundreds of tesla's and know what they're doing. Good luck.

StatsApp | 23 mars 2017

@Ms can I ask how much you paid for wrapping the chrome? I'm actually considering taking it to SDWrap.

hsuru4u | 23 mars 2017

its not cheap!...they want alot here to do it.