Seattle TV coverage of Model 3

Seattle TV coverage of Model 3

Hi Guys,

Last night on KOMO TV Ch. 4 here in Seattle, they were talking about Elon and the new info he released. They showed him on stage with cars and an audience. My question is this........was that old file footage from the first reveal ? Or did he do an actual stage appearance for this latest event?
Secondly, are there any daylight photos of the car yet ?

Bob in Seattle

Bluesday Afternoon | 25 mars 2017

Must be old footage since he was tweeting. If they showed the black Model S at night then it's the most recent video. Not much to see but interesting.

melinda.v | 25 mars 2017

well, the 'latest' event with the car was the March 2016 reveal - (not counting the cameo at the solar roof event), so it would have been old footage.
I went to KOMOs website and stopped after coming across the "SEA->PDX in 15 min" Hyperloop story. yay! lets hope we see that in our lifetimes!! (didn't see a written copy of the Model ☰ story).