Anyone have experience with a white Tesla?

Anyone have experience with a white Tesla?

Hi Everyone,

Since we (at least most of us) still have several months before we get our Model 3s, I was wondering if anyone has a white Tesla Model S and if so, what kinda if white is it? What I mean by that, is it a Porsche/Audi white which I think is a really nice snow white or just a plain jane white that is one any regular car? Sorry if this is not a clear understandable question hoping some of you know what I am talking about. I never considered white, but I saw a white BMW 335 with tinted windows and it really stood out to me and I was just wondering what the Model 3 would like like with that same set up with maybe black powder coated rims.

Thanks In Advance.

stevenmaifert | 9 avril 2017

My white 2012 Model S is the Catalina white, a bright white, as opposed to the Pearl white which is a richer, more metallic and slightly darker shade of white. Tesla no longer offers the Catalina white. Below is a link to a side by side, with the Catalina white on the left, Pearl white on the right. Who knows if they will bring it back for the M3, but if you want white, you may have to settle for the Pearl white which is a $1500 option in the Model S.

Pkalhan | 9 avril 2017

Thanks Steve, i definitely prefer the Catalina white. That is the popping white that I was hoping for!

M3forMe | 9 avril 2017

You might have better responses if you post this in the Model S forum. IMO

Pkalhan | 9 avril 2017

i think you may be right, I am just so use to posting on this forum that I never think about posting on the S forum. Anyway, the side by side comparison picture provided me the info I was looking for.

lilbean | 9 avril 2017

I have the bright white. It's beautiful. This color was discontinued early this year.

jefjes | 10 avril 2017

Sure hope they have a no cost option for a color other than just black and white would be fine for me. No cost is the optimal words.

KP in NPT | 10 avril 2017

I am hoping they offer the bright white again for the Model 3, @bean. I really want that over the pearl but will get it if that's all they offer. Unless I go crazy and get red. ;)

Frank99 | 10 avril 2017

My wife told me that we were going to order the Model 3 in Red. I told her to keep her color-picking fingers away from MY car, but Red sounded good to me.

JuJo0 | 10 avril 2017

Can't wait for the Pearl White for me :) Although the Catalina has a nice bright tint to it.

hsuru4u | 10 avril 2017

pearl white is the bomb in the sunshine. Bright white is too flat and 1 dimensional to me.

4fishtankz | 10 avril 2017

I'm going to have a battle on my hands over which color to get, seeing the pictures of blue in the wild and showing my kids who are partial to blue, they want the blue. My husband saw a silver one at the showroom and almost every car he's bought is silver (except for ones I've picked) so he wants silver. I'm undecided and would love to see them lined up, LOL (especially since I was the one waiting in line, LOL).

JuJo0 | 10 avril 2017


Be like screw you all it's mine I'm getting rainbow.

KP in NPT | 10 avril 2017

@4fishankz seeing them lined up is exactly why I am going to do the factory tour again once production starts. My husband thinks I'm crazy. ;)

When I did it last year, I brought along a fellow forum member who was not an owner at the time, but in the future going to buy a S (he did indeed buy a P100D at the end of the year) and that was a big reason why he wanted to go, too. To decide what color. :)

If our model S wasn't blue (the original navy blue) I'd probably get blue. The silver prototype looked pretty sweet though - but was a custom color/wrap different from Tesla's usual silver.

accentcreate | 11 avril 2017

Just a word of caution on the whites. I also want a white, but a simple, plain white, not metallic or pearl. Don't get me wrong, the pearl effect is beautiful, until you get a scratch or worse and find out the whole side of the car or more needs to be resprayed if the colour is to match. Cost me $2000.00, twice on my Subaru to respray after minor damage inflicted in car parks.

accentcreate | 11 avril 2017

@stevenmaifert Quick query. Why do the two Model Ss in your link have the same licence number? Quick Photoshop to protect the innocent?

lilbean | 11 avril 2017

Get the red, KP! I love the red!

Madatgascar | 11 avril 2017

On the pearl white cars, the paint color on the plastic bumpers looks pretty different from the paint on the aluminum body panels. Some people don't see this, but it seems obvious to me. Other colors don't seem to have this issue.