Trunk/back end changes

Trunk/back end changes

Is it just me or did they extend the back end of the M3? I assume this was to address concerns folks had with the trunk access/space, but I feel like it changed the look from the prototype - in a negative way. Anyone else feel it looks different?

topher | 17 avril 2017

Maybe. It is always hard to tell from paparazzi photos. I haven't convinced myself one way or the other (unlike the front which I am convinced WAS changed a bit). If they did change the exterior of the trunk area, it didn't change by much.

Thank you kindly.

melinda.v | 17 avril 2017

I think the exterior back is essentially the same - but we don't know yet if there were changes to the interior opening size. that likely is where most changes (presuming it was tweaked) were made.

akgolf | 17 avril 2017

Still looks good to me.

jordanrichard | 17 avril 2017

First, I highly doubt they enlarged the size of the car to solve the primary concern about the trunk because the concern was the size of the opening, not how deep it was.

The only thing that appears to be different from a year ago is the shape of the trunk lid, but without pics of the trunk being open, we can't judge if there ahs been any significant changes to the opening.

JuJo0 | 17 avril 2017

Most people just wanted a hatchback trunk as opposed to a standard sedan liftback. Personally, I like the sedan trunk more than a hatchback, but that's just my preference.

dyefrog | 17 avril 2017

"Most people just wanted a hatchback trunk as opposed to a standard sedan liftback."

I don't think that's been determined has it? I know of a handful of people here have said that but they may be the vocal minority. It will be interesting to see how the Model Y reservations do however.

I would think that certainly after the reveal, if what you were hoping for was a CUV or hatchback design, you would have either cancelled or never reserved as there is no mistaking the Model 3 for anything other than a sedan. That doesn't preclude it from the possibility that it could have been a liftback though as proven by the Model S, however all indications are that it will still be a trunk with modifications from the initial reveal.

I agree though, I like it just the way it is.

JuJo0 | 18 avril 2017

You may be right about that. Most polls have hatchback majorities, although at best it was a sample of around 8,000 people, so the hundreds of thousands of reservation holders as a whole may be different.

I just don't like how people get "disappointed" or even offended in Tesla for not doing a hatchback or liftback, as if they had previously explicitly promised it would be like that. They may have "changed" it, but not specifically changed its lift function completely.

dyefrog | 18 avril 2017

We do have a couple of snowflakes here.

Haggy | 18 avril 2017

A hatchback might be easier since there would be nothing above the trunk area when it's loaded. But it would mean pivoting part of the roof, making an all glass roof an engineering problem. If you want a hatchback, Tesla offers them now. There's no need to wait. The Model 3 is less expensive for a reason. The lack of a hatch isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's more cost effective to make.

bernard.holbrook | 18 avril 2017

I'm still hoping for a hatch/wagon at some point.

Frank99 | 18 avril 2017

The Model Y - wait a couple of years. But even it is more likely to be styled like an X, rather than a classic hatchback, in my opinion.