SpaceX should launch a Tesla

SpaceX should launch a Tesla

Spacex launched a wheel of cheese during the demo flight of the Falcon 9. Perhaps they should consider launching a Tesla for the Falcon Heavy Demo.

Given it is an electric car I suspect it could 'function' in orbit. An orbiting Tesla could call home occasionally, rev up the wheels and, perhaps using all the cameras stream us views from the heavens. An orbiting Tesla would definitely be something to look up to. Autonomy to the extreme.

No ICE vehicle could do the same in the vacuum of space.

DTsea | 10 mai 2017

Ross1 | 11 mai 2017

Yes, absolutely. Best publicity act ever!

donmactesla | 11 mai 2017

to go where no car has ever gone before

RedPillSucks | 11 mai 2017

space X needs to make some money. If someone pays for that, sure. Otherwise not

Tarla's Driver | 11 mai 2017

They need to launch a teapot.

nadurse | 11 mai 2017

Better yet, launch it and land it on moon. No regulations for autonomous driving on the moon.

Ross1 | 11 mai 2017

It doesnt need a Falcon Heavy, garden variety Falcon will lift it.

From Wikipedia:
Falcon 9 Full Thrust standing on the LC40 launch pad, carrying a Dragon cargo spacecraft for the CRS-8 mission (April 8, 2016)
Function Orbital launch vehicle
Manufacturer SpaceX
Country of origin United States
Cost per launch FT: $62M[1]
FT: 70 m (230 ft)[2]
v1.1: 68.4 m (224 ft)[3]
v1.0: 54.9 m (180 ft)[4]
Diameter 3.7 m (12 ft)[2]
FT: 549,054 kg (1,210,457 lb)[2]
v1.1: 505,846 kg (1,115,200 lb)[3]
v1.0: 333,400 kg (735,000 lb)[4]
Stages 2
Payload to LEO
FT: 22,800 kg (50,300 lb)[1]
v1.1: 13,150 kg (28,990 lb)[3]
v1.0: 10,450 kg (23,040 lb)[4]
Payload to
FT: 8,300 kg (18,300 lb)[1]
v1.1: 4,850 kg (10,690 lb)[3]
v1.0: 4,540 kg (10,010 lb)[4]
Associated rockets
Derivatives Falcon Heavy
Launch history
FT: Active
Block 5: In development[5]
v1.1: Retired
v1.0: Retired
Launch sites
Cape Canaveral SLC-40
Kennedy Space Center LC-39A
Vandenberg SLC-4E
Boca Chica (under construction)
Total launches
34 FT: 14 v1.1: 15 v1.0: 5
31 FT: 13 v1.1: 14 v1.0: 4
Failures 1 (v1.1, CRS-7)
Partial failures 1 (v1.0, CRS-1)[6]
Other 1 (FT, Amos-6)[a]
Landings 10 / 15 attempts
First flight
FT: 22 December 2015[7]
v1.1: 29 September 2013[8]
v1.0: 4 June 2010[9]
Last flight
FT: 1 May 2017 (NROL-76)
v1.1: 17 January 2016
v1.0: 1 March 2013
First stage
Block 5: 9 Merlin 1D+ (max thrust)
FT: 9 Merlin 1D+
v1.1: 9 Merlin 1D
v1.0: 9 Merlin 1C
FT (late 2016): 7,607 kN (1,710,000 lbf)[10]
FT: 6,806 kN (1,530,000 lbf)[2]
v1.1: 5,885 kN (1,323,000 lbf)[3]
v1.0: 4,940 kN (1,110,000 lbf)[4]
Specific impulse
Sea level: 282 seconds[11]
Vacuum: 311 seconds[11]
Sea level: 275 seconds[4]
Vacuum: 304 seconds[4]
Burn time
FT: 162 seconds[2]
v1.1: 180 seconds[3]
v1.0: 170 seconds
Fuel LOX / RP-1
Second stage
FT: 1 Merlin 1D Vacuum+
v1.1: 1 Merlin 1D Vacuum
v1.0: 1 Merlin 1C Vacuum
FT: 934 kN (210,000 lbf)[2]
v1.1: 801 kN (180,000 lbf)[3]
v1.0: 617 kN (139,000 lbf)[4]
Specific impulse
FT: 348 seconds[2]
v1.1: 340 seconds[3]
v1.0: 342 seconds[12]
Burn time
FT: 397 seconds[2]
v1.1: 375 seconds[3]
v1.0: 345 seconds[4]
Fuel LOX / RP-1

donmactesla | 11 mai 2017

Given Elon's affection for Space Balls and it's ludicrous speed. this would be in line with the image of that vehicle in space: though the Tesla would much better looking.

DTsea | 12 mai 2017

$60M for a stunt? No.

massimob30 | 12 mai 2017

"Where we're going we don't need roads..."

carlgo2 | 12 mai 2017

Land it intact in the field behind my house. It would then drive autonomously to my garage where i would paint clear coat over the awesome scorched paint and then drive it around, Ludicrously of course. No thanks required, just doing my part.

Frank99 | 12 mai 2017

But just think of the cool science shows they could do for kids - put it in drive, watch the whole car rotate. Put it in reverse, watch the rotation reverse. A much more accessible demonstration of Newton's Third law than many, and you'd put a Tesla in that scene. How powerful an image that would be on impressionable young consumers - and, IMHO, a lot more morally responsible than letting Coke or Disney make that impression.
But I like nadurse's suggestion of landing it on the moon and doing some autonomous driving. Build the deployable solar shield, let it drive 200 miles across the moon (exceeding the cumulative distance that all moon/mars rovers have covered to date), let it charge for a week, and drive another 200 miles. Think of the free publicity you'd get out of that: Tesla builds their own rocket capable of delivering a solar-powered electric Tesla to the moon (joining an exclusive club of nations that have soft-landed a probe), then goes all Dukes of Hazzard on the countryside and then:
1. Drives more miles on one charge than all the miles driven by all the rovers ever delivered off-planet combined.
2. Becomes the fastest ground vehicle ever driven off earth (85 mph across the Sea of Tranquility anyone?).
3. Becomes the first ground vehicle to circumnavigate the moon (Around The Moon in 30 days!).
4. And do it all autonomously (AP2 for the win!).

I'm sure we could come up with a few more....

Frank99 | 12 mai 2017

I guess Tesla can't take credit for the Rocket, but you know what I mean...

donmactesla | 1 décembre 2017

Interesting how things come round. Elon just announced he wants to launch a Tesla Roadster on the Falcon Heavy to Mars.

carlk | 1 décembre 2017

Destination is the Mars orbit and will be there billions of years.

olivier | 2 décembre 2017

A Tesla might actually be the only vehicle that is capable of functioning on Mars...

Mike83 | 2 décembre 2017

@olivier Yes. And with Solar Panels a Tesla on Mars would never run out of fuel(energy) and be fun. They should also install an oxygen sealed cockpit.

KP in NPT | 2 décembre 2017

SpaceX is indeed launching a Tesla, it seems.

Dreamship | 2 décembre 2017

This needs to be the song that’s playin—not Space Oddity:

DTsea | 2 décembre 2017

Then later he said just kidding.

kaffine | 2 décembre 2017

Well he wants to be able to drive around on Mars when he gets there so of course his car has to go first.

I'm hoping they don't launch a Tesla car but also can't come up with anything better to launch.

Mike83 | 4 décembre 2017

Maybe they can launch a Model 3 and land it for pickup near my home. ;-)

Tesla2018 | 5 décembre 2017

Budwiser is putting the ingredients for beer in the rocket they are launching to the space station on Friday. I am secretly hoping that it blows up about a minute after the launch and causes a reaction which will cause it to rain beer.

Ross1 | 24 décembre 2017


Where we can see who was on the ball