Report on Friday's Model 3 event?

Report on Friday's Model 3 event?

Unless I'm mistaken (which lately is becoming more frequent), wasn't there a Model 3 event this morning?
Any word from anyone who was there?

KP in NPT | 2 juin 2017

Very little. I was waiting for something from Electrek since they were there. But I'm guessing that anything new to be learned (if anything) was covered under an NDA.

the guy from the Model 3 owners club went, said: No word on final reveal (they are being very tight lipped about it.) "Simple interior is spaceship enough, you'll see," - says he'll do a video late this evening with more to say.

The group of us here are going tomorrow. We'll see if there's anything we can tell you. LOL

mntlvr23 | 2 juin 2017

Thanks for the link, I loved reading that exchange

3dwin | 2 juin 2017

Wow. Can't wait to see the interior and the spaceship details. We are all in for such a special treat I feel on this car. For such a long time every Model 3 owner will be a Tesla Brand Ambassador.

akgolf | 2 juin 2017

Curious if your impression is similar to his.

burdogg | 2 juin 2017

Still bummed that Silver didn't invite me :( KP in NPT - I want some inside scoops :)

KP in NPT | 3 juin 2017

tbh @akgolf, I'm a little skeptical. I think that guy is kind of a fanboy (not that we all aren't) but he had never even driven a Model S until last weekend (where he heavily documented his weekend rental.) He was basing his opinion off the alpha prototype. Says the production car will be better but I guess in my mind what I was thinking was about the interior and the trunk opening, the two most controversial things, and he's seen neither. I was hoping maybe they'd said something about the production car for him to form that opinion.

But I'll find out later today. Yay it's today!

RP3 | 3 juin 2017

well said, KP. I had the same reaction...he saw the same car as others saw over a year ago and says the production cars will be much better. He points out a few things on the alpha that are better than some of the RCs we've seen pics of ('nice sharp body creases' - some smoothed out on alphas 'panel gaps are tight' - again, some alphas...not so much). Looking forward to your report...but I'm doubting there will be any real good model 3 updates until July.

akgolf | 3 juin 2017

Can't wait for your impressions.

Hard to believe it was his first test drive, I've had three and will probably do at least another before I decide on the Model 3.

mntlvr23 | 3 juin 2017

Someone posted a summary of the 15 questions in yesterday's Q/A
Nothing mind boggling

youtube DOT com/watch?v=E4FBtSh9Hjg

M3forMe | 3 juin 2017

@KP - can't wait for your report. Yes Trevor @ Model3Owner clue is very much a fanboy but he often has inside info before anyone else.

Sandy’s 3 | 3 juin 2017

@akgolf. Another model S test drive? To decide on the 3? Or are you waiting to test drive the 3 before ordering?

akgolf | 3 juin 2017

@FLHX13. I'll probably drive both before deciding.

I like the S a lot and that was going to be my retirement gift to myself after learning of Tesla, that's why I've been on a few test drives. In the course of learning about Tesla I read about the upcoming Model 3 and decided to wait until I see what it's like before making a decision. Chances are I'll get the Model 3 because I like smaller cars, but the S would make a more spacious touring car.

Sandy’s 3 | 3 juin 2017

Totally understandable. P.S. The Model 3 will be my 3'rd (at least according to my wife) retirement gift to myself......retired Dec '13.

carlgo2 | 3 juin 2017

Trevor is committed and professional. I enjoy his site. He once laid out the case for a HUD and it was very compelling. It must have been planned, but those plans have changed. Perhaps we will see it on the S and X to keep their sales up, then later on the Model 3.

Other interesting things he said today:

The car looks better in person, photos not doing it justice.
It is pretty big and quite spacious inside.
The frunk seems deeper that the original.
Couldn't tell if the trunk was more accessible.
Paint colors will likely be more conventional, no fancy silver for example.
It is indeed minimalistic, many will embrace it as clean and modern, others won't.
Seat look similar to the S and X, interior materials soft and not hard plastic.
Didn't like the aero wheels. Seems that 18 and 19" sizes will be the options.
Mirrors look like the foldable ones on the S and X.
Production line going in with lots of people working hard at it.
The production line looks different than the one for the S and X, more impressive.

So, a really nice car that has a bit of a futuristic look about it. My own guess is that the controversy will be having only two or three basic option packages that require spending quite a bit to get the one option you actually want...that sort of thing.

mntlvr23 | 3 juin 2017

KP, SamO, Silver - please report in

mbcaffe | 3 juin 2017

anybody able to check out the trunk. Can a set of golf clubs fit?

mmatthis | 3 juin 2017

Thanks mbcaffe! My question exactly!

3dwin | 3 juin 2017

Excellent question. I am also hoping that a bag of golf clubs fit nicely in the Model 3. My 13' 328i trunk is just short where I have to remove my drivers from the golf bag to ensure the shaft doesn't get bent.

azsightsound | 4 juin 2017

Nobody likes a bent shaft.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 juin 2017

TrevP is very pragmatic. Though not a member of the League of Lowered Expectations, he is very grounded in terms of his coverage of Model 3. I find him to be a calming influence. If his attitude is what you guys consider to be 'fanboy like' then you must find me utterly unbearable. So, it's a very good thing I don't have a YouTube channel covering Tesla. The comments sections would be full of vehemence and vitriol, I'm sure.

Rutrow | 4 juin 2017

Come guys/gals... It's after 8:00 am on the West coast!!! Folks here in the time zones to the east have been patiently refreshing our browser windows for hours waiting for your reports. Did y'all party so hard that you can't get out of bed to sate our appetites?!? Man, I'd hate to be your kids on Christmas morning!

Sorry, this pot of coffee has really kicked in. :-)

KP in NPT | 4 juin 2017

Hahaha. Sorry guys. Silver and Gabe flew out at 6am. I am at the airport on my phone - when I get to where I'm going and have out my laptop I will type a proper report. ;)

I did type a bit last night (rushed, before bed) - it's incthe questions for Franz thread. ;)

mntlvr23 | 4 juin 2017

@Rutrow - "Man, I'd hate to be your kids on Christmas morning!" lol

M3forMe | 4 juin 2017

Here is KP's report from the other thread.
"I will summarize the day quickly since I need to go to bed but I will post more tomorrow. 6am flight. :(

No news re: model 3 - they were very tight lipped. Q and A was my favorite part. only saw prototype but looks way better IRL than I was expecting. (though I was happy with just pictures.) It's going to be an amazing car.

Franz answered 2 of our questions but I can't type all now as I need to go to bed. Tomorrow...

Tour was good but no production on a Saturday so robots were idle. I'd been on it before but would have been better for Silver, who'd never been, to see the robots going. Model 3 line was mostly shrouded but saw a small part of robots being installed.

Besides Silver, Gabe.ritter, SamO and I on the tour, met TeslaTap, JeffreyR, and NKYTA and Shesmyne2 for drinks and dinner afterwards. (Jeffrey for breakfast too.) Fun day, very grateful to Silver for allowing us to tag along! More later..."

stevenmaifert | 4 juin 2017

Sounds like it was more of a factory tour than a Model 3 event. Why all the secrecy? Tesla was very open about the Model S prior to production. The Design Studio and pricing went live about 6 months before first deliveries and the Model S Website was full of information about the car along with video teasers as it went through the testing phases. With supposedly less than two months to go before first deliveries, we still know very little about the Model 3. It's more like the Manhattan Project with Elon playing the part of Oppenheimer.

Woodsonpd | 4 juin 2017

They don't really want more preorders at the moment, stevenmaifert. They have enough for a solid 1-2 years of production based on how things go. I think showing the final details will cause a huge influx of orders for the car, and they're worried it might eat up potential model s/x sales. They have nothing to benefit from an early reveal (the opposite of model S).

gavinfaulkner | 4 juin 2017

Great response Woodsonpd

I'm curious if we'll get to see snapshots of employees driving the first vehicles in july/august and if they will allow press or photographers to get a close look if their NDA will not discourage that.

burdogg | 4 juin 2017

gavinfaulkner - is there any law against taking pictures of someones car in a parking lot? (I am seriously asking). If not, these cars are going to be used. They are going to go to the store, to the movies, to dinner.

These cars are going to be out and about - but at the same time, the reveal will have already happened. The press et al should already have pictures galore :)

greg | 4 juin 2017

Agree with Woodsonpd, and add this:

I believe that while Elon has said that there will be no tech in the 3 thats not already in the S.
I'd also note that July is the start of the 2nd half of 2017, for which Tesla did not give guidance for, on S&X sales yet. They only stated 50,000 S&X in H1 of 2017 with an overall goal of 100,000 S&X for all of 2017.

This interior iook and info and lack of info on it and super tight lipped-ness around the whole thing is indicative that there is something afoot here more than just "a stripped down S" about whats inside the 3.

So this is how I think it will play out in July, based on the (lack of real) information from this weekends "pre-reveal":

1. Model S (and X) will get a refresh early in July, this may include adding to them the hardware (and software) to enable some of the tech features that we thought the 3 would have. But for which we have said since Elon said new tech is "Model S first", thats its not happening. (I doubt its as simple a HUD BTW), but don't know beyond that. And I don't know how big a refresh it will be for S and X.

2. The 3 reveal will be after (could be only a few minutes after) the "big" S&X refresh is revealed to the public.
That is the 3 event could be announced, for July but the first part of this is actually the S&X reveal, then the S is the second act of the 2 act play. [Some might uncharitably say the 3 is playing second fiddle, in a 2 stringed orchestra].

And during the 3 reveal, which will be spectacular in itself I'm sure Elon will casually drop, in the vein of Job's famous "oh, and one more thing", something along the lines of "you know that new stuff we just showed you thats available now n the new S & X?, well the hardware for it is included in the 3 and the software to enable it can be purchased at time of configuration for $X and after delivery for $Y and will be fully unlocked in X months - after certification by the software engineers, but its available right now for the S&X.

Thus ensuring that S&X sales maintain their upward growth, while being true to the "model S gets the new tech first".
And giving the 3 faithful a reason not to cancel en-masse and buy model S's.
And also further entrenching Tesla's lead in the sustainable transport market.

We will see, it will be a very interesting July for sure.

Coastal Cruiser. | 4 juin 2017

Just one thought that I don't think has been underscored so far. One major reason for secrecy/tight-lippedness is that the press deduces, spins, magnifies, conjects, extrapolates, and sometimes outright alters anything our fearless leader speaks about. Maybe there are other reasons as well, maybe not.

These and other speculations are quite thoughtful though. Other than having a notion that range will be significantly more than the Bolt, my crystal ball is all clouded up. The best future call I ever made was regarding Star Wars. When the final movie in the prequel series was due to come out, Episode III, I predicted the exact ending of the film. Nailed it right to the beat. It's the best call of my life and I'm not gonna push my luck.


stevenmaifert | 4 juin 2017

"They don't really want more pre-orders at the moment, stevenmaifert. They have enough for a solid 1-2 years of production based on how things go." Perhaps, but look how long folks waited for the Model X, plus more deposits give them more $$$ to work with. The flip side of that coin is the more we find out about the car, the more some reservation holders will realize it isn't quite what they were expecting, and will cancel. No good press when that happens.

"One major reason for secrecy/tight-lippedness is that the press deduces, spins, magnifies, conjects, extrapolates, and sometimes outright alters anything our fearless leader speaks about." And that didn't happen with Model S? Back then, very few were predicting Tesla's success yet Elon was happy to talk about the car any chance he got.

M3München | 5 juin 2017

@greg I'm skeptical but I like the way you think.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 5 juin 2017

The closer that Tesla gets to launch of Model 3, the more that Naysayers and FUDsters redouble their efforts with misinformation, misdirection, and misanthropic actions. Let them. Tesla has reserved the right to say, "I told you so!" That was done March 31, 2016. Anyone who isn't convinced by now either will be... SOON, or never will be. Such is life.

mos6507 | 5 juin 2017

Yep. Shaming and disrespecting people for not liking a particular design choice in the Model 3 is a full-time job. Maybe if you get tired of this you can bust into a classic rock message board and try to strong-arm them into liking gangsta rap?

akgolf | 5 juin 2017

It's one thing do dislike something. It's another trying to belittle a company over and over for a design choice you don't like.

They're not strong arming you. You actually have a choice. There are lots of vehicles that I'm sure you would like. The Bolt has some pretty gauges in a location you would love.

joris.lamers5 | 5 juin 2017

I don't think that Tesla will disappoint us with M3 ... if he does, the chance that mass orders will be canceled, and they "really don't want that" ... think off the shareholders ... the media ... bad comments ... less orders next year ... etc
They maybe would like more orders for the S and X ... but that's out off league for many customers, so also that will have not much off influence in the total orders off all Tesla models.
M3 is build for the middle-class, if they wreck the M3 ... not much S or X sales will come instead ...
The secrecy/tight-lippedness may't be for all the other constructors who are desperately building there first EV ... and that Tesla won't let them look in Tesla's cards so Tesla will have the honor (as first) for what they will reveal

Bergen_Buyer | 5 juin 2017

"I'm curious if we'll get to see snapshots of employees driving the first vehicles in july/august and if they will allow press or photographers to get a close look if their NDA will not discourage that."

I saw one on the road on Thursday (see link below) and I swear I drove past one going the opposite direction on a highway (driving fast so not 100% sure) about 2 weeks ago. So they're being used by someone. It appeared larger than I expected. I did a triple take, is that an X, no it's an S, no it's a 3. This was in Los Altos area on I-280.

jordanrichard | 5 juin 2017

It is now known that the Model 3 will be 15 feet long. Just 1 foot smaller than the Model S.

JuJo0 | 5 juin 2017



finman100 | 5 juin 2017

if ya don't like it, don't buy it. wow.

Azred50 | 5 juin 2017

Sounds like this was mostly a get together for YouTubers and the lack of Model 3 access couldn't have been helpful for their YouTube businesses. Probably their last get together now that Elon says he's clamping down on fake friend referrals.

KP in NPT | 7 juin 2017

One more thought I had I don't think I mentioned -

the prototype, as Trev from Model 3 owners club said, looked amazing in real life. Granted it is not the final car - but one thing I really liked was it is TALLER than the model S. Shorter and narrower, but taller. The passenger cabin is kind of a bubble - it's going to be amazing from the inside, especially with the all glass roof and low dash.

It definitely looked better in person than pictures, which as been said before. (not that I thought it looked bad in pictures.) But seeing it made me a lot more excited about the car! Also am leaning more towards silver now, even though the prototype silver was a custom color. Maybe one more factory tour once production starts just to make sure. ;)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 7 juin 2017

KP in NPT: I would not doubt that someone will offer a partially translucent, non-matte, vinyl wrap that would make a silver car look mighty similar to the custom paint job on the Alpha Prototype.

KP in NPT | 7 juin 2017

You are probably right, Red. But my car will live outside, and from what I've read, that is not ideal for wraps. Too much $ for something I'd have to do more than once during ownership.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 7 juin 2017

KP in NPT: Oops! Sorry... I'm still in a California state of mind. I keep forgetting that weather exists and stuff.

Efontana | 8 juin 2017

Did anyone see Elon installing robots?

KP in NPT | 8 juin 2017

Elon was busy launching a rocket. ;)

The Kuba workers were there installing the Model 3 line robots. Robots everywhere. :) | 8 juin 2017

@greg should be in Tesla Marketing group.😉

greg | 8 juin 2017

I may actually already be *in* the Tesla Marketing Group!

But sadly not very likely unless Tesla is offering me a role there. In any case I'm in a RHD country so my M3 is 12+ months away. So much for the employees going to the top of the queue eh?