Dear Tesla Why won't the metal roof be a liftback configuration

Dear Tesla Why won't the metal roof be a liftback configuration

Because Elon said so. | June 5, 2017
Elon stated in April , 2016, that there would be no harchback in order to improve head room in the rear seats.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 5 juin 2017

And... you can't beat that with a bat.

akgolf | 5 juin 2017

Reposting mwenn1's find.

Looks like a metal roof RC has been spotted and it is not a liftback, still same trunk as the glass roof as expected.

eeb9 | 5 juin 2017

Argument. Settled.

bernard.holbrook | 5 juin 2017


I'd still like a hatch or wagon in a car. Maybe one day Tesla will make one.

eeb9 | 5 juin 2017

I agree - I'm actually a fan of the old "Shooting Estate" design - a 2-seat, 2-door wagon like the Volvo P1800ES.

Essentially a 2-seat sports car with a useful amount of trunk space... :-)

We'll just have to wait and see what Tesla does with the model Y...

SamO | 5 juin 2017

Not a "bummer". A stated fact and part of the design of this particular car.

Always has been.

Model Y will have a lift/hatch. Buy that vehicle instead.

Or buy a Model S. They already make one.

eeb9 | 5 juin 2017

I'm happy with the M3 as-is

I would be happy-er if they had a hatchback config with a HUD and rally-prep package, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy with what they've already done... :-)

Iwantmy3 | 5 juin 2017

Thanks for the link. I now believe in metal roofs.
The roof on that car looks good. I am not sure which I would prefer. Maybe I will let price decide.

jordanrichard | 5 juin 2017

That's too odd looking. I had thought for a pure esthetic's point that the metal roof would be painted gloss black regardless of body color, so that it would blend in with the glossiness of the tinted portion of the glass roof. That metal roof will surely be less noticeable if one gets the car in black.

Frank99 | 5 juin 2017

ak -
If you read a bit further in the thread, Big-T posts a better link to the sequence of images taken, and it doesn't look like a metal roof to me, looks just like all the glass roofs: com/share/AF1QipP2I8ZIIzlldnvpNzH5OZm2WJV7vDa9kP7MtD-aQaL19bb51wSRwfIrHf3AwzuQ-g?key=Q2xNd09Wam91b29IZVJNNDFBeFYyYktpcFJPbVln

topher | 5 juin 2017

"Looks like a metal roof RC has been spotted and it is not a liftback, still same trunk as the glass roof as expected."

Nope. That is just a weird shadow. There are subsequent pictures after that one that clearly show it to be the same glass roof.

Thank you kindly.

Iwantmy3 | 5 juin 2017

Yes. I take back my previous statement. I continue to NOT believe in metal roofs.

Frank99 | 5 juin 2017

The interesting thing I see in those photos are some white strips on the leading and trailing edges of the roof panel - you can see them more clearly in this photo, if you zoom in: com/share/AF1QipP2I8ZIIzlldnvpNzH5OZm2WJV7vDa9kP7MtD-aQaL19bb51wSRwfIrHf3AwzuQ-g/photo/AF1QipO1fxPjrtT6roC_Fbc4kVYehYu-JIYS-98OG2r2?key=Q2xNd09Wam91b29IZVJNNDFBeFYyYktpcFJPbVln

Anyone got any clue?

akgolf | 5 juin 2017

Interesting how different the shadow makes it look, but obviously not a metal roof.

finman100 | 5 juin 2017

And there's the "it will fit a surfboard, no problem" comment. right?

finman100 | 5 juin 2017

nope sorry. pics just ain't gonna work.

Volvo P1800ES (google it)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 5 juin 2017

eeb9: Somehow, Ferrari just barely manages to pull it off, but I still rather despise most iterations of a 'shooting brake' design. Those celebrate a profile that just screams, "FRONT Engine, REAR Wheel Drive!" in a manner that rather unnerves me, and would peeve me even further in an electric car. And the squared off hatch at the rear always seems to be a compromise of the original design theme, no matter how hard a designer attempts to 'blend' its lines into the rest of the body. The old Volvo is a nice example for its time, but it still looked a lot better as a Coupe than a Wagon. Heck, even the Ford Pinto looked better as a Coupe than a Wagon. If anyone ever made a wagon out of the Jaguar E-Type, I hope to never see it, in this life, or the next.

mos6507 | 5 juin 2017

2-seater front-engine sports-cars (think Corvettes) tend to have long hoods in relation to the rest of the body. It's part of what gives them an aggressive profile but it's something that isn't really necessary on an EV. I guess that unnerves you in the same way a lack of instrumentation behind the wheel unnerves me. (Different strokes for different folks.) The Model S seems to have much more overhang in the front than is necessary (hence the frunk) and a big part of that is probably just for aesthetics, as I'd say most people aren't unnerved by an extended hood compared to the stubby compressed look of the 3. You definitely get the sense that there's no more to the 3 than is mechanically necessary.

eeb9 | 6 juin 2017

I get the form and function lines on the 3 - it's a beautiful car!

My automotive esthetics were established by the sweeping lines of those early-60s Euro GTs... they had their own approach to form and function that rang every bell in my child-brain.

I keep looking for echoes of those beauties in newer cars - every now and then, someone nails it, but it is a rarity.

I'm still getting my M3 though. It's a beauty in its own right

ReD eXiLe ms us | 6 juin 2017

Form. Function. Style. Tradition. Engineering. Emotion.

Each has their place in design. Some are prioritized more by one automaker than another. Those differences in priority define those companies and their customers.

I am not, nor have I ever been, nor am I likely to become, a customer of Porsche. The few vehicles of theirs that I like tend to be the very ones that actual Porsche fans despise. To each his own, and stuff.

I used to be a big fan of Chevrolet and Honda. Their approach to ordinary, everyday, daily driver vehicles with sporting tendencies appealed to me. But much of that focus, innovation, and motivation is long gone now.

eeb9 | 6 juin 2017

In more modern terms, I liked the BMW Z3 hatch - they nailed the design. The Dodge Magnum had potential, but they made it a bit too long.

I was *close* to buying a Caddy CTS-V Wagon, but I decided to hold off and see what Tesla had in store.

I know - I'm a walking contradiction. I want a rally/track-worthy station wagon. With an electric motor. And a HUD. ;-)

topher | 6 juin 2017

"Anyone got any clue?"

Someone mentioned that those were tension tape to test whether the joint opens up while driving. If the stress is too high, the tape breaks, and lets the engineer know that the joint moved.

I have no idea if that is correct, but it is one explanation.

Thank you kindly.

Frank99 | 6 juin 2017

topher -
Ah, that explanation makes a lot of sense. It may be completely wrong, but there's always that danger.


burdogg | 6 juin 2017

To answer the ops question....

not because Elon said so (as he has NOT specifically said those exact words, It will not be a hatchback, as we have been scolded on).


Because I said so. End of story, case closed. Done deal.

lilbean | 6 juin 2017


Haggy | 7 juin 2017

A liftback or hatchback is a different body style. Tesla wants to streamline production. If a steel roof can be welded onto an otherwise identical body, it will be cheaper than redesigning the body as well as any interior parts needed to complete it.

Nexxus | 8 juin 2017

Gosh, maybe its because the rear window still goes up too high or comes down too low to allow a hatchback. Maybe the original design intent didn't include the hatchback option. Whatever it was, its not going to be a hatchback. | 8 juin 2017

Elon's verbatim tweet in answer to the why not a hatchback question, April 4, 2016:

"@CmaxVs Only way to get enough rear passenger headroom was to move the rear roof cross-car support beam. A bike will still fit no problem."

Q.E.F.D.(Latin abbreviation)😉

At the shareholders meeting Elon said that the Model Y (Crossover with hatchback) will be built on a new chassis.

burdogg | 8 juin 2017

Certain people gerogehawley nitpick that and use it to say - Elon didn't say specifically that it WOULDN"T be a hatchback :) And then also go on to say, he was referring to the unveiling car - we don't know and he has not confirmed that the actual final production car did not change to include a hatchback :)

You know, those literal people - if he did not string together these words - It will not have a hatchback because....then they can continue to preach that it has not been confirmed it will not be a hatchback.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 juin 2017

So many people have asked on Twitter that there comes a point where you can't actually answer without spewing multiple vulgar epithets, so... Yeah. No answer, is the best answer.

cessna182 | 8 juin 2017

I thought at one time it was posited the roof/window gave the robots more work space so the large window was "in". | 9 juin 2017

During a factory tour, I thought I heard some robots talking about needing more space.

If you ask Elon "Why small trunk lid instead of hatchback like S/X ...?" and he answers "Because..."
only one person on Earth would conclude that Elon wasn't talking about the reason for no hatchback.
🚗 💨

Coastal Cruiser. | 9 juin 2017

I'm starting to see why Red Sage refers to you as "President".

ReD eXiLe ms us | 9 juin 2017

Coastal_Cruiser: Long ago, I nominated him as President of the Model X forum. He serves that position well. I've not heard him protest the nomination yet, and others there seemed to like the idea.

I am a big fan of honorifics. I try to refer to all my Friends as 'Mister' along with their surname, especially when in the presence of Children. That is to establish my respect for them as Men. It's a habit I picked up from my Grandfather Will, who did the same with all the Men he knew.

eeb9 | 9 juin 2017

@Red - I'm delighted to hear another Man using that approach.

I also use "Sir" and "Ma'am" for the same reasons - it's a matter of respect.

Though the occasional "Yo dawg" creeps in after the second Round... ;-)

Rocky_H | 9 juin 2017

Heh, I still remember one guy when I was a kid that had this big booming voice and would say, "Mister Rocky!" He was a really awesome brilliant scholarly guy who spoke and read about 10 or 12 languages.

Galiano | 15 juin 2017

I could give a **** about a hatch but absolutely want a glass roof. When might they become available ?

El Mirio | 15 juin 2017

@Galiano, it could be that by the time all the Tesla & SpaceX employee orders are completed additional options maybe released, i would expect the glass roof to be high on that list.

Frank99 | 15 juin 2017

Galiano -
I'm expecting that the initial configuration will include a glass roof. | 15 juin 2017

@Red: thanks for the undeserved honorifics.

As for the Model 3 with a glass roof, my thinking is that, as all the alpha and beta prototypes running around have glass roofs (rooves for the old schoolerrs), and, as Tesla is not averse to featuring up early production models to beef up revenue per car to shorten the time to break-even, the very first model 3 cars off the line will be rooved with glass. Those who want the plain Jane metal roof will have to wait a bit.🚙 ⬅ 🍸 | 15 juin 2017

Wait a minute. Does that enable me to declare executive privilege?🇺

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 juin 2017

President georgehawley: I made a suggestion recently on the M3OC forums...

"I get the impression that 'solid' means 'opaque'. This, to satisfy those that are certain that if they can see light, it must be burning them to death. Maybe it is still the glass panel, but has a padded 'liner' area on the inside surface that would fit the interior roof opening like a puzzle piece. It wouldn't be finished in the traditional way on the interior, and that would allow it to still be a fast installation by robots only. So those photophobic owners can breathe more easily and relax behind the wheel of a Model ☰... that still has a glass roof."