All you need to know about the upcoming Model 3

All you need to know about the upcoming Model 3

Henry Ford once said "You can have any color you want as long as it's black." Tesla will not be quite so Spartan with the Model 3.

Here is what I think we will be presented with next month. YOMV. Despite have fewer options, I think the Model 3 with 75 kWh will stack up very well against the S75: Nice to have such choices. What do you think?

Comparing Model 3 with 75 kWh battery to Model S RWD with 75 kWh battery

Model 3 Model S

Wheel base: 2,870 mm (113 in) est. Wheel base: 2,960 mm (116.5 in)
Length: 4,694 mm (184.8 in). Length: 4,976 mm (195.9 in)
Width: 1,885 mm (74.2 in) est. Width: 1,964 mm (77.3 in)
Height: 1,435 mm (56.5 in) est. Height: 1,435 mm (56.5 in)
Curb Weight: 3800 lbs. (GH est.) Curb weight: 4410 lbs. (75 kWh, RWD)

Weight of battery pack: 850 lbs. ( GH est.). Wt. of battery pack: 1000 lbs (75 kWh GH est.)
Weight of cells.: 500 lbs. (GH est.) Weight of cells: 600 lbs. (75 kWh GH est.)

Base price: $35,000. Base price: $72,800 (black)
75 kWh upgrade: $7500 (GH est.)

Rated range: 280 miles (75 kWh GH est.). Rated range: 249 mi

Seating: 5 adults. Seating: 5 adults + 2

Suspension: coil spring. Suspension: coil spring or air

Basic AP functions (TACC, Autosteer/lane Basic AP functions (TACC, Autosteer/lane
change, AEB, Lane monitor). Change, AEB, lane monitor)

Optional advanced AP, FSDC (GH). Optional advanced AP, FSDC

Access: frunk lid, trunk lid. Access: frunk lid, rear hatch

0-60 time: 5.5 sec. (GH est.). 0-60 time: 5.5 sec.

Top speed: 130 mph (GH est.). Top speed:140 mph

Wheels: 18", 19". Wheels: 19", 21"

Roof: metal-std., glass-optional. Roof: glass std., panoramic optional

Interior: black or tan leather.(GH) Interior: 14 optional combinations

Audio: no option.(GH) Audio: optional upgrade:

Subzero option.(GH) Subzero option

No rear facing seats. Rear-facing seat option

Coefficient of drag: .22 (GH). Coefficient of drag: .24

Battery options: 60 and 75 kWh. Battery options: 75 kWh and 100 kWhDrive

Drive options-RWD only Drive options: RWD and AWD

Performance option: none. Performance option w/AW | 14 juin 2017

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Despite the Model 3 and Model S items being run together, you should be able to parse. Sorry.

noleaf4me | 14 juin 2017

The 75kWh battery will be an upgrade and may beat the 0=60 time of the stock 60 kWh pack by 0.5-1 second. I believe they said the stoc 60 would be 5.6 sec 0-60. | 14 juin 2017

You are surely correct in all respects. My guess is $7500 for the battery pack upgrade.

JeffreyR | 14 juin 2017

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Iwantmy3 | 15 juin 2017

Looks good but I am still thinking the upgrade will be ~5k. Also, I guess that 75KWH battery will be over 300 miles range.
I agree with noleaf4me on 0-60 times.

Otherwise, it is a good summary of what we "know".

gatorj31 | 15 juin 2017

The battery upgrade for the model s adds ~ 40 miles. My guess is the upgrade for the 3 will add ~ 55 miles. So I think the 75kwh will be ~280 range with the 60kwh ~230. Also, I'm guessing/ hoping the cost to upgrade will be $5k. $7.5k would be too steep for me just to go an extra 50 miles the 2 - 3 times a year I take a road trip. | 15 juin 2017

@gator: re: 60 kWh rated range. I was thinking that Elon would like the rated range of the base model to outdo the Bolt's 238. If the original pronouncement of more than 215 was based on 55 kWh, 60 kWh would extrapolate to more than 235, I think. How much more? Maybe just enough.... | 15 juin 2017

@jeffery: I'm thinking my incompetence played a role in the poorly formatted OP and inability to edit. Anyway, I was just trying to assemble all the bits and pieces plus some guesstimating in one place. I love the idea that the Model 3 will be a great road trip car, far outclassing the Bolt and even a little better than the S in some ways.

PBEndo | 15 juin 2017

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Thanks @PB: another sign of my ignorance. Here I was thinking that edge is the business end of my safety razor when I had it in my Windows X laptop all this time.... (I use Roman numerals when referring to Microsoft products because they seem dated.)

PhillyGal | 15 juin 2017

Nicely done, @George! | 16 juin 2017

Thanks, Jen, I neglected to mention cupholders. I expect there to be 2 in fron and two in back.