Tesla Windscreen Wipers

Tesla Windscreen Wipers

I have had the pleasure of driving a pre facelift model S over the last few days.The car is amazing in every way except for one thing the windscreen wipers! Did I hear they were from the Mercedes

parts bin?Have the wipers been updated in later models? I was shocked to see these spindly pieces of metal swipe the windscreen and if that was not enough how noisy the motor is.I will be

buying the model 3 when my order eventually makes it to New Zealand but would hate to think the wipers on my present Honda Accord Euro were far superior to a substantially more expensive car

i.e. the Tesla model 3.Can you tell rains a lot in New Zealand

greg | 16 juin 2017

Windscreen wipers had me wondering last week when I was looking at the RC photos published in other threads.

I think that the 3 wipers will be up to spec. Not least because Tesla can now access the tier 1 parts makers now they have "cred". So your experience with wipers on an older S is not probably overly relevant to the 3.

Looks to me that the Model 3 RCs have dual wipers from the photos I've seen but thats not confirmed just my observation. as they're below the frunk "lid" so presumably out of the wind flow for dag reasons they don't normally show up very well.

They do look to be symmetrical designs [i.e. left and right hand side wipers are "the same"] so that LHD and RHD models will work the same, maybe the "driver side" wiper is a little longer than the passenger side wiper as it is for most cars I've seen. Time will tell.

I also noticed no rear window wiper on the 3 and I recall there is none on the S or X.

So question for any S or X owners out there, how well does the rear window in your car keep clear of rain/mist/dirt?
Does the wind flow do a good enough job in most cases to keep the rear view usable?

I see there is a rear window heater in the 3 so assume its considered a more efficient way to remove rain from the rear window. [and also deal to any internal mist] than a mechanical wiper system is.

I very much doubt that the 3s wipers will be inferior to any similarly priced modern car.

After all Musk did say its not enough to be as good as the ICE pack, we have to be better than them.

I will add that my Honda Hybrid has heated rear mirrors which work whenever the rear window heater is turned on.
I thought that was a total marketing gimmick when I first got the car.

However, many times when driving in the wet, the rear mirrors have got quite a lot of rain and mist [or sometimes ice] on them, and with the heated mirrors that problem is seldom there for long anymore.
So I am a convert to heated rear mirrors - at least until we don't need them anymore! | 16 juin 2017

My wipers were ok in my 2013 S, but the changed the blades to a newer design around 2015 and they worked quite a bit better (replaced during an annual service). In my late 2016 S, the wipers make less noise and the car overall is quieter.

Never noticed much of an issue with the rear window and rain. It does get rained on, but visibility is not bad even with rain. Really dislike those ugly rear wiper warts. Glad Tesla elected to avoid them. Too many owners that have rear wiper warts seem to leave them on even when the rain stops and you suspect it is just grinding the dirt into the window.

topher | 17 juin 2017

I would really like to hear anyone who experienced heavy wet snow while driving slow. That is my concern.

Thank you kindly.