My Reservation!

My Reservation!


I've just submitted my reservation for a Model 3. Went into my local dealer this afternoon for a chat about it and Tesla in general and was impressed. Nothing to lose with the reservation I guess, though suspect I will be quite far down the queue by now.

Can't wait for more info. Hopefully, as per Elon's tweet yesterday, there will be some more info tomorrow :)


mntlvr23 | 1 juillet 2017

Welcome - you should feel great that you are ahead of the upcoming million or two.

Tropopause | 1 juillet 2017


noleaf4me | 1 juillet 2017

welcome to the future!

ACDC 2GO | 1 juillet 2017

Good to get that reservation in now. Might be another big wave after the 3 has the final reveal and when they start delivery of the vehicles.

Sandy’s 3 | 1 juillet 2017

Prepare yourself for a major obsession..........!

LA-Fohlen | 1 juillet 2017

Now I can say for certain I'm not the last in line anymore. Welcome to the club! While everybody else is enjoying their Model 3 you and I will still hanging out in this forum looking for news ;)

tedirelan | 1 juillet 2017

LA & Liam - You should be able to find a Model 3 owner close to you that would be willing to give you a ride to help ease the anxiety of waiting.

LA-Fohlen | 1 juillet 2017

That would only spark my jealousy!

Coastal Cruiser. | 1 juillet 2017

Welcome LiamGP.

noleaf4me | 1 juillet 2017

Liam - where do you live? That will have an impact on when you may get your shiny new Tesla!

topher | 3 juillet 2017

"That will have an impact on when you may get your shiny new Tesla!"

Seem unlikely. After 400,000+ cars, they will surely be delivering everywhere. Location only affects early production.

Thank you kindly.

PhillyGal | 3 juillet 2017

@topher - except with those end of quarter pushes for folks who live hear the factory :-)

DTsea | 3 juillet 2017

My reservation babyyyyy...

People try to put us down (talking bout my reeeservation)

Couldnt resist

jefjes | 3 juillet 2017

May I suggest, if you haven't already taken a test drive in a Tesla of either the currently available Models S/X, to do so. After doing that, the wait will seem even more painful but the reassurance that you made the right decision and are willing to wait no matter how long it may take will be confirmed. Enjoy, the future looks brighter!

anthonyjw1 | 3 juillet 2017

Was curious if anyone knew how to find out when we will be able to start making our car option selections, I made my reservation last year during the reveal.