Please Elon - it's time to release the final production specs!

Please Elon - it's time to release the final production specs!

With production officially starting Friday, then everything is locked in, so Tesla should tell the world the final official specs of the Model 3:

- Dimensions
- Battery size(s) and range
- Trunk/frunk capacity
- Standard interior features
- etc

If Tesla does not release these on Friday, then the risk is they will no longer control the information (how and when it is revealed) because once the cars start being made and delivered this info will start to leak from other sources.

I also think that given the way the Model 3 will be "released" (production starting this Friday and delivery party on the 28th) means that there won't be anything significantly different to what we've already seen in the various Release Candidates spotted so far. The dash will be the dash, the central display is final, etc. So those who were hanging out against all logic and reason for something vastly different are about to be disappointed.

So please Elon, put the spec sheet on the website by Friday. Thanks!

akgolf | 3 juillet 2017


ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 juillet 2017


noleaf4me | 3 juillet 2017

Red -- Why NO?

ddrmadness | 3 juillet 2017

*places hand on red's forehead*

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 juillet 2017

No... it is not 'time'. If it were, it would already be done.

soakes | 3 juillet 2017

Maybe :-D

involuted1 | 3 juillet 2017

Desperate to know if I can put a set of golf clubs in the trunk.

bj | 3 juillet 2017

@Red - but if Tesla does not do this by Friday, or some time soon after, someone else *will* do it, and Tesla then no longer controls the presentation and dissemination of that information. That is not good.

Tropopause | 3 juillet 2017

The first 30 cars won't be delivered until July 28.

JayInJapan | 3 juillet 2017

Cars don't arrive till 7/28. We may have to wait until then.

JayInJapan | 3 juillet 2017

Or what @tropo wrote. ;-)

bj | 3 juillet 2017

Yes but they will be manufactured from Friday - meaning there will be real, physical vehicles in their final form being warehoused with the risk that all the final specs will leak out somehow by someone. That risk is eliminated by Telsa getting in first. The longer Tesla waits, the probability they don't get in first increases with every single passing minute.

Tropopause | 3 juillet 2017

Possibly, or the first 30 will be built be high-levels with top secret access.

Tropopause | 3 juillet 2017

And guarded by Elon sleeping on the floor.

miguelcampeau | 3 juillet 2017

I'm really looking forward to see a new photo of the trunk opening and see how it has been increased compared to the pics from the initial Alpha prototype reveal.
The Release Candidate photos do not reveal anything different about how the trunk opening size was resolved.

eeb9 | 3 juillet 2017

@miguel - the hinge point for the trunk opening was moved up several inches, meaning that it will have a larger opening. I don't recall the exact difference - it's recorded somewhere googeable but I'm too lazy right now to look. But, yes, the trunk opening will be larger.

@BJ - I agree that Tesla is taking a certain amount of risk if they don't release at least some specs when they begin production. imalso expect that they have better control over "leaks" than certain entities in a mid-sized city on the Potomac.

I'm as eager (impatient) as anyone else to see all the details. But just think how much fun we're all going to have hanging off every spy photo and tweet...

daverileyak | 3 juillet 2017

akgolf - Do you live in the 49th state. If so, do you know any other Tesla owners or reservation holders up here besides you and me?

akgolf | 3 juillet 2017

daveriley - I lived in Anchorage for 28 years and made my reservation up there last year. We moved to Edmond Oklahoma last summer and are building our retirement home here.

I knew one person with a Model S and have seen several driving around Anchorage when I was there.

Where are you at in Alaska?

KP in NPT | 4 juillet 2017

Tesla does a pretty good job of keeping things under wraps. Those first 30 cars likely won't be leaving the factory until the delivery party.

gp | 4 juillet 2017

By the time I get mine we will be on the Mk2 version - I'm in the state of England!

Chargedmr2 | 4 juillet 2017

If someone leaks the specs, that would ruin the delivery event. If Elon releases a spec sheet, that would also ruin the delivery event. Why would Elon assist in ruining his own event?

iaeen | 4 juillet 2017

Not gonna happen until the delivery event. That’s the way Tesla does it.

Simply releasing the specs to the internet doesn’t create the buzz that showing off at the event is going to do and wouldn’t be any better than someone leaking the specs.

ed.heinen | 4 juillet 2017

I live in Holland and I won't get mine before the spring of 2019 so what improvements many have been implemented then.

akgolf | 4 juillet 2017

Well by 2019 they'll be on Auto Pilot 3.2.1, 175KW battery pack, integrated HUD, and a retractable steering wheel. Lucky you!

Seriously no one knows what improvements Tesla has planned for updates to the Model 3, and if Tesla is already planning any they won't tell us.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 juillet 2017

God: You'll find out when you die.

bj: I can't wait that long!

God: You can't wait four weeks?

bj: No!

God: OK, it goes like this...

carlk | 4 juillet 2017

I assume the configuration page will be open to some this Friday. Most of those info will be on it although I don't know what's the urgency if you're not a Tesla employee.

eeb9 | 4 juillet 2017

I'm thinking Tesla employees already have some access. The rest of us will have to wait until the 28th

jordanrichard | 4 juillet 2017

For those demanding specs like trunk size, do you have a cubic ft spec in mind? In other words do you know exactly how many cubic ft you need, because even if they did release cargo capacity specs, that is how it will be written. Even then, cubic feet isn't going to tell you anything because a trunk could have 30 cubic ft of capacity but if the trunk opening is the size of a microwave it doesn't mean anything.

cessna182 | 4 juillet 2017 let it be let it be done...

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 juillet 2017

jordanrichard: I'm just hoping the Model ☰ matches the current Honda Civic when it comes to passenger and trunk volume. That will guarantee a Midsize classification from the EPA.

Tropopause | 4 juillet 2017

We should offer a sacrificial virgin to the Tesla Gods. Only then will we see the light.

jordanrichard | 4 juillet 2017

Civics are classified as "midsize"?

SUN 2 DRV | 4 juillet 2017

Aren't the first xxx thousands of cars still going to employees who are likely under NDA agreements? So we'll certainly start to see more photos after July 28 but we may not know the various official specifications until Tesla decides to announce them, AT A TIME THAT'S BEST FOR THEM.

Since they already have at least 18 months of reservations, what's the advantage to Tesla of announcing specs now, or anytime before they open the configurator publicly? The main effect would be to give the other auto makers competitive info.

miguelcampeau | 4 juillet 2017

Model 3 trunk size is 14 cubic feet (trunk + frunk)

Tropopause | 4 juillet 2017

See! ^^^^^^^

It's already leaking out! ;)

bj | 4 juillet 2017

@Red - god anecdotes aside, I agree releasing the specs on 28th July makes the most sense. If Tesla are extremely confident that the key information is under lock and key with a very small number of trusted lieutenants and it won't leak before then, great.

But once I worked for a company that believed it absolutely could control the release of information, even in an era of smartphones and VPNs. They wanted to make an announcement on their terms on a given date, and line all their ducks up for it. Two days later, someone else did it for them and the whole comms strategy went down the toilet, so much so they never proceeded with the announcement they were going to make. I warned them at the time of the risks they were running but I was ignored. So call it bitter experience.

Now I'm sure Tesla are moved by my concern over their comms strategy and thank me for my unsolicited advice (/s for the /s impaired). This is Tesla's call to make and I hope it works out.

bj | 4 juillet 2017

@jordanrichard - I'd like to know how the Model 3 trunk/frunk (boot/froot) total capacity compares with the boot of the Camry it will replace. We have the "unofficial" spec sheet data suggesting it falls well short, which doesn't make sense to me but that's the data point we have right now. I hope that data point is not correct.

As to the size of the opening, I think we are very safe saying it won't be smaller than what we've already seen, which looks good enough to me.

Andrewdl | 4 juillet 2017

I agree, if SN1 is rolling of Friday I want complete spec's Friday.

Frank99 | 4 juillet 2017

bj -
Why do you believe that there's anything different with the first 30 than with the RC's that have been extensively documented?

mmatthis | 4 juillet 2017

Still want to know whether/how my golf clubs will fit in the trunk!

akgolf | 4 juillet 2017

Since Elon said a surfboard would fit, I'm holding out hope for my clubs.

jordanrichard | 4 juillet 2017

Bj, I get that, but again a cubic ft spec doesn't mean anything. Look, the MS has more cargo capacity than a Ford Explorer, yet one can't put 3 ft tall shrubs/potted p;ants in the back of a MS, but you can in an Explorer. Now if Tesla released the dimensions of the trunk opening and the truck area itself, then that is something you can use. However like I said above, Tesla isn't going to, nor does any car manufacturer, list trunk dimensions, particularly the opening.

wtfwmkp | 4 juillet 2017

I would just like to know where the charging connection on the 3 is?
And length, width and height. So I can design then build a new garage to house it and my 328 xdrive.
Seems absurd that this info as basic as it is, is unavailable.
LearJet gives new a/c specs a year before production begins and holds to them just fine. They go 0-400 in about 2 minutes

bj | 4 juillet 2017

@Frank99 - "Why do you believe that there's anything different with the first 30 than with the RC's that have been extensively documented?"

I don't. In fact in another thread I said that those who are hoping against all logic and reason that the production vehicles will be quite different to the RC's (dash, steeering wheel, trunk, HUD etc etc) are about to be disappointed.

But it would still be nice to see the official specs.

Frank99 | 4 juillet 2017

I agree with you that it would be nice to see the official specs.

johnse | 5 juillet 2017

Charge port at driver's side rear--same as S and X
Length and width estimates

Nexxus | 5 juillet 2017

While it would be nice to see the specs by Friday, remember, the first vehicles are going to the employees. I'm sure their NDA's will prevent any leaks before the vehicles get delivered to them. After all, they already know what the specs are, since they're building them. I also feel confidant that we'll see something online before the end of July.

Just my 2 cents.