Commercial Mobile Charger in the Future?

Commercial Mobile Charger in the Future?

I am just wondering if there will be some type of emergency "mobile charger", similar to emergency gas delivery service, in the future as EVs will be more popular on the road in the next few years. Does anyone know?

bmalloy0 | 4 juillet 2017

Will come standard on the Business-Class version of the Pickup, along with a double-layered flatbed-sized batterypack for multi-purpose use.

Disclaimer: WAG

ReD eXiLe ms us | 4 juillet 2017

Someone was attempting to market some type of 'electric jerry can' about two or three years ago. I don't remember what it was called. It basically would have been a battery pack that provided a bit of juice that could be transferred to the car, and I think it was rather low capacity.

Nope... Seems I was wrong. Just another gasoline powered generator. It was called 'Jerr.e' and the website seems to have disappeared since it was first brought up.

Here's another one I found in a quick Google search, but isn't what I was thinking of at all and seems rather stupid...

eeb9 | 4 juillet 2017

I was thinking along similar lines earlier. There's a market, I believe, for the BEV equivalent of a gas can.

Small, battery-powered, rechargeable, enough juice to get maybe 20-30 miles. Far enough to get somewhere with a useable outlet.

Vhuynh | 4 juillet 2017

Red, I am with you; "it's rather stupid." If Tesla was able to come up with MS, MX, M3, I am hoping its engineers can and will come up with something a lot more revolutionary than just GM EV type of gas-powered range extender.

Can anyone who works for Tesla bring this up to them?

Mr.Tesla | 4 juillet 2017

Every EV should come with a small pelican case full of "recharge rockets", to get the needed 1.21 gigawatts of power, on demand. It will be stored under the bottom panel of the trunk or frunk. So simple, really.

youtu. be/34NpyA2OuaE

Model_D | 4 juillet 2017

These have been available for a while. did a story about this Sep 6, 2016!

tigardspaz | 4 juillet 2017

I would like to see batteries that you can rent while you are on vacation that you can use in addition to the regular battery, for example, one designed to fit in the frunk.

Vhuynh | 4 juillet 2017

Thanks Mr. Tesla. Do you know how bulky these rockets are and how often do they have to be refreshed (recharged) without usage?

Hi Model_D, whenever you can, could you pls. share a link (if the story is still active). Thanks.

cessna182 | 4 juillet 2017

Firman P03606 - Performance Series 3650 Watt Portable Emergency Generator w/ RV Plug...I'm going to mount on receiver hitch for looong distance driving...220 volt plug!!!

eeb9 | 4 juillet 2017

A bit bulky, but could be useful for trips out past the safe "know I can make it back to a charger" radius.

Assuming of course that it fits through the rear doors and on the folded-down rear seats of the Model 3. Looks a bit too tall to fit through the trunk opening.

akgolf | 4 juillet 2017
Coastal Cruiser. | 4 juillet 2017

Cupla good ideas there.

Here's a silly idea if you'll forgive the redux"

Also, the abandoned 'capacitor' solution may be appropriate in such circumstances. A lighter weight source of energy storage and transfer.