The dreaded decision...Naming our Tesla

The dreaded decision...Naming our Tesla

The X has arrived, finally. On the day we told them we were not available (you will be hearing this from me for a while). Now, we need to name the darn thing.

My lovely bride has that prerogative as it is her birthday present but has only come up with "Tessie". I was reading names and thought CountTesla was cute.

What did you name your car?

wang5150 | 18 juillet 2017

Aluminium Falcon

wmsauer | 18 juillet 2017

I recently had to think of some. Model X-34 Landspeeder, Kitt, Serenity. I chose Serenity because of its different meanings (spaceship, Seinfeld, peace). Still open to other names.

Triggerplz | 18 juillet 2017

I've given names to other things but I haven't named my MX

poloX | 18 juillet 2017

Wife decided to name it after my daughter's name.

dmm1240 | 18 juillet 2017

John Paul Jones

Or name it after an old girlfriend. That should be fun.

Vawlkus | 19 juillet 2017

Called my Black Model X 'Obsidian' so I can go around calling it 'Sid' for short. :D

If all else fails, call it 42. ;)

Starlifter | 19 juillet 2017

with summon, you don't have to call it anything.

it just comes.

mzero | 19 juillet 2017

Our son named ours Sonic because it's blue and fast!

Triggerplz | 19 juillet 2017

We already named Burdogg's MX "Smurf"

LTO2 | 19 juillet 2017

Took delivery of my Model X yesterday. Promptly named it "Grandbaby Mobile." (Wife insisted that I not get a Model S: too low for easy access for her, and, because of one, now two, granddaughters, "We need more room!")

afroumis | 19 juillet 2017

We named ours, "Xtreme". It is a P90D signature red.

Flymom | 20 juillet 2017

Got my X yesterday, it's Pearl Whie ( FL car) so I named it Pearlie. I also went to DMV and ordered personalized plates.....Share the Road series, and they gave me a hard time, but I'll be X2SEE. Got rejected at first, but I explained that I think its the only one in town got them to reconsider.....anyone else in the Bradenton area?

PedanticOne | 21 juillet 2017

Ha! I like the Aluminum Falcon one. Mine is just Red Five for now.

R Evan | 22 juillet 2017

Gandalf since its grey.

shkvalu | 22 juillet 2017

pronounced thparkleth (sparkles). I have girls. Ob all black

anderssewerin | 23 juillet 2017

Alan. Alan Touring.

EternalChampion | 25 juillet 2017


Give 3 days for people to guess it's name.

elvnga | 26 juillet 2017

Dora (for the Heinlein fans)

ggillies | 28 juillet 2017

Slartibartfast. Enough said.

tommyalexandersb | 28 juillet 2017

I named mine HAL from 2001 a space Odessy.

Bonlaw | 30 juillet 2017

Just ordered a white X. Named it - Gyrfalcon- a breed of white falcon.

Bonlaw | 30 juillet 2017

Just ordered a white X. Named it - Gyrfalcon- a breed of white falcon.

Nergård | 31 juillet 2017

Coil Voltic :)

rich.j | 31 juillet 2017

First world problem. I called mine Nik. Which is the man the company is named after. Nikola Tesla.

IgnoranceBliss | 4 août 2017

MIdnight Silver Model X wrapped in Xpel Stealth (matte finish).... Phantom

RealToast | 12 août 2017

Silent But Lively

Ross1 | 13 août 2017

Amber. Elon's love (well, until last week, so I HEARD).

frank.kane | 13 août 2017

NCC-100D (Star Trek fans get it.) Got a matching license plate too :)

SolidWhite60DX | 13 août 2017

Kessler: electric and cloaked in white.

cerjor | 13 août 2017

My black 2012 S was named Black Beauty. My 2017 X is named Metallic Silver Bullet.

DrLaura | 14 août 2017 w white

kwenstrup | 18 août 2017

After waiting forever, I named mine Godot.

tompilot | 24 août 2017

Tom's Electric Vehicle

jmoskwa6 | 27 août 2017

After some research - I just named mine - Kestrel.

From Wikipedia
"The name kestrel is given to several different members of the falcon genus."

Picked because of the falcon wing doors...

Foxy | 27 août 2017

@janandmona what is the color?

peter | 27 août 2017


Balerion The Bl... | 23 septembre 2017

Balerion The Black Dread!
from GOT

Bonlaw | 23 septembre 2017

Changed my mind for white X being delivered tomorrow.
"Peggy" "Peg" all short for "Pegasus"

jaytabanh | 25 septembre 2017

Named ours GHOST (Pearl White with White Interior) - after Jon Snow's Dire Wolf

bob | 25 septembre 2017

adopted our MS kept her name Natasha. Added an MX to the family, had to name him Boris.

Model - X | 25 septembre 2017

This is a dreaded decision?, ummmmmm ooooooook

Silver2K | 25 septembre 2017

Try to find a cartoon character that matches your X and your conversations about it.

I name Gossamer, because the DS called it a monster and it's red :)

Gossamer is the red monster from a bugs bunny episode :)

phiraks | 25 septembre 2017

Name my MX Destiny after the gray whale shark from Finding Dory!

kisnfrogs | 30 septembre 2017

After much debate, in which "Tess" was the front runner, we decided on "Joule".

SteveMost | 1 octobre 2017

I named my Black 100D Sparkx.

packpike | 3 octobre 2017

My 2 year old has named my MX WheeWhee. It seems that Whee! is the sound we all make riding around like we're on an amusement ride.

lilbean | 3 octobre 2017

Maybe you should just use one whee instead of two. :)

vrykolas | 3 octobre 2017

Ours is named 'Silver Fox'. Our X is Silver, with 20" silver rims.
Wife found 'Silver Fox' is the name of a Native American deity from tribes in Northern California. "Kwahn" (Silver Fox) is the goddess of creation.

Also nice is that the Fremont factory (and Tesla) is pretty close to Northern California.

packpike | 3 octobre 2017

@lilbean - that's what he calls it. When it had to go back to Charlotte for repairs he was walking around the house asking about WheeWhee. We had no idea what he was talking about, so I did the whole 'point and show me thing'. He led me to the garage and pointed to the spot where my MX should have been. My wife is adamantly opposed to getting a tag with that on it as suggested by my 11 year old.

Triggerplz | 3 octobre 2017

Lilbean you know you like the Whee Whee :-)