Weird noise in center console (or under seats) when turning

Weird noise in center console (or under seats) when turning

We have had our model S for 6 months now. Since about the beginning (not entirely sure when it started), we have noticed a sound in either the center console or under the driver/passenger seats when turning. It sounds like a little plastic piece has somehow snuck into a hole of the car, and now, sometimes when we turn sharply (or turn "just right" for that matter), we hear this little piece roll from 1 side to another.

It does not happen every time we turn. It's a small nuisance, I know, but we'd like to find that little piece of whatever and get rid of it! It sounds like a marble rolling on hard floor. Or a piece of plastic rolling on a piece of plastic. It only lasts for 1-2 seconds each time.

I've gone under the passenger seat (since that's where I normally sit) to find if there's a little piece in the air vent or anywhere under the carpet of the seat, but I've not found anything. My husband believes the noise is coming from the center console.

If anyone has had this problem, and found the solution, please advise! I'd like to fix it for my hub and surprise him :) And we'd like to not hear that noise anymore also.

JayInJapan | 30 juillet 2017

You need to talk with your service center.

ulrichard | 3 août 2017

My car has the exact same noise.
I think it is 17b from
It is not always audible. On the test drive with the service center employee I could not provoke the noise. He told me they could remove the battery. It would take them at least 4 hours. And since the car is on extended warranty, I would have to pay the work. So, I just live with the minor annoyance for the time being.

Nexxus | 3 août 2017

Sounds like something rolling around in the battery itself.

truotn | 20 février 2018

Did you guys ever figure out what the noise is. It just started happening to me and it bothers the heck out of me because I can't figure out what it is. I need to find this marble!

truotn | 21 février 2018

OK I figured it out. A tiny battery rolled into the duct underneath the driver seat and was rolling around in the ducting system. There should be a grate to prevent objects from falling in.

Frank99 | 21 février 2018

That would drive me bananas.

rxlawdude | 21 février 2018

That's not too grate.

yangmaox | 24 octobre 2018

Similar issue here. I just got home delivery for model 3 this afternoon and noticed the noise of a rolling ball under the front row. Will drive to a service center and check.

coyiwilozi | 24 octobre 2018

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Xerogas | 25 octobre 2018

@check out my socks: it’s the miniature die-cast replica Model 3 rolling around in your center console. “Something special” indeed!

poshea2011 | 8 novembre 2018

Just received my M3 3 hours ago. Am having the same sound. Sounds almost as if it's in the AC vent. Noted on my very first drive.