20" Wheels on Model S

20" Wheels on Model S

After reading tons of posts (and thank you to everyone who responded to the questions I posted!!!), I pretty much made up my mind in terms of the options I want on the Model S. I am interested to know if anyone switched their wheels from those stock 19" to aftermarket 20", and how it impacted their range. I assume it would be minimal, but how did that impact the onboard range estimates?

ckcland2 | 13 août 2017

This thread is a little old but good info still exists on it -

john | 16 août 2017

I completely agree with your choice for 20" wheels and tires. The Model S looks so good with this set-up and you minimize the likelihood of wheel damage with that extra little bit of rubber around the wheel. The set-up below is just as great looking (I think) and IS LIGHTER than Tesla's highly acclaimed, 21" Arachnid wheels and tires (of which Tesla and sellers on EBay charge well over $6000 for).

After doing over 3 months of research to find good quality, very light aluminum wheels AND light tires, I just installed 20" Advanti Catalan wheels, bright satin silver with a 32 offset. They weigh a rediculously light 23 lbs. each. $1,064 for a set of four out the door. I also researched light, 20" tires (it's interesting how the same size tire can vary as much as it does between different brands). I got Goodyear Eagle Touring tires wighing in at 26 lbs. and have a high, 500 UTQG wear rating. These are great tires and they look great on the wheels and on the car.

If you provide me your email, and I can send you a photo of this set-up on my car (I will need to take a few, as I just installed them), and I can send you the merchants for such pricing. Good luck!!

john | 16 août 2017

Oh, I have only had the new set on my car for one week, so no data yet on range, but accelaration (from a stand-still and when punching the accelerator while moving) is a little bit better.

warrenvictor1 | 8 Janvier 2018


A bit late to the thread but can you shoot me some pics pls? email is warrenvictor1"at"gmail(dot)com



Robotpedlr | 8 Janvier 2018

And me please, thanks
mark2025 at gmail

john | 8 Janvier 2018

My car is at Tesla service. I should have it back tomorrow. Oddly, I don’t have photos any with these 20” wheels / tires mounted. I will email photos when I have them.

warrenvictor1 | 8 Janvier 2018

Thanks John!

john | 9 Janvier 2018

Emails with photos of the Model S with these 20” wheels were sent.

PatientFool | 9 Janvier 2018

i'd like to see pics too john if you don't mind. gwichman at gmail

btw, did you notice any different in ride quality? is it harsher then the 19's?

john | 9 Janvier 2018

Will email shortly!

john | 9 Janvier 2018

Ride quality is so close to the 19” set up, I cannot really see a notable difference.

mcbarnet007 | 20 avril 2018

hi John, could you please send the photos to mcbarnet007 at my gmail account? Thanks a bunch!

aviator71 | 20 avril 2018

Add me to the list John! Thank you!

loganrodrian | 12 mai 2018

@john if you still have photos, please send to loganrodrian at gmail -- thanks!

john | 14 mai 2018

Emails sent! Sorry, I don’t check this forum page as often.

bluemodels | 13 juin 2018

@john please email the photos when you have a minute

john | 13 juin 2018

Okay, I’ll email later tonight.

quosimodo | 24 juillet 2018

@john Would you send me photos of your car too? Thanks!

quosimodo at gmail

Geox750 | 27 novembre 2018

How are the 20" Advanti Catalan holding up ?

Can you send me pics,

lucien | 5 Janvier 2019

Considering a switch to 20" wheels, too. @john I would love to hear your opinions after living with them for a year and a half.

Pic too! lucien.palmer at


john | 7 Janvier 2019

Photos have been emailed. Very glad I purchased these wheels! Car seems a bit more nimble and quick from a stand still. Great quality, lighter, and much less expensive than the Arachnids.

homeworkforme889 | 7 Janvier 2019

Thank you very much John!

haroon.raja | 11 avril 2019

Hi john ,
How are the tires holding up ?
You mind sending me the picture as well ?

rm760 | 11 avril 2019

I would be interested in hearing comments regarding road noise from anyone who went from a Tesla OEM 21 to a second market 20 wheel. I am going to assume the smaller wheel with a larger sidewall equals a quieter ride.

john | 1 novembre 2019

@harron: Sorry for the (very) late reply. Tires hold up okay, lasted 16,000 miles but got nice credit from warranty claim that went toward new tires.

talleyer | 18 novembre 2019

Please send pics of Model S with these 20” wheels to thanks @john

john | 20 novembre 2019

Just sent.