Service Question

Service Question

I recently bought a pre-owned 2013 MS60. It came with about 64K miles on it.

Recently, my passenger side front door will open itself when the car is placed in park. It doesn't open far, perhaps an inch or so. It's more of annoyance than anything else. I read the forums pretty extensively about the issue, and it seems there was a faulty handle on some of the '13 MS. So, I called up my local service center to set up an appointment to have it fixed.

I knew my warranty had expired, but based on the forums I read, this was more of a Tesla malfunction than customer. So, I was surprised to hear that the handle would cost me $963 to repair. Am I being a selfish brat thinking Tesla should fix it for free since it is apparently a manufacturing issue? They offered me free labor, but I still took the car home to think about it. I love Tesla, and that will never change, I just hate to spend nearly $1,000 on a door handle issue that's an annoyance more than anything else.

Just curious to get anyone's thoughts on it. Thanks in advance.

Bighorn | 11 septembre 2017

They can do a simple rebuild for much less.

sr.smr | 11 septembre 2017

Yea, I love Tesla too and want them to succeed. Sorry to hear about this large expense. I don't know what needs to happen before a problem is categorized a recall. I have a new Model S that needed a replacement door handle, which shows that they have not got it right even in it's latest version. | 11 septembre 2017

@bdaniell830 - I think you'll have to pay for it. While perhaps the v1 handle wasn't the best design it did last beyond the warranty. Tesla did offer an extended warranty for a fee, but only to the original owner before the primary warranty expired. The fact they are willing to eat the labor is surprising as it's not a simple job. They do have a repair kit that might save you quite a bit, but it may not work for v1 handles. I'd also consider replacement as you'll get a v3 handle, a better design functionally as well as long term reliability. Also if you're a very good DIYer, you could attempt to fix it yourself, but again, I'd only recommend this to expert mechanics. Here's more on how to work on the handle (but a different issue):

p.c.mcavoy | 11 septembre 2017

I've seen several people make comments in a couple threads recently for different issues about "I think this should be a recall".

Just to clarify, there are two general categories of vehicle recalls as I understand the process. One is a recall due to an emissions defect, either due to a class of vehicles to be not compliant to the tailpipe emissions standards or the associated OBD standards. The second general classification is a safety related defect.

The widespread Takata air bag recall is an example of a safety related defect. Emissions defects can range really for a variety of reasons, including something as a build spec issue where a vehicle was built with an incorrect axle ratio and the manufacturer is unable to show that a vehicle built to that specification would legally pass the emissions certification test (and I believe update their cert paperwork).

A high failure rate for a door handle clearly does not qualify for an emissions defect, and I would think is a real stretch of a case to make to claim it is a safety related defect.

Now what people may be suggestion is that Tesla, when presented with evidence of a high premature failure rate, do what some manufacturers refer to as a customer satisfaction bulletin. I had an example of that on a 2000 Odyssey mini-van where people were experience higher mileage failures of the automatic transmission. In that case Honda sent all impacted owners a letter stating that if they needed to have repaired prior to something like 7-8 years and ~75k miles that they would cover the repair. Others would call such an act as replacement on "policy" or good will.

egalen | 7 Janvier 2020

My trunk lid is stuck in the open position. when I touch the closure button it beeps, but does not close. I rebooted the computer and it still won't close. Any ideas? I can't drive with the trunk lid open.

akikiki | 7 Janvier 2020

Pull it down to the lock so it can lock it.