Cost of not installing HUD interface

Cost of not installing HUD interface

I enjoy the Model 3 interior design. I sat in the Model 3.

I still believe the HUD could add great value.

How much would it be for Tesla to produce car witn the interface or complete HUD folks? Please charge 100% mark up if that is the problem, but please give what many customers want.

Am I alone on this?

ebiggs | 26 septembre 2017

Not alone. I have a HUD in my BMW and it's one of the few tech gadgets I really miss when I go into a HUDless car.

From studying their hires, it appears HUDs are coming to Tesla, so it's not a matter of if but when.

topher | 26 septembre 2017

"How much would it be for Tesla to produce car with the interface or complete HUD folks?"

Probably about 3-4 months development time. Which they didn't have.

Thank you kindly.

Ninefiveone | 26 septembre 2017

Zero chance of a HUD coming to the 3, and probably not any Tesla. Doesn’t fit their strategy of moving to autonomous driving. Same reasons they have rain sensing wipers, blind spot monitor, and 360 degree cameras at the bottom (or not even on) of their priority list.

What hires indicate HUD is coming to Teslas? HUD’s don’t require any special skill set to implement. Literally an off the shelf component.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 26 septembre 2017

Why introduce a HUD that is the same as you could get on any AUDI, BMW, or Cadillac? A HUD from Tesla would need to be better than every other that exists. Otherwise it would be no more than duplicate, redundant gimmickry, just like all the rest.

eeb9 | 26 septembre 2017

@ReD - I disagree that a Tesla HUD would need to be better than any other to avoid being "gimmickry". It's not a "me too" technology, not when properly implemented.

Granted, It needs to be at least *as good* in terms of optics, and in terms of delivering information - but it doesn't need to be better than that.

It's a driver-specific safety technology - which is why I think they left it out, along with other driver-specific items as noted above. My impression (and it is still just that) is that they'd prefer to not divert resources from FSD engineering to provide driver-side tech

It's a sad thing, but that's what seems to be happening.

Even so, it appears to be a very capable driver's car - but it could be so much *more* so, with minimal effort

ReD eXiLe ms us | 26 septembre 2017

eeb9: The Model 3 will probably blow the doors off the competition, from AUDI A4 through Jaguar XE and BMW 3-Series through Alfa Romeo Giulia. That's about all the 'driver side' technology I need -- a car that destroys the competition when I'm behind the wheel. Havindials in a binnacle between the steering wheel and windshield, or projected on the windshield does not contribute to drivetrain, steering, or suspension at all.

There is no shifting to be done, because you are ALWAYS in 'passing gear' with an electric car. You don't need a tachometer. There is no hand brake. You don't need oil temperature, coolant temperature, or steam pressure gauges.

None of that stuff is necessary with either physical dials or HUD to make a 'driver's car. All you need is... a DRIVER. Be one, and be satisfied.

And yes, it has to be 'better than that' because Elon Musk said so. Their cars cannot be 'about the same' or 'about as good' as ICE. They have to be BETTER -- than all of the other cars -- or no one will bother to buy them. Last I looked, the inherent fun behind seat-of-the-pants driving has nothing at all to do with gauges displayed.

andy.connor.e | 27 septembre 2017

How do you know how much you "need" it, if you havent driven a Model 3 yet?

KP in NPT | 27 septembre 2017

"You won't care."


bernard.holbrook | 27 septembre 2017

I want a HUD. Lots of us do.

Carl Thompson | 27 septembre 2017

@ReD eXiLe ms us:
"The Model 3 will probably blow the doors off the competition, from AUDI A4 through Jaguar XE and BMW 3-Series through Alfa Romeo Giulia."

Just wondering why you've moderated your forecast? You used to say the Model 3 would _definitely_ blow away high-volume mainstream cars like the Camry. Now you are saying the Model 3 will _probably_ beat those low volume luxury cars.

Why the downgrade?

ybbor | 27 septembre 2017

@bernard.holbrook +1 :-)

A few years back when Tesla hired the HUD and Augmented reality experts, I bet they had planned to add it to the Model 3... but then Musk pushed up the deliver timeline by a year after seeing the demand. I bet we'll see it. Will probably hit the model X/S first, though needed much more for the Model 3. Maybe the'll put one on the performance version next year.

Also, without some display in your forward line of sight, the variable nature of the steering wheel controls seems like it will be a bit odd/distracting; need to look at the center screen to know what the wheel controls are configured as and actually doing (volume? radio station? side mirrors? steering wheel position? cabin temp? fan speed? dynamic vent position? windshield wiper speed? cruise control speed? EAP length to next car? zoom the map? etc)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 septembre 2017

andy.connor.e: There's a steering wheel, a brake pedal, and the long, skinny pedal on the right. That's all I need. Oh, and this phone. Yeah. That's all I need. And this plant. And this lamp. That's it. I don't need anything else!

carlk | 27 septembre 2017

"From studying their hires, it appears HUDs are coming to Tesla, so it's not a matter of if but when."

Can you elaborate a little?

ng0 | 27 septembre 2017

I got kind of annoyed at first that the Model 3 wasn't going to have a HUD, but after seeing a few review videos, I'm getting the feeling that musk was right that we "won't care". I'm going hold judgement until I personally drive one.

andy.connor.e | 27 septembre 2017

Im not aware of any official sources, but i dont believe they are going to make a HUD. There was a point to leaving it out, and it wouldnt make sense to put it in after the fact. There are 3rd party HUDs you can buy. If you cannot drive without a HUD in front of your steering wheel, then i suggest a different car company. Otherwise, you should TRY and see if you can deal with it before suggesting its a necessity.

kgr99 | 27 septembre 2017

I would also like to see a HUD but not in the traditional sense. We don't need, dials, gauges, oil temperatures and so on... but would love to see a different implementation.

E.g. A 7 inch screen that is portable. Stick it behind the wheel on the dash to make it HUD, show speed, EAP, etc, relevant to EV. When not needed pull it out and hand it to rear passenger with limited controls like media, AC etc.

The whole car is a computer, so why not a second screen for certain functions? :) | 27 septembre 2017

@bernard.holbrook "I want a HUD. Lots of us do."

So far "a lot" is 5 people. I'm sure there are more, but doesn't seem to be a huge demand item considering very few cars offer the option.

A HUD seems a bit like a solution looking for a problem. I expect some people with vision problems likely would benefit from a HUD, but it begs the question if people with such vision problems should really be driving.

markr7 | 27 septembre 2017

As stated above, there is no need for a HUD in a Model 3. You're asking for tech where tech is not needed.

KP in NPT | 27 septembre 2017

Elon already answered this question.

akgolf | 27 septembre 2017

"That's all I need. Oh, and this phone. Yeah. That's all I need. And this plant. And this lamp. That's it. I don't need anything else!"

What a jerk!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 27 septembre 2017

akgolf: The best thing to come out of Mississippi since Elvis... and B.B. King.... and Morgan Freeman... and Sela Ward...

gar1116 | 27 septembre 2017

"..And my dog!"

"OK, I don't need the dog!"

andy.connor.e | 27 septembre 2017

i love hud topics

El Mirio | 27 septembre 2017


"From studying their hires, it appears HUDs are coming to Tesla, so it's not a matter of if but when."

likely @ebiggs was referring to the skully guy, however not sure why tesla would opt to develop HUD in house.

ebiggs | 27 septembre 2017




It's not definitive whether these guys are working on a HUD, but it's probably in the right ballpark.

dsvick | 27 septembre 2017

I suppose next week we'll be talking about there being only one screen, or maybe the front end ....

Ninefiveone | 27 septembre 2017

Those are clearly machine learning and machine vision hires., in line with what their hiring focus has been for at least the last year.

thedrisin | 28 septembre 2017

I would appreciate a HUD. I know when I am in a rush, pushing the speed limit, I like to more frequently check the speed. I don't want to be averting my eyes to the right. Much more convenient and safer to have it directly in my line of sight.

andy.connor.e | 28 septembre 2017

There are third party devices that act as a "holographic view", where its essentially a piece of plastic that displays the info, so you can see right through it. Dont rely on Tesla to provide it for you, if you absolutely "need" it, purchase based on individual needs.

eeb9 | 28 septembre 2017

@ReD - My offer still stands...

Go and spend some time in a car that has a decent HUD (Audi/BMW come immediately to mind) and then come back and tell me why it should not be considered mandatory safety equipment, in the same class as seatbelts and SRS systems.

Do that, thoughtfully, and I'll quietly STFU.

You don't know what you're missing until you do - then you realize that its truly not a gimmick.

Yes, it makes *tha* big a difference.

andy.connor.e | 28 septembre 2017


Go and spend some time in the Model 3, and tell me how absolutely necessary a "behind the steering wheel" HUD is. Quietly please stop raging at others over details that you have not yet come to have experience with.

eeb9 | 28 septembre 2017

@andy - I've already said that I plan to do exactly that.

That said, I've driven the same model of cars both with and without a HUD. The difference is *startling* and it really does make one wonder why its not become mandatory already. If looking down at your phone to read or send a text or dial a number is ticket-worthy, how is looking over at and using a touch-screen any different? Why not put the information that a driver needs directly in their line of sight, at an infinite focus point, with point/select controls integrated in the steering wheel? It's a simple, mature technology. Why not use it?

My offer still stands. Our parents and grandparents heard all the same arguments about seatbelts not so very long ago. And no (sane) driver would buy a car without them today. I believe that the same principles apply here, at least for cars with a human driver (and that may be the key here - EM and Tesla are betting a large piece of the farm that the reason nobody will care about HUDs is that there soon won't be any human drivers who would need them.

Regardless, I'm hoping that the good folk at Tesla note that a not-trivial number of frequent posters here would like this feature added to future versions of the car, and give us some love.

Xerogas | 28 septembre 2017

If you really want HUD in your Model 3, here's a workaround: open the car's web browser and navigate to

Problem solved!

(Still not sure why so many people care about housing and urban development, but hey, to each his own)

eeb9 | 28 septembre 2017

@Xerogas - made my day! :-D

kzodz | 28 septembre 2017

The hardware cost is minimal. But the cost of Tesla designing the Software in-house is more than they can afford right now. All of their available brainpower is focused on getting the 'simple' software like a working radio, bluetooth, etc in place followed by FSD. When they are ready they will add it.

CV63 | 28 septembre 2017

Google glass, ble to the cars info. Problem solved.and yes, I wouldn't mind a hud either. I've driven BMW's with and without. Very much agree on the safety front.

thedrisin | 28 septembre 2017

@eeb - agree with you totally.

On top of that, you may have passengers freaking out that you are averting your eyes or using the touchscreen. People are very concerned about the "distracted driver" behavior as is well publicized.

RedShift | 28 septembre 2017

I'd like to see a HUD too. Frequently glancing away just to see what speed I'm doing? Sorry, no amount of sugar coating will convince me.

andy.connor.e | 28 septembre 2017

Until you've sat in a Model 3, you dont know if you need it. Kindly stop. Thanks in advance.

eeb9 | 28 septembre 2017


Until you've driven a car with a HUD, you don't know what you're missing.

Kindly stop asking me to kindly stop asking for a future feature that I and others would like to see implemented.

Garyeop | 28 septembre 2017

I have lots of experience with scope creep. I would suggest that autonomous driving is the bigger win over HUD. Every person, testing lab, or thought spent on HUD is one less spent on the full autonomous solution. Don't let your projects die in the red zone.

RedShift | 28 septembre 2017

Thanks for the advise Andy. I guess as soon as I sit in one, a display will materialize out of thin air for me.

RedShift | 28 septembre 2017

It's both a question of time and money. Tesla ran out of money to put things into the M3. As simple as that. Hence the 'oh, you'll get used to it' :-)

Time? Well they don't have any time for at least 3 years to put anything more into the M3. It is what it is, but that doesn't mean one cannot complain.

Oh, I'm sure you Tesla lovers/fanboys will tell me to
'Just shut up about my mother (oops, I mean M3!)' And ask me to 'just buy something else'.

That's expected. :-)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 28 septembre 2017

It would be a very bland and boring world if the Tesla Model 3 were identical to every GM Arental or Ford Justalease and Dodge Felloffthetruck.

RedPillSucks | 28 septembre 2017

Count me in the list of people who would have liked to see a HUD.
However, like everyone else (since none of you have cancelled your reservations) I'll be checking the car out first before I make a final decision. I also had the same argument about not wanting to take my eyes off the road and glance right, however, in truth, with a regular dash, you still have to glance down and refocus a bit, so it seems to be a wash (glance right vs glance slightly down). I'm not a fan of the spartan dash and don't buy the "you don't need it for self driving" argument, since that's still another 5years down the road, but I will patiently wait to be blown away, or buy a Model S.

eeb9 | 28 septembre 2017

@ReD - I agree.

So how does adding a HUD to the Model 3 in any way make it just like everything else? I don't see the connection.

The Model 3 has wheels and tires and windows - just like all the others. It has seats and a steering wheel as well. It even has...wait for it... a HOOD AND A TRUNK!

How ordinary. How bland...


Carl Thompson | 28 septembre 2017

A HUD would have made the car safer. But there is no such thing as perfect. The Model 3 has a lot of what all of our ideal cars would have. So much in fact that we are all driving ourselves nuts waiting. Are there some things that would make the car better? Definitely. But it's still pretty darn great as is.

Ninefiveone | 28 septembre 2017

HUD is like folding seats in the Model X.

There is a vocal population that thinks it's necessary, before the car is even in the general public's hands.

It's not an oversight or a "we'll get to it" or a cost saving thing. It's an explicit choice Tesla made.

The question is whether Tesla sticks to its guns on HUD, or like folding seats in the Model X it caves in and makes them available.

It all hangs on FSD.

If they make FSD a reality, they are unlikely to do a HUD unless there continues to be demand after FSD exists. If FSD happens slower than they expect, or isn't as capable as they hoped, they will need to consider a HUD. If FSD doesn't happen, the company is toast but if they hope to survive they'll need to compete on a feature function basis and will need to seriously consider a HUD.

People can call for HUD as much as they like, nothing is going to happen until Tesla knows what will happen with FSD.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 28 septembre 2017

I've been about as patient as I can. Which is basically, not at all, while waiting for so,eone to pose a particular question. I do not believe anyone has, and I certainly haven't seen where anyone mentioned it exactly, though I suppose someone among The [IGNORED] may have done so...

I have repeatedly seen the same point put forward, with no data or reference to support it, that having a HUD would be 'safer'. Please explain how.

I strongly suspect this will be answered in a manner that I can easily shoot down... I already did in another conversation that was slightly different. But I would love to know why those who have said that believe it to be true. What exactly convinced you that having a HUD was inherently 'safer' than not having one and led you to contend a HUD should be standard issue?

Also, are the HUD systems you have used capable of overcoming the issues that plagued them in their infancy of automotive applications? Fading in direct sunlight, or disappearing when polarized glasses ar ed worn, for instance.

carlk | 28 septembre 2017

@Ninefiveone Agree 100%. Compares to FSD HUD is nothing for Tesla's survival. Not to mention no one would be needing HUD when FSD is out.