Stay AWAY from State Farm

Stay AWAY from State Farm

I have had two claims in the past few months on my Model X. Both accidents not my fault.. State Farm sent me to a local body repair promising they handled Tesla's. A week later, car was sent to the Tesla authorized body shop but it took over two months for State Farm to approve the body work piece by piece. I was literally without a car for 3 months and quickly burned through my rental policy. The second accident was a hit and run and they are again dragging their feet. I paid the full amount myself and am fighting with State Farm since it was cheaper than paying for a rental. Customer service is non-existant and I have been hung up on and cursed out by their representatives. The auto repair shop (Dayas) in the Orlando area has advised me to go with Chubb instead, as they are more luxury car friendly.

reed_lewis | 17 septembre 2019

To me ad campaigns do not matter. It is all about the product. I have had a few claims with Liberty and they have always taken great care of me.

cslaurie | 17 septembre 2019

I had a claim against a State Farm driver in small claims court. They lowballed me by claiming an auction value reserve price the deducting from that. I showed the judge how they were cheating and petitioned to be made whole. I won triple their price and was awarded the crashed car. I promptly sold it for salvage. The entire local office was out of their offices looking when I went to collect my company check after I threatened to immediately file on their insured at DMV if I was not paid then and there.

Techy James | 17 septembre 2019

First of all I hate this forums 20% failure rate saying I am not authorized to post even though I am a verified owner of a Tesla.
Now rant over from site failure. Here is my story and details with State Farm as insurer.
I have had State Farm in both states of TN and OH. In both states I have always been able to use either State Farm pre-authorized facility or a facility of my own choosing. The advantage of a pre-authorized facility is that they don't have to wait for approval before order and performing work.
Now in my case I contacted my Agent after an accident where the other party said their light was yellow, and I said mine was green. Unforunately for me the USB drive I was using for Dash Cam was full so I didn’t have the proof of my story and there was no witnesses.
When I contacted State Farm they gave me list of pre-approved shops in my area. I compared this list to Tesla’s certified Body Shops in my area and realized none of the pre-approved sites matched, so I decided on only rated Shop in my area and gave the shop’s details to my agent.
I took the car to shop (it was drivable) and luckily at time there was State Farm appraiser on site for another car in shop so my pre-teardown approval was able to done immediately. After teardown there was a few additional items discovered that needed repair but no frame damage was found. This additional approval took 3 days for agent to get onsite, but body shop had already put in part order from first set of parts and one of the items (front windshield) was on back order. All the parts came in besides the windshield came in about a week after the final agent approval. This is where I have complaint from shop, everything could been completed and I would have had car for 3 weeks while they waited on windshield. But instead car sat while they waiting for the windshield.
All in all the time for repair was 7 weeks, and my coverage for rental only lasted 3 of the weeks. I later upgraded my rental coverage so I would be covered for a longer period. For me I used a Lyft Express service for those last 4 weeks where I was able to get a discounted rental as long as I did 20 rides a week. Oddly enough this also covered all cost of the rental each week, so I was able to offset the use of a car with a service I was doing occasionally to get Tesla name out there.

rxlawdude | 17 septembre 2019

Dealing with your own insurance (i.e., for situations where you are "at fault" or "fault" can't be apportioned to the parties) is a PIA. Your remedies are limited, and the company's obligation to you is contractual.

Contrast with the situation where the other party was at fault. Yes, you can deal with your own insurance company as a go-between, but you will typically still be low-balled and cheated out of a like replacement. It's MUCH better to deal directly with the other party's insurance.

Of course, it the other party's liability limits are minimal, you'll be back having to grovel with your own insurance company.

tom | 26 octobre 2019

Try to sell as junk car @ . they will be glad to buy it for some cash.

neilhamrin | 27 octobre 2019

Have had State Farm for cars, bikes and home for 65 years with a few claims they handled just fine.