Is Tesla shipping solar panels?

Is Tesla shipping solar panels?

Can local independent solar installers get them in a reasonable, timely manner? I plan to install solar on my home this spring and prefer to support Tesla without giving my local installer extra headaches. (Not asking about Solar Roof, just plain old panels.)

FloridaDave | 31 octobre 2017

It's like this. You could go to a Ford dealer and ask to buy a brand new Chevy Bolt thru them, or just go to Chevy and buy the Chevy thru Chevy and save the hassle.

spmeister | 31 octobre 2017

I had solar installed a year ago through a local contractor. From contract through installation to activation was only a few weeks. YMMV based on how busy your contractor is. My PowerWalls were installed about 7-8 months later.

BrMontgomery | 3 Janvier 2018

I am very interested in the solar roofing. I am interested in price, contractors and distributors.