Well I bought the dip today in TSLA at $298.69

Well I bought the dip today in TSLA at $298.69

Bought my Tesla back in December of 2015 and look for excuses to drive it everywhere every day of the week.
BUT, hesitated buying TSLA stock because of all the noise about it being overpriced.

((Caution: run on sentence follows. :) ))

Now after nearly 2 years of watching Tesla continue to grow at crazy rates,
while reinvesting their 20-25% gross margin (from each car sold) back into the company's infra-structure
and watching the Model 3 come to life while seeing the potential for the Tesla Energy roofing tiles and Tesla
power packs for commercial as well as residential use, I decided to take the plunge.

But, after listening to the 3rd quarter Conference Call, I waited to see what the stock did after hours. When it
appeared to reach bottom with the Model 3 delay news, I set up a buy order at a price slightly below the after hours low.
BAM! Market opened today and the stock dropped below my target and the buy order went through.

I'm now the proud owner of 50 shares of Tesla stock. Hope the ride with the stock is as exhilarating as riding in
my Model S 70D. :)

Anyone else take the plunge?

radami2 | 2 novembre 2017

I did you a favor and stayed out. If I bought, it would almost surely go down more.

ram1901 | 2 novembre 2017

:) I know the feeling...

tommyalexandersb | 2 novembre 2017

Congrats! My mom had been waiting for me to advise her to buy in as the last time I did it was at $180 a share, she passed and obviously regretted that decision. I sent her a text this morning and said buy now. She bought about 65 shares at $297. I bought 50 shares at $204 a little over a year ago and I’m going long :)

Rocky_H | 3 novembre 2017

My wife is still really irritated. She had a thought just a couple of weeks ago that she should sell while it was at $350 to wait for a drop to buy back in. She didn't do it, and now it has gone down $50 per share in just a couple of weeks. Grrr.

RedShift | 3 novembre 2017

Bought at $45 or so 5 years ago. May buy again now.

Mike83 | 3 novembre 2017

Way to go.