I don't need it. No one needs it but Elon still wants to do it. He just wants to shut down those who say yes it accelerates but ICE car still can go faster. He wants to totally destroy ICE. Don't fxxx with Elon. ;)

dyefrog | 21 novembre 2017

The other point I thought interesting is high speed at duration. Not sure how long they can run at top speed but the guy giving test drives mentioned he'd been doing the sub 2 second launches all night and will continue all night. No Problem

reed_lewis | 21 novembre 2017

I completely concur. As Elon said at the event, this new car is a total smackdown on ICE cars. There will never be an ICE car that can accelerate faster, go faster or farther than this car. It removes any reason why an EV is not better.

Tropopause | 21 novembre 2017

First of all, no other production car can accelerate 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds, but if an ICE was capable of this speed, how many could pull off back-to-back launches all night? This speaks very highly of not just the power, but also the longevity of Tesla's BEV's.

As for the 250 mph top speed, I agree with Carlk that Elon simply wants to stop the goal-post games. Now the ICE fans will grasp at straws to defend their aging technology but they are running out of excuses.

Tesla-David | 21 novembre 2017

Yes, concur completely. EM is a crafty fox, and wants to put to rest the arguments that ICE enthusiasts use to dismiss EVs. Those arguments are laughable now with all the Tesla innovations. I personally don't need a car with that much performance, but love knowing it is there for those who want it. Love watching utube clips of Tesla's outperforming ICE vehicles on the track, and the new Roadster will be the ultimate ICE killer.

Frank99 | 21 novembre 2017

I can see it now - Friday night at the drag strip, everyone's got their heads under their hoods tweaking ignition timing and idle speeds, and silently a Roadster rolls in. A wave of quiet spreads through the pits as people elbow their neighbor and point - then the sounds of a hundred engines starting as the ICE racers scatter like cockroaches when the light is flipped on. In 10 minutes, the place is deserted except for the Roadster and a couple of Super Stockers that can still hold their heads up.

SUN 2 DRV | 21 novembre 2017

IMHO Elon is playing whack-a-mole with a series of non-issues here. Cost and range are still the top concerns of the vast majority of people who might consider an EV. Introducing an exotic $200k car while still not having the Model 3 under control just emphasizes that Tesla isn't ready yet for the masses, and frankly isn't focused on that market yet.

I think it just drives the mass market customer further from considering a Tesla, "they were already too expensive and now they're getting even more expensive".

I love my Model S (100k miles) but the average mass market customer just doesn't care who won the F1 race. And neither do I.

Tesla-David | 21 novembre 2017

@SUN 2 DRV, I respectfully disagree. The innovation that we see going into the redesigned Roadster will ultimately have dividends down the road with expanded range and updated battery packs available for MS, MX, and M3. I think Tesla can address both ends of the EV spectrum and not drive people away from EVs. I am 5 year MS owner, and would never consider buying the new Roadster, but the original Roadster was the car that caught my eye, and made my decision to put $5k down on my first MS. I agree they need to fix the M3 assembly problems pronto. As an owner I enjoy keeping up with the high end Tesla's, and I am sure M3 owners will to, as they become part of the Tesla community.

SUN 2 DRV | 21 novembre 2017

Tesla-David: I understand your history and perspective. Back then the Roadster was the ONLY Tesla, so of course it was the one that caught your attention. :-) And there's a huge difference between developing new higher density and longer range battery technology and deciding to spend the time and resources to productize it into a limited production car with all of the extra costs and long term support and liability issues.

Elon has plenty to be proud of and brag about without yet another big distraction... | 21 novembre 2017

I don't see the Semi or the Roadster as any distraction at all. The design team has finished most of the Model 3 design 18 months ago. Should that design team be fired as there is nothing to do? Should Tesla sit back and have nothing new planned after the 3? The issues with the 3 production have zero to do with the design team. Those working on the production issues are entirely different group, with different talents and expertise. I welcome new innovations and technologies. To bad few other vehicle manufacturers are unwilling to dream and innovate the way Tesla does. At least they can try and follow what Tesla has done 5 years ago.

Mike83 | 21 novembre 2017

I believe that Space X provided some of the new technology for this super-car Roadster 2. This is setting a standard above anything else and the pity pot ICE makers are shut down hard. The shorts try any BS that might work but their shit stinks along with their gas/diesel cars.

carlk | 21 novembre 2017

Some still don't see Elon's game plan is to go from under-scaled to super-scaled and to do it as fast as he could. Tesla's only disadvantage now is it is still small compares to most others. No company could spend $5~10 billions capex and achieves even a fraction of what Tesla has achieved but that $5 ~10 billion is a huge burden on Tesla and drags down it's bottom line. Tesla has gained so much scale in the last five years it will take perhaps another five years for it to become super-scaled. Model 3, semi, roadster and what have you by then are all part of it. By that time this kind of spending will be easy and no one would have a chance.

Mike83 | 21 novembre 2017

When Tesla bought the Fremont Factory for a song and a dance I knew they were very shrewd. Check out the property values there now. It is a beautiful thing. They also have other assets like Buffalo and Sparks and ......

Tropopause | 21 novembre 2017

$25 billion in annual revenue from Model 3 will be rolling in shortly. Timing is everything.

blue adept | 21 novembre 2017


You do realize, do you not, that the Roadster was the prototype test bed for the technology that would enable the manufacture of the Model S, X, and now the Model 3?!

It is a company's "concepts" that set the standard for the expectations of future owners and provide the basis for whatever innovations to follow...It's just a real plus when a concept vehicle can become a reality available for purchase!

carlk | 21 novembre 2017

just an allusion That's a good point. People who buy the Roadster are financing Tesla's advanced development where results can be used company-wise for every product. It is also the halo car that raises the brand image which is priceless.

SO | 21 novembre 2017

What better way to force other manufacturers into the EV market than to make ICE vehicles seem second best for customers. That was a most likely a factor behind the Roadster.

Ross1 | 21 novembre 2017

IMO Allusion has it right.
Furthermore, better to produce the Roadster and be known for it than like MB, a Formula 1 also ran along with 2 dozen similar race cars built to the same rules.
I say the Roadster is a great idea for a testbed, and for fame and glory.
Win on Sunday, sell on Monday, but there is only one winner, 24 losers when there is a field of 25.
And Roadsters...1000 Founders plus how many entry level?
Roadster? Every one is a winner, even puddling around the mall parking lots.

rgrant | 21 novembre 2017

What’s stunning to me is how quickly we’ve gone from glorified golf carts to fricking supercars and we’ve barely gotten started. ICE has had a hundred years to improve their game and instead of making these vehicles super-clean and super-efficient they’ve cheated. Enough!

In with the new and out with the old. There’s so much innovation ahead for electric!

rgrant | 21 novembre 2017

@Mike83 - they bought NUMMI for a song. The dancing started after they closed the deal! ;)

rgrant | 21 novembre 2017

@just an allusion +1 if Tesla is smart (and they are - despite Elon’s flights of fancy :) ) they will use the low-volume Roadster as the Ted bed for next generation technologies. Elon wants to minimize wiring? Try it out in the Roadster, not the Model Y!

Experimenting with new battery configurations? Roadster first!

The technologies then trickle down to the other platforms. Model S & X first. Model 3 & Y second. And then the cycle starts over again.

Elon’s crazy idea to invent with Model Y was fortunately nipped in the bud!

rgrant | 21 novembre 2017

Bah - testbed!

Tesla2018 | 21 novembre 2017

A guy who works at the shuttle landing area at Cape Canaveral owns a Ford GT that holds the world record for top speed of 283 mph for a mile. Dont know if he works for SpaceX but they rent out the runway if you want to drive your car on it and pass the background checks. If an employee gets a roadster they probably would get a chance to test out the top speed.

Remnant | 22 novembre 2017

@Tesla-David (November 21, 2017)

<< The innovation that we see going into the redesigned Roadster will ultimately have dividends down the road with expanded range and updated battery packs available for MS, MX, and M3. >>

This is not just a good point, but it should be a very obvious one.

blue adept | 2 décembre 2017


"First of all, no other production car can accelerate 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds...."

It's not just that the Roadster out performs ANY production car on the road today, it also out performs any niche supercar on the road today, and that's not even touching on the 620 mile per charge range which no ICE car is capable of without topping up at the pump!

Perhaps it's time we add a new descriptor to the lexicon of the English language? How does 'hypercar' sound?

NKYTA | 2 décembre 2017

Hybrid? Well that bit has been debunked.

Lighter materials, sure.
Lighter batteries, soon. ;-)

blue adept | 2 décembre 2017


Ahh, well, the hell with that then.

I guess we'll just have to satisfy ourselves with Tesla redefining the definition of what constitutes a 'SUPERcar' then.

:^) | 3 décembre 2017

I don't see the Roadster providing much fallout for more practical cars. The biggest innovations will be in the areas of high output drive units and tolerance for maybe 3,000 peak amperes of current during launches, requiring heavy duty power wiring and super fuses. That doesn't seem to translate well to Model 3 design.

I see the principal value being PR. Tesla saves a bundle by not advertising. Videos of the new Roadster smacking down every million dollar super ICEV in existence will be all over YouTube and news outlets. And the car is gorgeous to boot. If I weren't so ancient, I would probably be scratching the money together for one.

blue adept | 6 décembre 2017


"I don't see the Roadster providing much fallout for more practical cars."

And what of, pray tell, the 621 mile range (over 200 more than typical ICE production cars)...?

Wouldn't that translate to 'practicality' of application for "more practical cars"?

finman100 | 7 décembre 2017

Elon said 4 seater too, right? that seems to be fairly practical. i bet it's not even close to being loud when it hits that 1.9 seconds. That's also practical, right? I mean, surely a quiet mobile is slow (says the cop who's radar gun broke).

Go Tesla!

Tropopause | 7 décembre 2017

And capacious trunk space.

nwfan | 7 décembre 2017

@georgehawley, any word on solid state batteries? Are they happening or fantasy?
Agree. If I wasn't so old, I would be scrapping the money together to add the roadster to my S100D. | 8 décembre 2017

@nwfan - Here's one current article that states there are some serious longevity issues with solid state batteries, which has not been solved. Toyota hints that they may not last more than 3 years in an automotive application.

SamO | 8 décembre 2017

3 year batteries? And I thought Nissan Leaf batteries were awful.

"We are scrambling to finish developing this technology, but a few issues still remain as we try to mass produce this," Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota chairman and the engineer who led the development of the first Prius hybrid, said in an interview with Reuters at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Battery life is the biggest of those issues, Uchiyamada said. Toyota has not found a way to make the batteries last long enough, although Uchiyamada did not specify the gap between what the company views as a reasonable lifespan and the current limits of the solid-state batteries. He did note that customers would not buy an electric car if the battery pack needed to be replaced after three years.

SamO | 8 décembre 2017

Final paragraph from above:

"Toyota plans to continue developing fuel cells and increase production of hydrogen-powered cars tenfold over the next few years. But the company has faced numerous issues, including the slow rollout of hydrogen infrastructure, and current high production costs."