The "See Trolls Ruin a Thread" Thread!

The "See Trolls Ruin a Thread" Thread!

Thought I'd create a thread specifically to ask new owners questions. There are already a couple who have popped up on the forums and I suspect we'll be seeing a bunch more very shortly.

There are plenty of long time Tesla and EV owners on the forum so if any new owners have questions you could ask here.

New owners: If you could pop in and introduce yourselves that would be great! What do you love the most? What do you like the least?


Carl Thompson | 14 décembre 2017

@mark.ritter was kind enough to answer some questions in a different thread. Here are some of his answers:

mark.ritter | December 14, 2017

There is truly nothing that I do not like. I have had a couple of instances where my phone did not open the car for some reason. When that happened I just used my card and it was fine. The next time it worked fine.

I left the aero covers on. I really like they way that they look with the white.

I don't have a sense for the efficiency yet. I have only put 600 miles on it so far.

No AM, heated steering wheel or rear seats yet. There is a software update this evening. So who knows what might show up.

The FM radio needs some work as far as layout and ease of use.

I like the door handles. They are very easy to use. I could see an issue if you hands were full of stuff. You can open them with one hand.

SamO | 15 décembre 2017


mntlvr23 | 15 décembre 2017

CT is trying to appear legit again

carlk | 15 décembre 2017

"CT is trying to appear legit again"

Again? Was he ever?

Yeah flag it away.

Carl Thompson | 15 décembre 2017

OK, I'll bite. What's wrong with this thread that you feel a need to flag it?

NESM | 15 décembre 2017

I don’t usually comment on these threads but I have been reading them for some time. I really don’t understand why certain individuals have an ongoing need to bully others. Things are said on these forums that I suspect you would never say to an individual in person. If you disagree with someone’s comments, then disagree without making it personnel and insulting. Carl, there is nothing wrong with this thread and if it was me, I would not bother engaging with those who for whatever reason, just want to give you a hard time. You, like everyone else have every right to question and express your opinion. I don’t always agree with you but I appreciate your willingness to engage. Opinions and conjecture are not facts and need to be expressed as such and everyone has the right to their opinion. If someone has the facts wrong, then correct the facts, not insult the person.

giskard | 15 décembre 2017

Well said, @NESM ...

phil | 15 décembre 2017

Yes, well said NESM.

There's an extraordinary amount of effort here devoted to shouting down unpopular comments and posters. That effort is worthless, and kind of creepy.

weluvm3 | 15 décembre 2017

What in the world is wrong with this thread??? There's a *LOT* of unjustified and unnecessary hate in this forum.

Is this really the attitude and behaviour that you folks want people to associate with Tesla, the brand?

carlk | 15 décembre 2017

"What's wrong with this thread that you feel a need to flag it?"

Nothing's wrong with the thread other than the messenger. Like Fox News sponsoring a forum to have a fair and objective discussion of current political situation. OK some of you might say MSNBC. That is fine but you get the idea.

Rutrow | 15 décembre 2017

It's the attitude and behavior I associate with the internet.


burdogg | 15 décembre 2017

Just because you don't like him means you should have complete control and be abusive. As you said, nothing wrong with the thread, so absolutely zero reason to flag it.

Use your head and be a little more reasonable, just because someone doesn't agree with you does not mean you need to be disagreeable. While I don't always agree with Carl T - it doesn't mean he is against Tesla, or a troll, or trying to take down the company.

I for one know that I don't agree with everyone's statements on here, but I don't go around flagging them because I don't like the person.

TheChad | 15 décembre 2017

This is what bugs me most about this forum. People will just flag something because they disagree with all/portion of it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you disagree with it state your reasons for doing so, or just move on and don’t reply. This is different than spreading outright lies about Tesla, or a person on this forum. This is what is wrong with this country; too many people take their opinions as fact and are too bigoted to even entertain someone else’s opinion. Feel free to flag me as well but I am thankful for all the good, and bad, information on this forum. If I can’t differentiate the two than that’s a me problem, no need for anyone to demean or be an ITG about it.

ddeboy | 15 décembre 2017

I think a lot of people here are tesla supporters of the stock and have very emotional replies because their money is tied to it if not the money for the car as well. Like Elon has said-either you love us or you hate us. This causes a war zone affect. Some call it trolling-some all it honesty-some call it lobbying. Whatever you call it-it's hear to stay on the internet. If someone bashes me-I just move on from the POTUS bullying. There I said something contradictory to 50% of the population-oh, but as of this writing-only 23% of it is offensive. Only 23% of the public support POTUS now.
See how it works? Really, I'm just stating reality of people to have difference of opinions. Both should be heard but in your head or emotionally-keep your own close to your chest.

Rutrow | 15 décembre 2017
phil | 15 décembre 2017

ddeboy | December 15, 2017 "I think a lot of people here are tesla supporters of the stock and have very emotional replies because their money is tied to it..."

I think it goes beyond money. Tesla seems to be a religion for some of these people.

Rutrow | 15 décembre 2017

Religion : Generous

Cult : Appropriate

ybroude | 15 décembre 2017

Hi. While I await my M3 I just discovered and tuned in here. The subject of almost every post is how rude some folks are and how troubling that is. Might I humbly suggest everyone simply ignore those trolls and post and reply only to substantive questions and answers, depriving the cretins of the attention they crave? Thanks! Looking forward to sharing info here. I gained a great deal of knowledge about my last new car (2002 Mazda Protege5) in the Mazda forums.

Frank99 | 15 décembre 2017

ybroude -
Welcome, and I fully agree with your request.

carlk | 15 décembre 2017

" I gained a great deal of knowledge about my last new car (2002 Mazda Protege5) in the Mazda forums."

Unfortunately depending on where you get them from some knowledge you gained here could be harmful than useful. Just that you aware of it.

Nic727 | 15 décembre 2017


I don’t know all the story andI don’t care, but can we get back on topic?
It’s a great thread for people who own the car and want to answer some questions.

SamO | 16 décembre 2017

Elon responded in a measured way to people like Carl . . .

Then he clarified.

weluvm3 | 16 décembre 2017

Quoting Elon Musk kind of proves Tesla is almost a Cult for some people. Outsiders who do not willingly drink the Koolaid will be relentlessly mocked and hated by the True Believers.

Can you guys ever appreciate that most people are just looking to buy a good car, and have no interest in joining a cult? Sorry if that makes us bad and evil in your eyes...

Robocheme | 16 décembre 2017

I'll try and get this back on topic. I picked up my 3 yesterday and I have the following questions.

1. How do you get the Nav map to follow where you are? Mine was stuck at where I started.

2. How do you save your favorite radio stations?

3. How do you connect the car to my house's wifi? Do I need to?



Bluesday Afternoon | 16 décembre 2017


Quick question, how long between signing your Delivery Docs and contact by Tesla to deliver?

SamO | 16 décembre 2017

Of course, quoting someone means joining a cult. Look at all the Shakespearean cultists running around.

Elon doesn't have time for a bunch of mentally challenged over-grown children.

"Tesla Forums. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."

OMG . . . quoting Old Ben Kenobi . . . I must be in the Star Wars "cult" . . .

Bluesday Afternoon | 16 décembre 2017


#1 - look for an icon on the NAV map to change directional view (maybe similar to my Model S.
#2 - According page 89 on the September Model 3 OM you press Favorites to save.
#3 - heard this was an issue

weluvm3 | 16 décembre 2017

Yeah, I’d say that someone who quotes Lenin, Hubbard, Mao, or even Shakespeare as if it’s gospel is exhibiting cultish behavior. Or Star Wars. Whatever.

Look, I’m glad this makes you happy. I’m glad Scientology makes Tom Cruise happy. Most people who watch his movies don’t care about his personal beliefs and, as long as he doesn’t try to impose them on his viewing public, that’s fine.

But, from what I’ve heard, it sucks to be married to the guy...people don’t like having other people’s belief systems crammed down their throats. Even if those True Belivers might self righteously believe that are “saving” you, people just don’t want to be “saved.” If you have enough self awareness left, I just hope you will eventually realize you are doing your Tesla’s more harm than good by alienating people who just want to buy a good car.

Bluesday Afternoon | 16 décembre 2017

Can you guys argue somewhere else!

mntlvr23 | 16 décembre 2017

@w....3 - lol
"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it"

I must be in the Edmund Burke cult

Bluesday Afternoon | 16 décembre 2017


#3 - touch the LTE or 3G icon in the touchscreen status bar (page 101 in OM) same as a Model S.

SamO | 16 décembre 2017

ha ha ha

Bluesday Afternoon | 16 décembre 2017

Starting to feel like I’m caught in a Man in the High Castle episode.

mntlvr23 | 16 décembre 2017

/cue music - edelweiss

Bluesday Afternoon | 16 décembre 2017

Haunting, absolutely haunting melody. Can’t wait for it’s return...and, for this bickering to end!

carlk | 16 décembre 2017

@Nic727 You can always ask but people who know, I mean unlike the op people who have owned Tesla cars and have real knowledge of the company (cult members or whatever), would not come to this thread to answer your questions just like they will not go to Fox & Friends to express their political opinions. Just be prepared of getting what you wished for.

Robocheme | 16 décembre 2017

Configured on 11/27
VIN showed up around 12/5
Showed up on Electrek video on 12/6
Phone call saying that I could pick up immediately - 12/11
Picked up in Fremont o 12/15

I'm convinced that the car was already built when I configured.

If you want to see pics, I posted then on the Tesla Model 3 FaceBook page.

Robocheme | 16 décembre 2017

Thanks for your replies. It looks like I've failed to get this back on track. I'd start a new thread, but I'm too scared of being attacked. Too sensitive, I guess

Bluesday Afternoon | 16 décembre 2017


Thanks for getting back. I’m willing to start a new thread but can’t guarantee the outcome. Please join in and again thanks.

SamO | 16 décembre 2017

Start a new thread @robocheme . . . the more the merrier.

mntlvr23 | 16 décembre 2017

@SR - if you started a new thread, there would be no kick back, as you have no long trolling history, you are not disingenuous and you are not a pot stirrer.

It would be a good fit since you are an owner and will shortly be getting a 3

KP in NPT | 16 décembre 2017

I vote for new thread. This one is trashed.

SamO | 16 décembre 2017

+1 @mntlvr23

A well-written explanation of the welcome that honest good-intentioned people should expect.

SamO | 16 décembre 2017

This thread started as trash

carlk | 16 décembre 2017

I vote for a new thread too.

@robocheme you can do everyone a favor to make the "Fox News" (of "Fake News" if you're on the other end of the political spectrum) not the only platform.

burdogg | 16 décembre 2017

Good grief - can't we be civil, or kind, or...sorry, but this is just sad guys. There was nothing to battle on this thread and yet you all took it upon yourself to 1) flag it and 2) trash it for no reason.

Sure, battle statements you don't like etc... but this just shows downright silliness and even though you are owners, really starts to turn so people off from wanting to listen to you - even though you have great experiences and advice to give on other topics.

Did Simply Red help you answer your questions? The map one I would imagine is the same as with the S/X - you should just have to tap the top right corner where it gives you the option to select how the map is oriented ie N, or always have your car going up. If for some reason you tap on the map or move the map, it stops following your car and stays where you had tapped until you hit the top right direction button again.

burdogg | 16 décembre 2017

@robocheme - I assume you are a current owner - not a family member of employee etc... Would you mind filling out the info on this thread?

SamO | 16 décembre 2017


Why do you think it is inappropriate to point out that the OP of this thread is a long-time troll?

Robocheme | 16 décembre 2017

Simply's replies all worked, except for the wifi question. Clicking the LTE icon did nada. I guess that he was right it is an issue. But do I need wifi since I get an adequate cellular signal at my house? Maybe that's why it didn't work. I.e., if there's adequate cellular, it figures out that you don't need wifi. Thoughts?

carlk | 16 décembre 2017

It's one thing that we have to argue with the troll, facts will always win anyway, but it's another thing for trolls to populate misinformation to fool those uninformed. That's the only problem I see here.