View model 3 prior to configuration - colors in person

View model 3 prior to configuration - colors in person

I have a Jan - Mar 2018 delivery target (ordered 3/31, live in bay area, not current tesla owner). I'd like to see the different colors in person prior to configuring. Not little swatches at the stores or online but actually a full car in person in the color... how can I do this?

dsvick | 20 décembre 2017

Your best bet would to be visit one of the delivery centers or, better yet, the factory itself, or one of the parking lots full of model 3s people keep talking about. You should be able to see at least one of each color there.

Beagle | 20 décembre 2017

Checked our local delivery center yesterday. No 3s. Later I asked local showroom, he said I should drive to Fremont.

Bpg4980 | 20 décembre 2017

Go to a service center if you have one nearby. I had to really sneak around and probably go to areas they wouldn't have wanted me to be in when I tried to see the 3's at the delivery center. I actually saw more of them at the service center, and they were in plain daylight instead in a garage type area (not well lit) at the delivery center.

Daryl | 20 décembre 2017

I went to the local Tesla service center and looked at the colors of the MS and MX there. Aren't the colors the same for the M3?

jsanford | 20 décembre 2017

That's what I thought--drooled over a red Model X about a year ago.

kidjay | 20 décembre 2017

I saw two of them today at my local service center.

jaysonrich25 | 20 décembre 2017

So the other day I somehow ended going by the Tesla Fremont factory and saw a ton of model 3s outside. Are we allowed to just walk in there and check out the cars?

Frank99 | 20 décembre 2017

Go to the Fremont Delivery Center. It's a mile or two from the factory, and when I was there last week there were over 100 Model 3's in every color and combination of color/wheels. The parking area is wide open, and no one has yet reported any conflict with security or the employees. Walk up and down the aisles, look at every color from every angle and distance - I think the red looks great up close, but not so great from 150 feet away.

There's no better opportunity, and it's an opportunity that I expect to disappear after Christmas, as I expect Tesla to deliver all of them between Christmas and New Years.

pranfire | 20 décembre 2017

bpg4980 i did that at the dublin amador showroom lots. i found so many model s and x, but no model 3 :(. i did that three weeks ago though, so chances are that there will be more now.