Why so many people want Tesla to fail?

Why so many people want Tesla to fail?

Of course lot of them have significant financial consequences in there, shorts, oil companies, traditional car companies, dealers, etc. That I can at least understand but what I can't understand is why there are so many people who want Tesla to fail just for ideological reasons? Don't those people understand Tesla is not just here to take us to the sustainable future but it is also in the position to bring back to us our manufacturing supremacy? That is direly needed for us to keep the standard of living for people in this country.

Take a look at how GM is going to face the EV challenge.

"The answer is a big bet on combining proprietary battery technology, a low-cost, flexible vehicle design and high-volume production mainly in China"

The rest are just bs only the last word is the real plan.

With what companies like Apple and GM are doing we're going to lose it forever without companies like Tesla to save us. I know we still have Google and Facebook but not everyone, especially ones in red states or rust belt states, can work there. Just what are they thinking?

joenanp | 9 Janvier 2018

Who says many people want Tesla to fail?

cephellow | 9 Janvier 2018

I agree with carlk. Tons of FUD.

Earl and Nagin ... | 9 Janvier 2018

I agree with the OP.
I also know and have run into many people who hate Tesla who don't fit the list.
- Prius, Leaf, RAV4EV owners who can't (or don't believe they should have to) afford a Tesla
- Shade tree mechanics who like to tinker on their ICE cars
- Hopelessly modest people who don't want glitzy things
- Sack Cloth and Ashes believers who think we should go back to the stone age
- Bus riders who think public transportation is the only worthwhile future | 9 Janvier 2018

@Carl +1!

I see at least one new article a day that is fake news about Tesla and how it can't possibly make cars, or can't possibly survive another month, or how it will soon be bankrupt, or how they can't compete, or how some vaporware "Tesla killer" will put them out of business tomorrow. The amount of crap Tesla gets is amazing. Then you have pundits, like Bob Lutz, who's primary success was bankrupting GM, get air time about how Tesla is doomed and can't make cars (the same old lines he's been saying for the last 5 years). Sad.

NKYTA | 9 Janvier 2018


“I can’t believe the Tesla naysayers. I (POTUS) single handedly made this company work.

There, fixed that for you. ;-p

PBoyd | 10 Janvier 2018

I agree that some people want the Tesla cease to exist. Does people understand that the success of enterprises like Tesla is the success of the future of mankind as a whole?
I recently took a car for rent ( ) and was very happy with it. It does not compromise on the convenience of gasoline cars, but it does not pollute the environment.

reed_lewis | 10 Janvier 2018

I honestly believe that the number of people who wish Tesla to fail is a very small but vocal group. They are the ones who always find any negative about EVs or Tesla and repeat it over and over again. The issue with the current political climate is that some people have learned that if you repeat a statement over and over again, that people will believe it to be true even if it is not based on fact.

@Earl and Nagin - You are correct, But I would add people with an interest in the oil industry also. Remember if no one is burning gasoline for their cars, their business suffers.

MitchP85D | 10 Janvier 2018

The only opposition I've encountered after nearly 4 years of Tesla ownership is the tax credit. A few conservative friends of mine consider that a government handout. But other than that, I have yet to encounter anybody who has advocated the demise of Tesla!

Stuart Varney of the Fox Business Channel reports on Tesla stock just about every day. Many of his guests tout Tesla. I don't think there are that many people who wish for Tesla's failure!

SO | 10 Janvier 2018

I don’t like the tax credit either. I prefer that no industry gets it.

But at least my conservative friends realize that farmers get credits, mortgage credit, etc. The only difference is that those other credits are hidden more from the public.

carlk | 10 Janvier 2018

Let's face it. Many conservatives just hate Tesla and Tesla's success because that proves many things they say are wrong. Those from Obama's (in fact Bush's) federal loan to green tech that actually worked.

Chunky Jr. | 10 Janvier 2018

I think it boils down to some people have a stereotype of what kind of person drives a Tesla (a tree hugging hippy), and they hate those people. So therefore they hate Tesla. The tax credits are just another excuse, but I don't buy that one because other companies get them and people don't complain about them like they do Tesla.

There is also some personal animosity towards Elon as well. | 10 Janvier 2018

We may also have the muscle car crowd that hates that a unmodified Tesla driven by grandma can easily outperform just about every souped up gas burner on the drag strip.

Mike83 | 10 Janvier 2018

The Russians want to sell oil and hate Tesla and it seems they have influence with the Feds and GOP. Don't know how this will pan out.

carlk | 10 Janvier 2018

"There is also some personal animosity towards Elon as well."

It was said the only taste of success some people get is to take a bite out of a successful person. To attack Elon is the best way for those people to feel success in their otherwise mundane life.

Tropopause | 10 Janvier 2018

Carlk- another way of looking at it is for every time an anti-Tesla news show/article runs, It puts Tesla in the spotlight and helps to market the brand name. Elon has become a household name and a huge Twitter King!

carlk | 10 Janvier 2018

Yes being loved and hated at the same time is still whole lot better than being ignored.

Should_I | 10 Janvier 2018

carlk, it is your hatred of conservatives that leads you to claim they hate Tesla.
I am a conservative, and the vast majority of folks I know are conservative. I have had people express skepticism of Tesla and the viability of EV but no hatred.
I own a pickup, a P85, and a heavily modified domestic V8 car, my fellow gearhead friends find the car fascinating, one I offered to let drive it declined because he is afraid he will want one NOW which is not in his financial plans.
Those who have expressed skepticism appreciate me taking the time to explain the pluses and compromises of owning and EV and HONESTY goes a LONG LONG ways there. The Tesla owner who says ICE are pure evil and should be outlawed yesterday are wildly off putting to rational reasonable folks. If there is any Tesla hate that is where it is directed.
I had to make an emergency trip from the Green Bay WI area to NJ a week ago and had to drive, taking the Tesla was not even a consideration even though the extra cargo space vs. my wife's Impala would have been great.
More frequent 30minute charging stops, being conservative with cabin temperature, having to get off the interstate to charge would have all made a stressful situation more so. Now come summer vacation I would LOVE the chance to make the same drive with the family. 4 months ago when I bought the car supercharging along Rt. 80 looked poor but now there are enough sites to get me across PA stress free in summer. In winter with increased energy consumption I would still be hesitant.

EVs have a lot of great attributes, and some compromises and challenges that Tesla is doing a great job at mitigating but they still exist. In the 4 months I have owned my car I have seen supercharger expansion that makes reaching my family MUCH MUCH easier. We are a few years out from EVs being equal to ICE in roadtrip convenience and I think a lot of that is out of Tesla's hands, hotels need more charging and it is happening but we aren't there yet.

Far as Elon, it is his enthusiasm that keeps the stock price up thru things like the M3 production failures, and people who see that remain skeptical of whether Tesla is actually a good car or based entirely on his salesmanship and enthusiasm. Without firsthand experience with the car that skepticism is reasonable

I really don't think any other company could thrive thru the MX and M3 production issues the way Tesla has and I give Elon personally credit for that. If GM or the like had a failure like the M3 production has been so far you would be predicting their demise.

carlk | 10 Janvier 2018

Let me tell you my best friend is a church going conservative and a Model X owner too. That does not change anything about what I said about conservatives' attitude toward Tesla. He does listen to me and tends to agree with me about Tesla and Elon but many conservatives don't have a friend like me. Kind of match what you said without first hand experience with the car their skepticism is reasonable. When all they are hearing are those views from like minded people it's no wonder they are skeptic about Tesla and Elon.

bryan.whitton | 10 Janvier 2018

I have never talked to anyone personally that wants Tesla to fail. I have talked to a couple that question the car's price and capabilities. My wife hates the stock, she is a Boglehead. But they all like the idea of Tesla being able to produce cars in the USA.

Of course I live in Silicon Valley. BTW, I have been a fiscal conservative pretty much all my life. 2004 was the last time I voted GOP as they have become just plain weird. With the Tea Party and the wars and un-financed tax cuts I just cannot in good conscience vote for them.

I am now looking for decent 3rd party candidates.

carlk | 11 Janvier 2018

I just came cross this. For people who don't think there are that many Tesla haters out there just read the title, the article and the comment section.

carlk | 11 Janvier 2018

Yes I saw that forum too. There are always whiners anywhere which is not that unusual but look at the comment section of that article. Why those people who have no skin in the game hate Tesla so much?

SO | 11 Janvier 2018

I just wish that if Tesla is going to change the material, they let the buyer know ahead of time.

It seems some of this could be self inflicted by Tesla. The good news is Tesla could easily resolve these issues with better communication.

carlk | 11 Janvier 2018

Don't hold your hope high. Elon said Tesla makes 50 or 500, i don't remember which, imporvements every week. How you think Tesla is going to inform people everyone of them?

DidierAubin87 | 12 Janvier 2018

I don't think many people want Tesla to fail.

PaulNorman | 12 Janvier 2018

Few people want Tesla's collapse. But all oil conglomerates want this

SO | 12 Janvier 2018

@carlk - not every one. Just ones that would change the appearance.

israel_melendez | 22 Janvier 2018

Some people don't like their cheese to be moved. It causes them pain and therefore they resist.

samueljedoofficial | 14 octobre 2019

Probably they are just sick and tired of their own life