solar sistem to Tesla app

solar sistem to Tesla app

Tesla just update the Tesla app and now you can see your Solar system in the app... but every time I try to log in ,,., the app says "there are no products linked to your Tesla account" ,.,. so my question is ,.,., how do I link my solar to the Tesla app ???

rdonner | 25 Janvier 2018

Same question here! The link to our Model S is unchanged and I can access the solar/powerwall demo but not our solar roof.

gorideen | 1 mai 2018

Same question. Help.....anyone?

Teslafarmer | 3 mai 2018

Call support. It needs fixing.

roger | 7 mai 2018

Just out of curiosity, what is the support number?

johnsonkw | 20 juin 2018

Has a Tesla rep answered this question? I would also like to know how to integrate my Solar City solar panels with my Tesla app. Thank you in advance.

zacreid | 11 septembre 2018

Me too. Pre-existing SolarCity setup prior to Model 3. The app gives me a page to request a quote when I swipe for solar - but has no "sign in with existing" option or other method of linking.
My accounts have same address and same primary email. I asked support how to link yesterday via "ask a question". Nothing yet, but they are likely really busy these days. Hope it gets worked out.

groovygravy10 | 21 septembre 2018

I also get No products linked to your Tesla account. I even emailed customer service and help desk. Waiting to hear back.

shadow.tbc | 27 septembre 2018

solar city to Tesla user, why can i no longer use the app and see power generated???
if you are taking over a company at least provide the same support!

ritapatitav | 16 août 2019

I do not text e-mail only

mmleecarr | 17 août 2019

I, too, cannot find my account from Solar City to the shitty Tesla-take-over. I don't know what they are charging me for the energy consumption, I don't know how to remove the panels because a tree fell on my house and crushed some. Tesla has been THE WORST in customer service. NO ONE at Tesla wants to help, they just kick the can to someone else and give you the run-around.

nturner1938 | 17 août 2019

Come on Elan, get it fixed

shawnbarnish | 17 août 2019

I have never been able to find my home Solar panel account on the Tesla site since they took over and as of this month the old portal is shut down.
I can't even pay my bill online at the moment.

And the website is HORRIBLE to navigate.
It was like an newbie created the page.

Anyone else been able to link their accounts?
I can log in and it shows me cars it wants to sell me and solar energy products but nothing about my existiung account.

The link from the old SolarCity page goes to a Tesla page that says this in the Q & A:

"I am a solar lease/PPA solar owner. How do I access my Billing Portal from my Tesla Account?
Log into your Tesla Account and select your solar product, then select ‘Billing Portal’. If you’re having trouble logging into your account, follow the password reset instructions. If you’re having trouble accessing your Billing Portal contact"

That don't work.
And one of the links on that page is bad because the webpage encoder is a newbie. LOL

cekmma | 17 août 2019

The SolarCity account has been shut down since August 15,2019. I can only check my solar usage in the Tesla App. I downloaded the Tesla App in my iphone, but it only shows my Tesla car information, NO SOLAR PANEL INFO AT ALL. Anyone knows how to access the solar panel account in the Tesla App?

creitano1 | 18 août 2019

It sucks!!! My attorney is reviewing the contracts

smaches | 18 août 2019

I've only been a customer since July last year and we purchased our system outright (easier to amortize). I have powerwalls too, so I get my data from the app and used the powerguide as a backup. Someone on the AmpIt forum noted that the SolarGurad feed is still live at this time here:
I used the same credentials that were good for the solarcity site and can view my production just fine. No other features, but it's better than a poke in the eye...

roger.westfall | 20 août 2019

There are no products linked to your Tesla account??? I want to see my solar production. What a joke!!

AlsoRan | 21 août 2019

Cekmma - tap the settings icon, then tap Switch to Home Energy Gateway

AlsoRan | 21 août 2019

Cekmma - tap the settings icon, then tap Switch to Home Energy Gateway