extended warranty

extended warranty

Hello all,
Our 2014 MS 85 is just about out of warranty. I am trying to decide if I should buy extended warranty or just pay as things pop up. Any advice/opinions/recommendations will be very much appreciated.

jordanrichard | 7 mars 2018

Keep in mind that with any warranty, what you pay for the warranty is essentially paying for repairs in advance. Nothing is truely covered (paid for) by the company, in this case Tesla, until the repair costs exceed the cost of the warranty. Also specifically to Tesla’s warranty, there is a $200 deductible per warranty repair visit. So for example, if you were to have $4,000 worth of repairs done over the course of 5 visits, you would think that you have broke even, when in fact you are still down $1,000.

Warkovision | 7 mars 2018

It's an "insurance" game of chance imho. Depending on a particular car's issues over time, one's particular financial situation and "it's worth it" belief system, opinions will vary. I myself took delivery of a new Model S in August 2013 and opted for the prepaid service agreement as well as the 4 year/50,000 mile extended warranty because of it being new technology without much of a repairs over time track record. And back then I'm not sure if one could put off the purchase of it until just before the original warranty expired. It's not inexpensive but I'm happy I went through with it back then given having a number of things replaced/repaired. Had the drive train replaced twice but I think that was covered by the 8 year/unlimited warranty. In your situation if your plan is to hang onto the car until it drops I'd get the extended warranty even with the $200 service visit cost. But that's just me.

PatientFool | 7 mars 2018

I see it as an affordability exercise. If you're the type of person who can afford unexpected repairs down the road - even expensive ones, then chances are you'll be better off not getting the warranty. On the other hand, if you happen to have money *today* and you'd rather get that insurance now since you don't know what the future will hold and it'd be a real burden to get his with an unexpected expensive repair, then perhaps the warranty is better.

Personally, I'd rather sock the $4k into an account that earns interest and either it becomes the unexpected repair fund for the car or eventually i use it on something else if/when i change cars.

stevenmaifert | 7 mars 2018

What you are referring to is Tesla's Extended Service Agreement. It is a service contract not a warranty. One of your contractual obligations is to have the car serviced at the Tesla recommended intervals. That is an additional expense to consider besides the up front cost of the ESA and the $200 deductible per covered repair.

Rocky_H | 7 mars 2018

@stevenmaifert, +2(extra unnecessary services)
Exactly that. Since the actual scheduled maintenance things are only on even numbered years and the odd numbered years are just "check ups", I'm not doing the useless odd numbered ones. But if you get that extended (not a) warranty, you have to do them every single year to keep it valid. That's about an extra $800.

TSLAev | 7 mars 2018

Does anyone find themselves driving their Tesla less than they would otherwise, to keep the mileage down and the warranty in force for close to the full 4 years?

I do, and that's one of the reasons I'll probably NOT get the extended (not a) warranty. I'm looking forward to putting as many miles as I care to under the 8-year unlimited milage battery and power unit warranty knowing I'm unlikely to incur over $4,000 + $200 deductible per warranty repair visit in COVERED repairs.

karamjeetpandher | 8 mars 2018

Thanks you all for your comments and opinions. They were very helpful.

SO | 8 mars 2018

@TSLAev - I drive mine as much as possible. I could die tonight.

rxlawdude | 8 mars 2018

@SO +1

TranzNDance | 8 mars 2018

I'm driving as much as I can but at the rate that I am going, I would hit 50k miles after the 8 year warranty ends.

SoCal Buzz | 8 mars 2018

I recently opted not to purchase for my Dec 2013. It would take several significant failures (e.g., MCU, multiple door handles, drive shafts, etc.) to break even with cost of the extended service plan. Tesla has been great about proactively fixing various things, and I've also noticed there are now creative options to repair at lower cost rather than fully replacing a part. For example, Rangers can fix some door handle issues without $700 replacement. Also, the MCU screen can sometimes be replaced (for dreaded goo issue), rather than the entire unit. When I did have first post-warranty issue (12V), the Ranger was *more* than reasonable and updated airbag at same time.

rxlawdude | 8 mars 2018

I'm at almost 75K miles and 25k miles running "bare" without a warranty. So far, I'm about $5,000 ahead.

Now I probably jinxed myself.

PatientFool | 8 mars 2018

@TSLAev wow that'd be torture limiting my driving. I did some quick math and i'm on pace to put 16-17k/year on it which means my warranty isn't going to make the 3 year mark. but i couldn't care less :)

ST70 | 8 mars 2018

@SO- Exactly!

dgold41649 | 2 décembre 2019

My Tesla 70D has 20,000 miles at 4 years. Is the ESA worth it. My research says no. All comments appreciated. Don' expect to get to 50,000 inthe next 4 years.

kawdennis | 4 décembre 2019

I bought both extended service & extended warranty I have 92,000 on my 2013 P85D, I don’t think I’ve used up what I paid for it yet but for the peace of mind it’s worth it for me

starojam | 4 décembre 2019

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jordanrichard | 4 décembre 2019

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