Car Description: New - Previous service/demo vehicle

Car Description: New - Previous service/demo vehicle

Does anyone know what it means by : New - Previous service/demo vehicle. The car has supposedly only 50 miles??? The salesperson said the car is new and has never been out of the factory. So why is it labeled with "Previous service/demo vehicle"

I am suppose to be taking delivery in dew days. Please advice.

cquail | 8 mars 2018

I am guessing it was in a showroom somewhere for folks to see and sit in.

weluvm3 | 8 mars 2018

https://www.theverge. com/2018/2/21/17036426/tesla-lemon-cars-whistleblower-lawsuit

Carl Thompson | 8 mars 2018

This is for a Model 3? Are you getting a discount? If so, how much?

WormtownKris | 8 mars 2018

I have no insider knowledge, but from that description, I would think it was perhaps used as a training demo car. Then rather than having 1000s of potential buyers sitting in it, it probably was put on display while groups of service techs were trained. "Here is where the XX harness is located. You access it by pressing down on this XX location." Stuff like that. Probably not driven (or dismantled), but used as a teaching car. Might be worthy of a slight discount, but you'd be the first one to actually take ownership of it and use it as an actual car.

mirj10 | 8 mars 2018

Yes when I received a copy of my purchase agreement and saw it, I thought maybe the car was in a showroom. So I emailed the salesperson and asked. She said that the car is new and never been to any showroom?? Very odd

This making very unease

mirj10 | 8 mars 2018

Would anyone who is an owner of a model 3 check their purchase agreement and share what is written under the description of the car. That would be appreciate it

chadrchristensen79 | 8 mars 2018

Under description my purchase agreement only has the options and prices.

mbouchti57 | 8 mars 2018

That is probably under the order agreement. You need to check the purchase agreement.

Carl Thompson | 8 mars 2018


Are you the same person as the OP (@mbouchti57)?

mbouchti57 | 8 mars 2018

Yes I am. I used my wife's computer earlier and she was login in her account and didn't pay attention

chadrchristensen79 | 8 mars 2018

There is no other description on my paperwork other than that.

JAD | 8 mars 2018

Tesla always seems to deliver their cars with '50' miles on the paperwork, so that part is normal.

Carl Thompson | 8 mars 2018

If they are not offering you at least a small discount for it being a "service / demo" vehicle then I wouldn't accept it.

Frank99 | 8 mars 2018

>>> So why is it labeled with "Previous service/demo vehicle"
Sounds like a great question to ask your delivery specialist. If it has less than 50 miles, it's undoubtedly NOT been driven as a demo or loaned out as a service vehicle, so it seems that, worst case, it got displayed in a showroom, and perhaps people sat in it. Check it for scratches, and go have fun.

ksalberta | 8 mars 2018

Unless you can get a clear answer as to what exactly the car was doing, I would be hesitant to take delivery.

This could be one of the cars that was placed on display, I suppose.

Is the VIN high or low?

mbouchti57 | 8 mars 2018

in the 6xxx

ksalberta | 8 mars 2018

That's not too bad. Call your DS and tell them you want to know what happened with that vehicle. Once you take delivery, you are stuck with it, so press now. Tell your DS that you need the explanation in writing.

ksalberta | 8 mars 2018

OP, just to expand on my thinking: If it was one of the those display cars they were letting people sit in for two minutes at a time, 8 X 30 X 5 (5 days of 8 hours each, 30 joyful Teslarians an hour) = 1,200 people, then I woudl not accept it as new and pay full price for it. A car that has been sat in and played with by a thousand people is not, according to my thinking, new. There is a significant degree of internal wear.

On the other hand, if it was sitting locked somewhere in a showroom then I would probably accept it after inspection. In the end it is your decision, but I wouldn't let this go without a written explanation and an exceedingly close inspection before I signed for it.

Coastal Cruiser. | 8 mars 2018

I'm not sure if the above link is applicable or not, but there was a thread a while ago regarding cases where Tesla had to _repair_ a new car for some reason at the factory. Once that happens the car cannot be sold as new. Opinions (on this forum) differed as to whether the car was suitable for sale or not.

If I was looking to purchase a car sold with that description I would want to have as many facts (from Tesla) as possible. And, as Carl said, why buy such a car unless it is discounted?

jordanrichard | 8 mars 2018

Perhaps that is Tesla's way of distinguishing New from Used. Legally a car that has not been registered as a private passenger vehicle, is considered "New". So that covers cars that just rolled off the assembly line, those used a Demos and those that were showroom cars. So perhaps in Tesla's computer system, when something is listed as New, it also then lists what falls under the definition of "New".

I highly doubt that Tesla is selling you a car from the showroom floor because they want those on the floor to appease those clamoring to see one in person. I also have not heard of any Tesla store doing test drives. So it certainly isn't a demo car. If it shows "50 miles", it is definitely not a demo car.

Carl Thompson | 8 mars 2018

It could be a car previously destined for the showroom floor that they decided not to use for some reason. Perhaps it's not a color as likely to make shoppers spring for extra paint or maybe it has the Alcantara headliner so they no longer want to put it in a showroom.

Frank99 | 8 mars 2018

I also don't believe that Tesla is going to sell cars that they had to repair at the factory before shipment as anything other than "New". Rework happens all the time (well, not so much on established, mature lines in companies with mature production engineering, like, say, Toyota), and it would be tough to differentiate between rework to tighten a missed bolt, and rework to repair front quarter damage because a forklift ran into it at the factory or two cars tangled when driving them out to the shipping lot. In both cases, any manufacturer would repair and sell as "New".

ksalberta | 8 mars 2018

Frank99 - yes, rework happens all the time, but this car has a later VIN so unlikely to be a rework. Also, the description says service-demo, so in some way I would assume this has been used as a demo car. It might be fine. It might have been one of those taken to a show, locked, and people just admired it.

I don't think it is a car that was reworked, because in that case it would just have a "New" description. If they replace a panel at Fremont before it ever leaves, then it is a New car without qualification. I'm sure there is a simple explanation, but if only for his own peace of mind, the OP should get that explanation. If he doesn't, it will always be niggling at him.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 mars 2018

A Production vehicle used in training for Sales and Service staff without ever being used, viewed, or encountered by the public at large could also be considered a 'demo'.

ksalberta | 10 mars 2018

Red - sure, you're right. And if the OP gets that assurance from Tesla, the OP will have that happy "new car" feeling. It's not knowing that is worrying the OP.

Tesla2018 | 10 mars 2018

The Honda Classic golf tournament is down the street from me and they get new cars to take players and officials from their hotels to the game. Sinc Honda owns the cars and they were never titled, the local dealers sell them as new cars at a discount with a disclaimer that they were used for promotional purposes since the cars might have about 200 miles on them. My dad bought a former GM executives car from a dealership that was listed as a company car with about 5000 miles that was about a year old and got about 25% off.

thager0 | 15 juillet 2018

Any resolution here? My model 3 paperwork is nothing the same thing? Supposed to take delivery tomorrow.

jz | 16 juillet 2018

@thager0 call your ISA. Mine is in less than 48hrs and i called him to ask whats up with the paperwork. He was surprised I didnt get it yet and he immediately called all the necessary people to expedite it. My guess is the accountants are backlogged.

kwind921 | 21 juillet 2018

This also just happened to me but have not been able to get explenatiin from my DS and suppose to get car from Delivery Center in the next week where it has been sitting around. Does anyone think if I just stop by the DC they would be able to tell me the history or even look at it? If I reject it I was told it would be another 4-6 weeks but not sure if that means for VIN or actually getting the car.

Tesla3Fan | 31 juillet 2018

Did anyone find any resolution to this? I am also in the same boat.

kalashnikov.dmitry | 21 mars 2019

Me too. Same "New - Previous service/demo vehicle" description. What is even more worrying is that the car's year is 2018. Based on that my Bank gives me worse rate, as they consider it not new.
I contacted Tesla about the year issue, and they say that "it's normal, the car was produced on December 15th 2018". Currently they don't have any Mid Range produced in 2019, so they can't do anything for me.
What should I do?

Magic 8 Ball | 21 mars 2019


ilovemyvespagtv | 21 mars 2019

I ordered a white with white Mid Range and after 15 days of dead silence, I called my delivery center to be told there were no available cars matching my configuration. I accepted a black LR AWD DM because it was the only Model 3 available with the white interior. It cost over $7000 extra but I took it so as not to wait months and miss the tax credit. A few days later I was horrified to see the MVPA showing it as a service loaner/demo with over 1600 miles. I asked for a discount and was thrilled to get 10% off the price. I was set for delivery tomorrow morning and excitedly responded YES as soon as the confirmation text arrived. Sadly, seconds later, I got a message stating my Mody3 didn’t pass their final inspection so they’re canceling my delivery and will text me sometime tomorrow when they know more. No hint as to what’s wrong and how long this latest delay will be. I’m in the dark once again. I’m paying insurance and sold my Apple stock to pay for it (which is now going way up). I was afraid a former loaner was going to have issues but was assured it was flawless. I was over the moon happy when I ordered but this past month has been hell.

ilovemyvespagtv | 21 mars 2019

auto correct fail: Model 3 turned into Mody3 :-(

Magic 8 Ball | 21 mars 2019

Ciao vespa guy. Chin up most likely minor. We went to pick ours up they noticed the back up camera was not working so they would not let us have it. We picked up a week later (that was in August) and the car is perfect.

JStone28109 | 4 juillet 2019

I dealt with this issue and it turned out that my original vehicle had hail damage (yikes). I made this video to explain what all happened and what Tesla did to rectify the issue:

CST | 4 juillet 2019

Stop spamming! Flagged!

FISHEV | 4 juillet 2019

Spam? Jarret gives is full name and did a video and likes his Tesla...good grief.

Perhaps if CST does a video and includes his actual name it would make for a more credible reply than lament actual user, actual name with actual video evidence.

Doesn't get any LESS spam than that.

I wonder if this shows up on a CarFax check over the car?

Magic 8 Ball | 4 juillet 2019

Reviving three different necro threads and posting the same thing is spamming. People want youtube hits and will do anything to get them.

jjgunn | 4 juillet 2019

Exactly....bro is trying to get paid by posting the same post in 4 like threads.

FISHEV | 4 juillet 2019

Good grief. Jarrett is an attorney explaining the MVPA and car purchasing. Great info, well done informative video. Why would anyone object to it? He's not a guy trying to make a living on Tesla/YouTube.

Guys a total Tesla fan.