X vs S

X vs S

So I turned in my 2015 P85D for a 2018 100D and now I have issues I never had with the S. I never had to service the S except for 12,000 mile check up. I now have had my X for 6 days and here are my issues: System Powering Up warning - where it takes the car a couple of minutes to turn on and then I have to do a hard reboot of the MCU, auto high beams don't work, auto wipers don't work, holding the steering wheel doesn't stop the warning from flashing on auto pilot, rattling sun visor, wifi seems weaker than in the S. I would appreciate hearing from other X owners as to whether or not they had similar problems and how were they resolved. I had a ranger to the house today and they said the will pull the data and let me know if they find anything. Thanks for your help. | 8 mars 2018

Can't answer on most of these, but the slow power up - any chance energy savings option is on? Even if on, I'd expect a boot up in less than a minute, not 2 (nor need of a reboot). Let us know what the ranger finds out.

sas6 | 8 mars 2018

Thanks - energy saving option definitely not on.

packpike | 8 mars 2018

The power up issue has hit a few of us over the last few weeks with the latest software updates. Seems to be only software related, not MX related.

markcohen | 8 mars 2018

I have not experienced any of the issues you described... knock on wood.

kerrjohna | 8 mars 2018

Covered frequently on this forum. Auto pilot requires slight torque on steering not holding, not gripping but resting ones hand on the with a little resistance to steering action. It is covered in some detail in th owners manual

MXFan | 8 mars 2018

I haven’t had any of those issues.

sas6 | 8 mars 2018

Also - I can't seem to get autopark to pop up on screen. It is turned on and I used it all the time on my S

Uncle Paul | 8 mars 2018

New systems now. Need to operate some items differently.

Auto wipers. Select on screen, then turn stalk knob forward one click for normal, or 2 clicks for more sensitive.
Auto high beams. Select on screen, then push lighting stalk forward to high beam location. Auto high beams should now work.

Steering wheel needs to feel some torque to keep the autopilot on. Changed because some owner posted video's of him sitting in the back seat reading a book instead of being behind the wheel.

System powering up is a recent glitch. Should be corrected shortly.

Might need to stop at showroom or service center to get a refresh on newer controls or spend some time with the on screen manual.

David Trushin | 8 mars 2018

I had the rattling visors. They replaced them with ones that don't rattle. But I had a rattle in my S that they never were able to fix. Cars often rattle; seldom fixed. Also, I was told that the autoXXX features on the model X are somewhat behind the ones on the S. They are trying to catch up. My dash display only shows car icons in the same lane my car is in, for example. What do you mean by wifi seems weaker. The car doesn't "have" wifi. It can only connect to wifi.

burdogg | 9 mars 2018

sas6 - don't forget you are comparing two different autopilot systems - which seems to be most of your problems :)
I have a 2015 70D S with AP 1.0. I have a 2016 90D X - with EAP (or AP 2.0). They ARE different. My S, I can just lightly relax my hand at the bottom of the wheel and never get the nag. The X - I have to give slight torque force every so often - this has nothing to do with S or X - this is the system now - you will find this on the S forums as well. Auto hi beams and auto wipers - different system - see if Uncle Paul's suggestions fix it. autopark - may just need more calibration time for it to come up and work?

burdogg | 9 mars 2018

guys - this is not an S or X thing - Autopilot is autopilot - the S and X have the same version- you are trying to compare Ap 1.0 that had Mobileye with Tesla's new system EAP (no mobileye).

EAP does not show semis or motorcycles - that is EAP software, not an X vs an S :)

Michaelaglenn | 11 mars 2018

where do I find the owners manual and how do I download it. | 11 mars 2018

If you own the car, go to the "Tesla Account" link, and select your car. A list of all the documents and manuals are in PDFs you download. | 11 mars 2018

Also the same manual is available within the car, from Controls. It's easier to read/access on a PC though.

cdavidhord | 13 mars 2018

I have a similar opinion. We have an S75D and purchased an X100D this yeare. The S is the better car, almost the perfect car. Lots of software issues with the X: drivers seat moving abruptly while driving, navigation freezing, automatic braking disabling, poor wifi reception, second row seats not locking into position, amongst other items. My wife and kids prefer it driving around as the 6 seater is spacious, but the car doesn't possess the utility of the S. My S only misses the automatic doors, a feature I do enjoy. I think it would have been better to just get another S. If we have more than 5 people, just take two cars-way more room for 6, 7, or 8 people, let alone 10 max.

SolidWhite60DX | 13 mars 2018

You should listen to your wife.

Ohmster | 13 mars 2018

We have both. Love both, but in my experience the X is a much more solid vehicle. No issues like cdavidhord is unfortunately experiencing.

'17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 18.6.1. Grin on!

burdogg | 13 mars 2018

cdavidhord - i think you are having unique issues. I have an S and X - love them both like Ohmster. Don't know if I could really pick one over the other - each has their own unique things to love. But have none of the issues cdavidhord is talking about...

dmm1240 | 14 mars 2018


If people truly have such a plethora of issues, why don't they take the car in for service? Every problem cdavidhord catalogued is clearly covered by the warranty. I have had nothing but outstanding response from my local Tesla SC. The few small problems I've had -- they just fix it no questions asked. It's a real stretch for me to believe posts like that based on my experiences with the Tesla service team.