Paint Protection Film - cost?

Paint Protection Film - cost?

I know there are existing posts in the topic, but nothing active in 2018.

Simple ask to the group: what was the cost to wrap your M3 in paint protection firm - OR - any cost estimates you’ve received.

For example, I just got a quote of $8K to wrap the entire car using sun tech ultra. $8K! The guy could tell I was a bit shocked by the number. Is it just me, and that’s what full paint protection film costs??? Also included paint correction and CQuartz Finest as part of the full wrap.


lilbean | 8 mars 2018

That price is ridiculously high.

AJPHL | 8 mars 2018

It’s going to be 4 figures I’ve been quoted $4800 for a full wrap (not model 3) using 3M film in the past.

vucalpoly | 8 mars 2018

My quote from was $5000 to wrap the entire car with XPEL

lilbean | 8 mars 2018

Wow. So that place is more than TS. Definite ripoff then.

Dsmtesla | 8 mars 2018

that much money to wrap is ridiculous... i understand people do it, and I dont begrudge them that, but my lord thats high

KP in NPT | 8 mars 2018

That sounds like gouging. They are trying to take advantage of you.

badaman | 8 mars 2018

These detailing businesses are gouging price just because it's a TESLA. Such a scam!!!

plafford | 8 mars 2018

I had one quote for front end "clear bra" protection for about $2,000, and another $2,000 for full ceramic protection on the whole car, but I think that included paint correction, etc.. Then I asked a friend in the business about just some front-end protection, and he said he could do something for $600-$1000. So it might be worth looking around for somebody who knows somebody. Then again, quality may be an issue. (Phoenix area.)

rajalucy | 8 mars 2018

I did my car Cquartz ceramic protection and cost me less then $150

Dsmtesla | 8 mars 2018

I dont trust myself to do paint correction and the cquartz on my own... im not patient enough to do it right

rajalucy | 8 mars 2018

$2000 for ceramic protection is crazy high

Dsmtesla | 8 mars 2018

I asked a highly recommended guy near me and he said "Because you are only keeping ur car a year or so, just get my 2 year ceramic, and i can do that for $499"
I think thats the "its not worth doing it myself" price.
When i get the AWD, Blue, White interior variant, maybe ill do front end PPF + ceramic

rajalucy | 8 mars 2018

499 is good price and tell him to do windshield glass coating included

Dsmtesla | 8 mars 2018

ill see what he says :)

madkim23 | 8 mars 2018

@rajalucy - where did you get your product? I’m thinking about doing it myself, but information overload on what’s the best product.

mextrader | 29 avril 2018

I know a place that can warp an entire model 3
For under 4 gs

phil | 29 avril 2018

Tesla warps 'em for no extra charge!

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

lilbean | 29 avril 2018

You do actually have to warp them with a heat gun to fit around corners.

dhanaleen | 12 mai 2018

Anybody knows where in southern California to get my model3 front end wrap

badaman | 12 mai 2018

Check out Stickercity in Sherman Oaks and Carbyne Motorsport in Glendale.

martinbogo | 12 mai 2018

$2000 for ceramic protection --- with the required paint correction BEFORE the protection is applied --- is in the zone of 'reasonable'

However, if they aren't spending at least a whole day on the car, looking for paint imperfections, sanding and using compound to get a mirror finish, before applying the ceramic compound glaze? THAT is a ripoff.

badaman | 12 mai 2018

I did ceramic coating myself and cost me $50 using cquartz 30 ml. Very easy, just need to be patience and make sure the clean the surface well. It's a brand new car, no need to do paint correction.

lilbean | 12 mai 2018

I went to Sticker City. They did a fantastic job.

TSLAholic | 12 mai 2018


"It's a brand new car, no need to do paint correction."

Wrong. The paint gets damaged during transport (these cars ship bare - with no white plastic film) and then swirl marks are inadvertently added by the prep crew prior to delivery.

badaman | 12 mai 2018

I can live with few swirl marks unless you stare looking for them. Definitely not worth spending $2000 for ceramic coating.

badaman | 12 mai 2018

Btw, i had few swirl marks below the mirrors and after ceramic coating, they're gone...i can't even see them anymore.

Alex_SD | 12 mai 2018

How much can you recover of this when you sell your car in 3-4 years? My guess: ZERO.

lilbean | 12 mai 2018

I wouldn't say zero. A car that is in better condition has a better chance of getting sold at the price you want.

leewalker10 | 12 mai 2018

Badaman agreed.
$2k for ceramic is a waste of money.
It's very easy to DOY.
Even if you need some paint correction.
With todays available products, I would do that myself as well.
A decent DA polisher, and some Chemicla GUYS VSS on a new car, and you'll save yourself a pile of money.
While now being able to fix small issues down the road.
Spending it on PPF

RadOne | 12 mai 2018

@AlexDoro. Agree entirely. $8000 to wrap a $35k car (plus options)! It is a nice car, but still isn't a McLaren. That $8000 could be $12k in 5yrs in an ETF. Keep the money, trade it in 4-5yrs. That will get rid of the swirls.

john | 12 mai 2018

RPM Tesla does wraps in Orange County, CA. Their prices are:Download here from my DropBox account:
Very good prices compared to some I have seen.

Alex_SD | 12 mai 2018

A very good friend of mine works for CarMax and I asked the question. His answer: the price difference for a 4-5 years old car with paint in good condition vs excellent condition is less than $500 for a $50k car...

VanderZ | 12 mai 2018

I'm out in Florida, and I'm having ceramic tints on all windows including the front, Xpel on the full front, headlights, fog lights, fenders, mirrors, and rockers as well as the center dash for $2,000. You just have to make sure wherever you get it done that they wrap around the edges, and remove the emblems and such. As for the ceramic its just too expensive to get it done, that's a DIY project.

Dansosa | 14 mai 2018

Me I’m just going to continue use Meguiars products. A little elbow grease. Pride of ownership pride of accomplishment. I’ll leave the ceramic to those too lazy or not inclined. I’ve heard prices up to $10,000 to wrap a car! Damn you can get a decent repaint for less than that.

Coastal Cruiser. | 14 mai 2018

Wow. Your post has really opened my eyes Dansosa. I didn't realize till now that my disposition to applying a ceramic coating to my car was that I am latently lazy or disinclined. I think I'll follow your lead and use the Meguiars products too. Just making the decision fills me with pride!

Hey, want to go in halfsies on a share Meguiars Inc.?

Dansosa | 14 mai 2018

Hey I’ve got nothing against those that prefer to wrap their car in paint Protection Film. It just reminds me of my parents couch when I was a kid. Everyone used to “wrap” their couches in plastic covers. I own several cars a few show cars that have appeared in National magazines etc. I detail them myself and do a pretty fair job. My car don’t need no stinking plastic bra. She’ll go bra less.

Dansosa | 14 mai 2018

I have no beef against those wanting to wrap a plastic wrap on their car it just reminds me of my parents house when I was a kid. The couch had a plastic protection. Hated it.

pranfire | 14 mai 2018

anyone have their car detailed at ocdetailing in fremont? very popular for teslas but i had a few questions for owners

badaman | 14 mai 2018

Has anyone applied Ceramic Coating on glass roof, windows and windshield? I did apply cquartz ceramic coating on the car and it looked amazing. 100% recommended DIY.

anh | 14 mai 2018

@dhanaleen ...I did mine at Coat My Car in Newport..

rainismine | 14 mai 2018

Any good recommendations in the Walnut Creek / Concord area?

lanzer22 | 14 mai 2018

I'm super cheap and instead of wrapping the whole front side, I'm only wrapping the front bumper. The cost for that is $400. Next I'm gonna DIY on the ceramic coating. (wish me luck!)

Front hood + bumper + fenders is $1475

The place is called Mr Tint in the San Jose, CA area.

Lorenzryanc | 15 mai 2018


tym3p | 23 juin 2018

not creating another new thread, instead just posting one in related question:

I have my black M3 (San Jose, CA) and planning to do either the front bumper or partial front clear bra/PPF protection (assuming PPF and clear bra are one and same), wondering if anyone did the same and can let me know on how much did it cost (both options). And also specifically wanted to know if there would be any clear visible lines found on front end as I dont want to wrap the entire car.

Mathew98 | 23 juin 2018

You would need to wrap the entire hood to avoid a visible line left behind by just the quarter hood coverage of a clear bra.

Try Plasti Dip Glossifier or clear matte on the bumper (clear rubberized coating you can peel off). It's a $20 experiment you can try on an older car first...

4barkie | 23 juin 2018

I got a quote of $2,500 for the front bumper, hood, pillars, fenders and the back trunk. I wish I could have done the whole car but not feeling like I want to work that much overtime.

edroot | 23 juin 2018

Here in Wichita, I was quoted $1700 for full front end Xpel (bumper, front quarters, and mirrors). Then for full ceramic coating, $350 (6 month warranty) or $1090 (5 year warranty).

Kriscone | 3 septembre 2018

I am getting my red AWD long range in the Sept-Nov timeframe (so close now that it is Sept!) I am researching this topic. I have done this myself on a 2010 Lexus ES350 and a 2011 Audi A6. I still have the Audi and my DIY job is holding up pretty good. I used Lamin-x in the past and also found these guys that are a little more but have 3M Pro with a 10 year warranty. I priced it out - the full front including underside wrap of the hood, front bumper, rear bumper, rocker and back splash guards, door edge guards and lights is around $1000. You can mix and match and even get partial front hood wraps, but I will say my current Lexus GX 470 (which I paid someone to put on film I bought from Lamin-x, which cost about $500 for the installation 15 years ago) and Audi could have benefited from the full hood wrap, which is why I will do it for the Tesla. There are rock chips where I did not do it, and while it may not help much on resale, 1. I keep my cars a long time (15 years+ for the Lexus, 5 so far on the Audi) and intend to do here and 2. the OCD factor of having rock chips will be much minimized!

Regardless, I think getting film for the lights is a must. Most headlights nowadays would require the whole housing to be replaced and those are $500 or more...the film is 10% of that and you can't tell the difference.

To do it yourself does take time and the Audi had a few spots that took some diligence, but it was a used car with 13,000 miles on it. So hopefully a brand new car and a weekend of work will enable me to do the Tesla just fine. Per my cart detail, the film for a wrap of a lot of the car will be $1000, so the other cost is in the labor to put the film on....follow the directions, watch the installation videos, and save yourself $1000 or more by paying yourself.

4barkie | 3 septembre 2018

I had JG Installers in San Rafael put xpel on the entire front half of the car including the pillars and mirrors, he threw in the edge of the doors, also had him wrap the center console for $2400. Did an excellent job. I am planning on going back to have him wrap the wood on the dash.

hanswang1992 | 15 octobre 2018

Are you getting quoted from OCDetailing as well ?
Cuz I got quoted for 8K full car wrap too :(
(and it's way higher than what I anticipated...)

I got 2500 for the full car ceramic coating with CQuartz Finest Reserve

Thinking if I should try other detailing shops.