Hang Out Thread

Hang Out Thread

This is the official BS hang out thread :) There are times you just want to talk, or say what is up, or just connect with other X owners on a level other than just the X. We used to do this on Silvers Referral thread, but that got flagged away, and I miss my space to BS with others and have some fun.

So come and enjoy and share your fun times with us all.

If there are several that think this is wasting space, please speak up and we can discuss removing it too. I don't want to create a problem with others that feel it should not be here, but as there are not 20 new posts each day on this X side (at least not yet) I didn't see the harm of having a hang out post.

Again, please if you think this should disappear, I will delete it. I just miss having places to not detract from others posts but yet connect with other owners and have fun :)

jimglas | 2 août 2018

the women allow men in

Silver2K | 3 août 2018

Triggerplz | August 1, 2018
@Silver using the snake might charge the wrong thing up

Or the right thing up.... :)

Triggerplz | 3 août 2018

Yep that too

Triggerplz | 3 août 2018

About the referral codes Just got a email stating
Note: After September 16, orders placed with a referral code will receive one year of free Supercharging instead of unlimited.

Silver2K | 3 août 2018

Created thread on s and x :)

Triggerplz | 3 août 2018

Nice, Silver I added an addendum to your thread

Triggerplz | 5 août 2018

4 tires and rims for sale "Slightly" used here's a picture of one of them the other 3 are exactly the same, you pay for shipping

Silver2K | 6 août 2018

Do you provide the lug nuts?

Triggerplz | 6 août 2018

Yep I'll provide the nuts

Silver2K | 8 août 2018


I Don't know what you're thinking

Triggerplz | 9 août 2018

jimglas | August 9, 2018
@jjgunn: Was turned on. I followed your suggestions.

Sounds like somebody made it to the Bunny Ranch :-)

Solarman004 | 10 août 2018

All I want over on the Model 3 section is to get an idea of how quickly the AWD versions are being delivered. But the level of whining pver there makes my head hurt. I can't imagine being irate over a delayed delivery because the Service Center found a problem that they wanted to fix first. To me that is just good customer service.
Never thought I'd say this but I have to come back to the Model X section to regain sanity.

jjgunn | 10 août 2018

Welcome back! We're at the Bunny Ranch - sit down & have a drink. >:-}

burdogg | 10 août 2018

@Solarman004 - I glance at the Model 3 side but have not read very many thread for some time now - there has been a real turn off and sense of I deserve xyz...I gave it a good fight for some time - but have run out of expendable time to keep it up, plus have to waste time thinking about how people can be so irrational.

Triggerplz | 10 août 2018

@jjgunn :-)
@burdogg how's everything coming alone with the church? Are you able to perform marriages?

jlmuinonen | 11 août 2018

I tried posting a thread but it kept giving me an error, so I'll post here. Picked up our X last weekend. Car was perfect, no excessive panel gaps, paint issues, iinterior was spotless. They even installed the hitch for us and went over everything (because we will be towing a boat occasionally). Then 200 km into a 400km drive home we had a failure of the FWD latch at a rest stop. After an hour with the Tesla roadside service, we decided to drive home with the door partly ajar and alarm going. Haven't really been able to drive it since. It was a long weekend, so on Tuesday we called the SC and they were able to get a ranger to drive up later in the week. Fixed it about an hour and the ranger was great. So while I wish it wouldn't have had a problem on the drive home, the way they took care of it was perfect. And the car is so much fun to drive!

jjgunn | 11 août 2018

Sucks about the FWD but glad it got fixed quickly.

Let us know your battery range when towing the boat? I'm interested because I'll probably tow a couple jet skis. Probably want to keep it about 55/60 mph when towing to help range.

Did you get the 20" tires or 22"? With 22" your rated towing capacity is 3,500 lbs about 1,590 kilos. 20" tires yields 5,000 lbs/2,272 kilos.

bob | 11 août 2018

@ jlmuinonen as an FYI we had a similar issue. As I recall pulling the AutoPilot wand 4 times silences the alarms. One of those home depot tie down straps wrapped around the bottom of the FWD and tethered to a seat pillar held the door closed.

jlmuinonen | 11 août 2018

We have the standard wheels (20"). We live on the lake so we only use the tow to take the boat in and out of the water at the dock in fall and spring. Plus we have trailer that we use to haul wood for the sauna and oversize garbage to the dump etc. It is similar to a size that would tow jet skis. Once we have a chance to try that out, I'll post.

Thanks Bob! Good for future reference. It was really poor timing, we were at a rest stop in the middle of cottage country (think trees and lakes) over a long weekend. No rental cars closer than Toronto (200km) because they were all closed for the day. The only thing that roadside could come up with was 1) send a tow truck (2 hours from Toronto) 2) take the car and 2 people back to Toronto to rent a car at the airport (2 more hours) 3) drive rental back to rest stop to pick up the other two (2 hours) plus then 2 hours home.....with an 11 year old and 6 year old. So we decided to drive it. But the kids came up with a car name "Beeper" LOL

burdogg | 13 août 2018

@Triggerplz - I have up and down days - it is emotionally exhausting at times :) Yes, I am able to perform marriages (although in Colorado, from my understanding, anyone can perform a marriage - strange I know :)

@jlmuinonen - congrats on your X - sorry to hear about your little mishap with it though, but really nice that Tesla could get you taken care of - at your house even :) Rangers are nice to have.

Tropopause | 15 août 2018

“Beeper” is a great name! Kids always make lemonade out of lemons.

jlmuinonen | 16 août 2018

It is. I actually quite like the name Beeper. It has grown on me ;)

Love the car. Now starting to drive it more and get used it. Have spent a couple of evenings with my husband sitting in the car in the garage with a glass of wine exploring the screen options. Our new quality time ;) LOL Really love the geo-fencing and ability to set suspension heights at various locations. We have a very steep, long curving driveway and being able to raise the suspension automatically is great!

I have never driven a car that makes me smile every time I peak in the garage!

burdogg | 16 août 2018

Does your husband know about your peaking affair :)

Triggerplz | 16 août 2018

Are you all peaking or peeking or peeping

jlmuinonen | 16 août 2018

Well that was a convenient typo ;) Ha!

And to answer....."I'll never tell". But so far my husband is very supportive of the "peaking"...I find him doing it too.....

burdogg | 17 août 2018

Too funny :)

Triggerplz | 18 août 2018

Mark this date down AUGUST 17, 2018 a Burdogg post with 2 words. WOW

Silver2K | 18 août 2018

And a notepad emoji

Silver2K | 18 août 2018

Maybe Jesus told him to keep it short. :)

Triggerplz | 18 août 2018

ummm I'm not laughing at Jesus jokes and we got thunder storms scheduled for today
Awww Hell Naw

burdogg | 18 août 2018


Vawlkus | 20 août 2018

At least it wasn’t a Thor joke Triggerz :P

Triggerplz | 20 août 2018


lilbean | 20 août 2018

Check out my test drive, peeps!

bob | 20 août 2018

awesome 'bean!

lilbean | 20 août 2018

:) bob!

burdogg | 20 août 2018

Bean - so no S in the future now? Instead a P3D? :)

Triggerplz | 20 août 2018

Lilbean Nice, Looking good

lilbean | 20 août 2018

@burdogg After driving the P3D, I see no use for the S... I think.... but if someone wants to give me one, I'll take it! Haha!

lilbean | 20 août 2018

Thanks, @T!

Tropopause | 21 août 2018

lilbean- Just get it!

lilbean | 21 août 2018

That would be nice, @Tropo!

Tdreamer | 22 août 2018

I also took a P3D for a test drive last week - very nice package and the smaller size and weight compared to the X made it feel so much faster. I like the practicality of all the space in my X100D, but it sure would be nice to add a P3D to the stable. If only I could convince my other half to consider it. Probably not the best choice for a new driver joining the family next year though...

Triggerplz | 24 août 2018

Just stopped in for a second

Silver2K | 26 août 2018

Woooooooooooo... Haha!

Very nice bean!

lilbean | 26 août 2018


Triggerplz | 27 août 2018

Silver, week old late ass reply

Triggerplz | 28 août 2018

Jay Leno rides in the new Tesla Roadster and says "I'll Take It"

lilbean | 28 août 2018

Me too! Love Jay Leno! Such a nice guy!

Triggerplz | 28 août 2018