Stupid Tesla model 3 and options rant.

Stupid Tesla model 3 and options rant.

Venting time! Purchased a Model 3 with only one rim update option (19”). I happened to do a search for 20 inch rims for model 3 and guess what? They sell them a la cart on their own website. Why wasn’t it an option? I called to see if I can get a trade and pay the difference ,but that was a definite NO! Why wouldn’t you allow the rims as an option. If I knew I would have gotten the cheap rims and upgraded later.

Now that I’m pissed, all the other Tesla issues I’ve been living with are starting to make me regret buying. Let’s see....

1. Passenger seat has a 1 inch gap from plastic base to seat while the other seats are flush.

2. Glitchy screen requires reset ALL the time.

3. Autopilot while great in some aspects. Is far from being a self driving car. Many times it’s Swerves for no apparent reason.

4. My fm radio wasn’t working fOr 2 months until an apparent upgrade.

5 uneven paneling and alignment. How can this be an issue when you have robots with pin point precision supposedly making these things?

Get your act together Tesla.

shank15217 | 19 avril 2018

So it's their fault you didn't do the research befoe putting in the order. If your seat has an 1 inch gap from plastic base, does it float on air? They never offered to pox your panel gap issues at their expense is hard to believe.

djharrington | 19 avril 2018

The 20” rims aren’t simply different wheels. They also require an updated suspension component (upper link, I think). I doubt they really want to mess with all that during production given the ramp.

2. I had a black screen once and a screen with lines once, in 2.5 months of ownership, and both following an update where I got cool new features. Reset quickly fixed both times. Have you talked to service if it’s happening frequently?

3. Uhhh, correct. EAP is not supposed to make it a self-driving car. I’d suggest you adopt that mentality and keep in control with this driver’s assist feature active, or share the fate of the X driver a few weeks ago.

4.You forgot that your rear seats weren’t heated until an update ;)

shank15217 | 19 avril 2018

fix* not pox

badaman | 19 avril 2018

I'll take your model 3 off your hands for $25K since its a used car now.

djharrington | 19 avril 2018

What’s the 8th digit of your VIN?

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

Shank, I could bring the car in to have the seat repaired but I’m just living w it for now. That goes for the paneling as well. That’s not the point. The point is why was it like that in the first place.

Your tone regarding the rims only shows you are a Tesla fanboy

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

Shank, I could bring the car in to have the seat repaired but I’m just living w it for now. That goes for the paneling as well. That’s not the point. The point is why was it like that in the first place.

Your tone regarding the rims only shows you are a Tesla fanboy

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

DJ. Why do you ask what the 8th digit is?

lilbean | 19 avril 2018

Just say it, mclary!

bonzo | 19 avril 2018

Other than the 20" wheels (they said, "no") - what has Tesla said about your other 5 issues when you brought it up with them?

michael | 19 avril 2018

Instead of attacking anyone reporting issues/complaints maybe we should understand what their issues are.

djharrington | 19 avril 2018

The 8th digit reveals which passenger seat height you have.

Also, I’m a bit confused. The 20" rims didn’t even exist when you purchased the car if you’ve had it over two months. So, you’re upset that you didn’t have the option to pick wheels which were not yet announced or for sale?

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

Bonzo, I informed my sales rep about the seats and included photos and did not get a response. I understand if I followed up they would eventually fix the issue, but It’s not high on my priority list.

All these issues I can live with but the lack of a 20” rim option during the design phase is perplexing to me.

FYI. I gave a relative my Tesla x reservation and she’s constantly complaining she has to take it in to get the doors realigned. I should have listened to her...

sroh | 19 avril 2018

'I should have listened to her...'

Yep, you should have!

djharrington | 19 avril 2018

Ok, I think I understand now. You’re perplexed that you were not able to configure with wheels that didn’t exist (publicly) at the time you configured (and still don’t exist as an option for production). Also, you're upset that they didn’t want to buy back your used wheels and give you a full credit towards the 20” wheels.

Man, imagine the post you could have made had you bought an AP1 Model S the week before they cut in AP2 hardware!

finman100 | 19 avril 2018

Tesla isn't for everyone. sorry, life is funny that way. u either deal with it and move on or u complain in a public forum about things Tesla can take care of directly at a service center. trolls do not work well with others.

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

djharrington, for fear of the 8th digit giving away my identity, ill have to decline:). Who knows these days. There's a lot of fanboys here who seem pretty hostile when you criticize their God (Tesla).

Finman100, I wouldn't call me a troll. Its a public forum and I hope Tesla monitors complaints to make their product better.

finman100 | 19 avril 2018

you'll get better response from a service center. not much the forums can do to help you really. All people want to do is make a big fuss. a public fuss. a LOT of entities want to see Tesla fail. they all come on here day after day after day after day after day and ...well, sorry, it gets old. and Tesla will fix your issues. give them a chance! sure, now the interwebs know you don't like things so far. Please return when your issue(s) have been fixed and let us know some positives. THAT would be constructive. I didn't see a lot in your set of issues that anyone on a forum can fix, right? I mean, if there are problems, Tesla service needs to know. PS I thought the 20" wheel explanation makes sense, so in a way, at least that had some resolution. Even if it wasn't your complete solution. I don't know, too many people seem to REALLY have over the top expectations and when not met they just are unwilling to take the time to allow Tesla to make right. There's a reason so many happy Tesla people exist.

djharrington | 19 avril 2018

@sfrealtor: Ha! Fair concern. That was all I lacked to commence my scheming ;)

I hope the other concerns you have are dealt with swiftly by SC if/when you get around to taking it in. If you are really wanting the 20s, consider selling your 19s private party. Best of luck, and pay attention while in EAP!

Btw, isn’t Musk the deity (not Tesla)?

mejo | 19 avril 2018

>> Passenger seat has a 1 inch gap from plastic base to seat while the other seats are flush.

I thought this is an issue too, and in my case I realized that its by design. If what u are seeing is the same then check the seat height, you probably have passenger seat higher, when that happens it feels like the seat is off the plastic base...bring down the seat to lowest possible position and see if you feel its resolved.

burdogg | 19 avril 2018

My only issue is that you are pissed at something for no reason - as dj has pointed out - and so I just hate pissy fits...

The car as buying new only gives you two wheel options. You want something different - you pay more later to get it. dj has pointed out reasons, but you can find reasons to be pissed - and when pissed, you didn't come to the forum for answers, you came to get people to agree with you...

You want to come here and ask for helps and give suggestions, great - but when you come here to have a pissy fit, and then want to yell at everyone being fanbois because they don't agree with your pissy fit is funny on so many levels.

Here, let me help:

Things Tesla could do to be better:

I purchased my 3 x months ago - at the time 20" wheels were not available. Since then, they have now made it to where you can purchase it from them - aftermarket. So you don't get any credit for the wheels you already purchased, but just have to eat that. I see that there is more to it than just wheels, but it would be really nice if Tesla made this an option at time of purchase so I don't have to spend money on wheels that I don't need.

And other things they could improve on - as I am having these issues with my car:


Anyone else having these issues or have similar thoughts?

SEE, that is not a Pissy fit. Instead, you feel slighted by Tesla so you come here to say, I will show them - YOU SUCK TESLA....

And you expect to not have people laugh at you...or disagree with you...and since they did, they are all fanbois...

carlk | 19 avril 2018

Did you mean stupid Tesla Model 3 and options or stupid rant? I only agree with one of the two.

lilbean | 19 avril 2018

Good one, carlk! Stupid rant. Lol!

burdogg | 19 avril 2018

This also your first post on these forums ever??

lilbean | 19 avril 2018

Maybe he doesn't have an 8th digit.

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

I understand most of you have some sort of investment in Telsa, as I do and its hard to hear criticism. Especially with rumors of bankruptcy and all. Don't let it cloud your judgement. Bottom line is Ive owned probably close to 10 vehicles in my lifetime and never had the amount of issues as my Model 3. Ive been fine with all these problems. That includes delays and an issue I forgot to mention. Keyless entry works about 70% of the time.

In the grand scheme of things its only rims, but it was the straw that broke the camels back.

mark1234 | 19 avril 2018

You’ll obviously be happier selling the car, an setting something else..

lilbean | 19 avril 2018

The camel has severe osteoporosis.

gballant4570 | 19 avril 2018

sfrealtor, I doubt that the tone of the reactions to your posting is due to difficulty hearing criticism, or due to personal investments of one form or another. More likely it's due to your own tone and approach. A child throwing a fit in a restaurant might be expecting sympathy from other patrons, but is most likely disappointed. There are similarities......

spuzzz123 | 19 avril 2018

Fake news

M3forMe | 19 avril 2018

where is the popcorn? LOL

lilbean | 19 avril 2018

I hope you don't mind two year old popcorn.

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

Gballant. I said I was ranting didn’t I?

To be fair I found positive about the model 3. You can stick a suction iPad holder to the roof for my kids to watch movies in the back...

gballant4570 | 19 avril 2018

Just my perspective - I could be wrong. Happened once before, I think it was 1964.........

burdogg | 19 avril 2018

sfrealtor - what version are you on? I had slight issues with phone, but have not the last 2 weeks at all.

burdogg | 19 avril 2018

The only positive too is the suction cup? really?

lilbean | 19 avril 2018

Yes and the underside of the floor mats really stick to the car!

SCCRENDO | 19 avril 2018

@Sfrealtor. It does appear that you came here to rant. You just didn’t bring sufficient plausibility to get the rest of us to join the rant. At least nobody can accuse you of shorting Tesla. It went up today.

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

@Burdogg. No, suction cup is not the only good thing about the car. The car has great handling and very nimble. I would say it handles almost like a 2 door sports car. Mileage is very good compared to the heavier X. I find myself not having to watch how I drive in order to save milage like the X or S. No range anxiety here.

Looks great from all angles except looking at it from the front. From the front it looks almost too bubbly.

Like I said, build quality needs a lot of improvement and the tech can be glitchy...and dammit! Why couldn't they offer 20" rim option on the configuration??

billlake2000 | 19 avril 2018

Haha, lilbean. Did you inherit your sense of humor, or just come by it naturally?

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

Almost forgot.. when I called my sales rep and asked if I can trade in the 19's for 20's and pay the difference, her response..."Model 3 has 20" rims"?

burdogg | 19 avril 2018

sfrealtor - thanks for at least stating there was more to like then just the suction cup :)))

I didn't know there were 20" rims offered by Tesla either. I wonder if they just snuck that in there recently, but not surprised that sales don't know about it.

What version are you on? Tech will work itself out though - that is the only problem about being an early adopter of these cars. Why the software etc...didn't just translate over from the S and X, I don't know but it obviously didn't and they are still working through the bugs of the system. I would rather have the car and deal with these early bugs, then wait another 6 months to a year to have a polished tech...hence why I don't mind being an early adopter with tech glitches that I know they are working on and through. Hence why they also have the bug report function - hit voice command, say bug report and state what happened. Will help them continue to improve.

johnnykadi | 19 avril 2018

1. The 20" rims come with suspension upgrades.
2. The CAR IS NOT SELF DRIVING. Its basically enhanced cruise control. Nobody said it was self driving
3. If you are a Realtor, you should know that Inspections and due diligence is a burden the buyer accepts.
If panel gaps were an issue, why didn't you point that out at delivery?

The car def has some glitches, but as an early adopter, did you expect otherwise? A few updates from now, it will be fine.

djharrington | 19 avril 2018

I’m surprised your kids will even ride in your car with your sissy little 19s, iPad or not.

sfrealtor | 19 avril 2018

Johnnykadi, you're too smart for your own good. You sure showed me;)

lilbean | 19 avril 2018

It’s natural for me, billlake2000. Haha! :)

johnnykadi | 19 avril 2018

@sfrealtor, Pretty simple factual statements and questions. Wasn't really trying to show you up.

JayInJapan | 20 avril 2018

My own personal rant: English!
then/than: learn the difference; they are not interchangeable...
count vs. mass nouns: ‘a number of problems’ vs. an ‘amount of food’

Carry on

sfrealtor | 20 avril 2018

@jayinjapan cue the poster who has no argument so he tries to diminish points by criticizing punctuation, capitalization, apostrophes, grammar etc. I’m going to have to start a movement @cliche.

rdovale | 20 avril 2018

Sorry everybody djharrington wins!