A 10 Year old's Bid to Save For A Tesla

A 10 Year old's Bid to Save For A Tesla

Our friend's 10 year old son is so enamored with Model S that he sent this flyer to all the neighbors for jobs he can do to save up for a Tesla -

Hi, I’m Desmond Pare. I live in your neighborhood and I’m trying to earn some money so I thought I should get a job. I thought that if I got a job I could save my money and buy a Tesla (an electric sports car.) So I thought why not start saving now? Here’s a list of what I can do for you at an affordable price:
-Organizing things in your home is $10 an hour
-Vacuuming is $15
-Watering your garden is $10
-Putting your garbage cans out is $2 total -Cleaning your garage is $10 an hour -Cleaning your kitchen is $6 an hour
If you are interested please call (edited). I’m open on weekends.

nickjhowe | 8 octobre 2012

By the time he can legally drive, and if he works every non-school hour evenings and weekends he should be good to go!

Sudre_ | 8 octobre 2012

Next teach him how to buy Tesla stock and by the time he is 16 he may have enough to buy several Teslas.

Vawlkus | 9 octobre 2012

Eager beaver, that one. He keeps it up, he'll be the next Elon Musk :)

mrspaghetti | 9 octobre 2012

No, Elon would just build a robot to do all the menial labor.

prash.saka | 9 octobre 2012

Wow. His parents should be proud that this young kid willing to "do" the work rather than just "wishing" to get things.

~ Prash.

Cattledog | 9 octobre 2012

My son sold Pokemon cards on eBay this summer so we could afford an upgrade to a performance. $63 worth. Good life lesson. Waiting for Tesla's 99.4% off sale for the performance. Day after Thanksgiving, right?

olanmills | 9 octobre 2012


Robert22 | 9 octobre 2012

Union rules....

MandL | 10 octobre 2012

He must really hate vacuuming.