2nd plant?

2nd plant?

I assume that the Freemont plant can produce the S, X and three.
A fourth Model would be required to be produced at another plant, I wonder if there are some empty and abandoned plants available for Tesla to purchase?
Do you think they have even started to search for this?

blue adept | 14 novembre 2014

They have already acquired another building some 52 miles away from their Fremont facility, though for just what purpose has yet to be announced:

Though that is not to say that another facility would be required for the production of a new, as of yet unnamed, subsequent model.

blue adept | 14 novembre 2014

Oh, and for what it's worth, I think that I also heard that they were hiring....

Brian H | 15 novembre 2014

Alongside re-usable rockets? And E-jets? ;)

Sin_Gas | 15 novembre 2014

If Texas doesn't allows sales, don't think its going to happen.


Brian H | 15 novembre 2014

Purchases go ahead in all states; blocking "sales" is an inconvenience only, as evidenced by the large cohort of, e.g., Texas buyers and owners. For an ICE maker, the prohibition would be effective; for Tesla, not so much.

carlgo | 15 novembre 2014

For a long shot, think Detroit. It is coming out of the abyss and good things are starting to happen there. They have infrastructure and incentives.

Northern California. Tesla considered a battery plant there and still may again. Why not keep all the manufacturing as close together as possible? There is plenty of industrial property in the area, the ports, etc, not to mention headquarters.

Still, didn't Musk actually mention Texas as a place to make the truck? Could be wrong about that.

Guy2095 | 15 novembre 2014

Panasonic will lead the next GF build in China. A new partner who finds a sudden need for batteries such as BMW might lead in Europe. It would naturally be handy to put a car plant next to an existing GF. Maybe no ex-GM plants would be available, but on the other hand must have left something behind pulling out of Australia. My guess next up for this hemisphere is either New Mexico or Old Mexico.

Model ☰ | 15 novembre 2014

It would naturally be handy to put a car plant next to an existing GF.

My prediction is that the next GF will be even more "giga". In the Reno GF they have vertical integration from raw materials to battery cells to battery packs. In the next it will be all the way from raw materials to finished car....

Red Sage ca us | 16 novembre 2014

GM is already doing something else with the old Saturn plant. At this point, even if it were unoccupied, GM would never sell it to Tesla Motors or any company related to them. If Tesla wants a second manufacturing plant in North America, they'll have to build it. Most new automotive plants are built in Mexico these days, and some are in Canada. But I think Tesla might do well to try a state like Tennessee, Mississippi, or maybe Alabama. Access to rail systems, along with the Mississippi River or Gulf of Mexico might work well for deliveries both in the US as well as overseas.