40 pk upgrade

40 pk upgrade

Has anybody upgraded their model s 40 pk to 60? How many rated miles did you get. How many miles were on the car when you upgraded. Been thing about an upgrade.

AmpedRealtor | 18 avril 2014

I don't understand why it would be unfair to anyone for 40 owners to be allowed to pay $2,500 to get supercharging. It is also a $2,500 upgrade for 60 owners. Only the 85s included the feature. So again, why is charging $2,500 to 40 owners to unlock supercharging unfair to anyone?

jjaeger | 19 avril 2014

Unlock the 40 to be a 60 is the issue - not supercharger capability (that is just silly and will cause PR problems when a 40 tries to go from Barstow to Kingman for example).

Brian H | 20 avril 2014

If there were enough 40s to impact the network, it would be a nonstarter. As it is, there are too few to clog things up much, except in particular locales if the locals start to rely on them for slow charges for short hops.