4.2 Upgrade - Can't unlock car

4.2 Upgrade - Can't unlock car

Since upgrading to V4.2 (1.19.42) I have a problem where the front passenger door handle won't retract while the others do retract.

When this occurs I'm unable to unlock the car. I have to walk away from the car ~15’ and try to lock the car by the old double-tap on the fob; when this doesn’t work, I have to walk around the car 360 and approach the driver door. Works like a charm ;)

ThomasK | 28 janvier 2013

I've had the issue with locking unlocking too after 4.2 upgrade. It eventually "fixed itself."

nickjhowe | 28 janvier 2013

Call service straight away.

olanmills | 29 janvier 2013

It's worth calling service. Maybe it's a problem with the software, but it could also just be a coincedence that this problem started after the update. There could be a problem with the door handle itself, and then maybe the car's software doesn't handle the problem as well as it could.