5,000 mile check-in

5,000 mile check-in

After 5,000 miles and five months, here is my summary of the Model S with 60 kwh battery:

1. Number of software upgrades with no problems: 4
2. Number of technical or mechanical issues that were resolved quickly with no cost to me: 1
3. Number of times I wished I had 85 kwh battery instead: 2
4. Number of times I wished I had more acceleration: 0
5. Number of smiles and thumbs up from fellow drivers: Too many to count

Best purchase ever, after my house.

Brian H | 21 juin 2013

Probably less danger of going "underwater" on net equity than your house.

GLO | 21 juin 2013

I like my house but probably like my car more...

stevencoberly | 21 juin 2013

You could live in your car. You can't drive your house.