About 40k a year Sales vehicle?

About 40k a year Sales vehicle?

Sorry, I didn't see a search button so hope this is not being redundant. I drive about 40k a year and about 200 miles a day during the week. Weekends almost as much. Anyone else on here doing this kind of mileage and is the Model S something I should consider? I am thinking of getting solar panels on my house to help with the cost. I have yet to visit the Tesla store but I am going to speak to them if they are at the NYC Javits auto show. Thanks for any tips in advance

Mathew98 | 30 mars 2014

Why don't you just visit the NYC store at 25th St and 10th Ave? You won't have to pay a dime in entrance fee and you can go any time.

Sounds like the S85 would suit your needs. There's one MS driver who put up 50K miles in a year. He is up to 69K in 14 months.

With unlimited battery warranty for 8 years, you will be getting more than your money's worth...

f-tal | 30 mars 2014

FYI - 40K miles a year is likely a sets of tires, and maybe 2. For example, my 19s have about 13K on them, and I think they are about 1/2 gone. My winter Pirelli tires have about 9K on them, and I think they are almost 1/2 gone. I hear the standard suspension has less camber on the rear wheels, which I think is the major culprit (and performance tires tend to wear out quicker anyway)

ibuyvdubs | 30 mars 2014

There is a store here in NJ in Short Hills that I will check out after I go to the car show in nyc. I go every year on Good Friday anyway. Thanks for the info on the other high miler Tesla. Ugh with the tires though. Maybe I should keep my everyday appliance car and make the Tesla the Wife's car which I highjack each weekday night and all weekend!

Mireille '&... | 30 mars 2014

Sounds like the MS could be a great match. We drove 31k the first year and up to 200 miles on some days. Except for road trips, we just charge at home at night; nothing could be better :)

hitesh2269 | 30 mars 2014

I drive about 30 k plus year and im waiting for the model x to come out.I might install a solar panel on my house roof.

MNGreene | 30 mars 2014

To SEARCH Lots of other good stuff at the NEW TO THE FORUM thread.

The more miles you drive, the more the Model S makes sense. Do it!

Bikezion | 30 mars 2014

What is your current car(s)? What kind of mileage?
At a standard 20mpg, and $4 per gallon gas, the Model S pays for itself at 500,000 miles. Or 12 years for you. That means the gas savings minus electricity ($0.12 per kWh, 350 wh per mile) buys your car.
That's 25,000 gallons of gas and 175,000 kWh. $100,000 in gas minus $21,000 in electric equals $79,000 net.
Free Tesla!
Obviously this is over simplified, and over generalized, but it can come out very favorably!

Webcrawler | 31 mars 2014

That is how I use my car.... I drive in the 150 mile range a day (maybe 200 occasionally) It is my company car. I only average about 25,000 per year though...

Rocky_H | 31 mars 2014

Well, there's a question here. Bikezion is doing the math as if you're buying your own gas, which I'm sure is not the case if you're driving 200 miles a day for your job usage. I'm pretty sure you're billing those gasoline fill-ups to your company for all that work travel.

So, with that being said, how is the travel reimbursement with your company done? Do they currently have you turn in gas and maintenance receipts for them to reimburse? If so, it would be a bit harder to track the expenses of the electricity usage of a Tesla. (This could be done, though, by getting your home charging outlet installed on a separate meter.) If, however, you could get your company to pay like for standard federal usage rates per mile, then you could make PROFIT$$ from the much lower operating costs of an electric car. That would be sweet, with the amount of miles you are doing that you could get reimbursed for. If you can get mileage reimbursement, I think your situation is about as ideally perfect as can be for a Tesla Model S--super high miles with low operating cost.

SamO | 31 mars 2014

Ask for the standard deduction.

$.56/mile in 2014,-Medical-and...

40,000 X .56 = $22,400/year in mileage reimbursement.

Will pay for electricity, tires and the extended warranty many times over.

ibuyvdubs | 1 avril 2014

I get a lump sum each month of about $600 a month that is labeled "car" on my check which is supposed to cover gas, tolls,and whatever else and it is taxed. No receipts turned in but I save them regardless just in case I am audited. They don't give us a car-we are on our own as far as that is concerned. All I do is add up my gas, mileage and tolls at years end and hand it to my accountant beyond that monthly payment they give us.

ibuyvdubs | 1 avril 2014

Current cars were 2008 crv and most recently, a new 2014 crv a month ago. Lots of stopping and going with city/highway mix.I average about 24-27mpg. Also I am in my car idling quite abit which wastes gas but I also need to charge the phone and my laptop I use for orders often. Will that drain the Tesla battery a lot? I am in wine and liquor sales so I need some room to haul some stuff and the rear of the Tesla would be fine. I am thinking I can swap with my Wife and give her the CRV except in the winter when I would prefer the awd of the crv.

Bighorn | 1 avril 2014

Charging appliances has negligible effect on battery. Storage decreases from 70.9 cf in a CRV with seats down to 63.4 cf in a Tesla.