Advice needed for 'smart air suspension' option

Advice needed for 'smart air suspension' option

I live in New Orleans where we have more than our fair share of potholes and thanks to living below sea level - frequent issues with flooding after rains. If this were for the Model S, I would definitely be getting the air suspension. But this being a higher up SUV to begin with, is it worth it? I am in relatively good health and have small kids so don't really need anything to lower the car so people can get in/out. All the SUV's I have had thus far in this city have done well with steep driveways, potholes, etc. I don't mind getting the option (rather than regretting it later) and just wondering what the reasons other folks would be getting it. Thanks!

aesculus | 6 décembre 2015

I am still curious how much the range will be extended by lowering the car on the highway versus normal height in city and getting in/out. I guess we will have to wait until some cars are out there for a while to tell.

And I agree with you on the MS. Definitely there, maybe not so much on the X. I find it kind of ironic that those on the MS with P or Ludicrous want coils but Tesla forces the X to have air suspension on those versions. Seems backwards.

Remnant | 6 décembre 2015

@ snvyas (OP, December 4, 2015)

<< ... In New Orleans ... we have more than our fair share of potholes and thanks to living below sea level - frequent issues with flooding after rains. >>

The ground clearance of the MX has not been published as yet, but photos suggest it's not larger than that of the MS, even though the sitting position of the passengers may be higher. On that count, you want air suspension for sure.

However, in NO, you might benefit from knowing an additional specification, the so-called "maximum wading depth" which tells you how the car is likely to fare on flooded streets. The champions in that respect are Land Rover and Grand Cherokee, but MS and MX are unlikely to be anywhere close to them.

You may want to contact Tesla and find this out, or perhaps special order an MX with sealed drive train and passenger cabin.

Short of that, I would plan to keep my Tesla on high ground during heavy rains and flooded streets.

ian | 6 décembre 2015

@Remnant - Actually, the pictures of S's and X's we have seen together the ground clearence of the X IS higher by a few inches than the S.

MyXinTx | 7 décembre 2015

@snvyas More important than height and clearance for the potholes you mentioned is the adjustable feature of the ride for comfort, as I believe Tesla offers that feature with the Air ride.

Every SUV I have owned over the last 10 years have been equipped with air as I actively seek it out.

Stick with 19in wheels to provide the most rubber and select "comfort" as the ride selection and you will feel the annoying bumps in the road as little as possible.

If you really tend to drive in highwater though, best to consider looking elsewhere or know how to avoid flooding the battery compartment, and I seriously doubt Tesla could do anything about a custom waterproofing treatment for the cabin.

Red Sage ca us | 7 décembre 2015

Car and Driver reported a 9" maximum ground clearance for Model X.

MyXinTx | 7 décembre 2015

I get a max ground clearance of 10.6 in my Cayenne with air, but that drops automatically when driving over a specified speed limit. I can sustain at 9.4.

But Porsche also provides a "Wading Depth" of up to 21.8 inches, but sustainable at 20.6. I assume that relates to the depth of water surrounding the vehicle.

Now all I need is an ultrasound depth sounder to tell me how deep the water is and I will be ready for the flood waters. Now that should be a standard feature in a Tesla, especially since it's made in California.

rossRallen | 7 décembre 2015

Check out the topic of Air Suspension on the Model S forum. I did that research thinking I had an option (I don't with a SigX, but didn't know that at the time), and I decided to go with it after reviewing all the pros and cons.

KyleGoss | 7 décembre 2015

It is worth noting that unless you are ordering a 70D, there is no point in debating. Air suspension is required on 90D and P90D.

MyXinTx | 7 décembre 2015

I will seek out this info, but how high can the highest setting raise the S from standard to allow easier access getting in and out?

Red Sage ca us | 9 décembre 2015

OK. Let's be honest? How many of you intend to go fishing in your Model X... By driving to the middle of a stream and opening the Falcon Wing Doors?

kittylitter | 9 décembre 2015

I think I will drive in the river, electrocute them, then just pick them up. No pole necessary.