After market wheels

After market wheels

Thinking of swapping the OEM wheels with a set of after market wheels....anyone has a recommendation on where to buy them (good selections/quality/price)?

Related, what's the default wheel size for the model X?

Red Sage ca us | 21 octobre 2015

Standard size is 20", the performance wheels are 22". I expect someone will have a Model X with 24" spinners before Christmas 2015.

geemoney3135 | 21 octobre 2015

How can we get Elon's Black wheels? It's not an option on the MS configurator but maybe on the MX?

Red Sage ca us | 21 octobre 2015

If not, then any local custom automotive paint shop could do the trick, with a quick powder coat.

ian | 21 octobre 2015

Elon's dark wheels where 21". I am willing to bet they were the dark gray offered now for the S. Which means they will have the same bolt pattern and compatible (if not identical) offset.

Otherwise there are lots of sources for wheels.,,, etc.

Just do an online search for "aftermarket wheels". Then search for your bolt pattern and offset in the size you want.


johnse | 22 octobre 2015

I did notice on the photo of the weight placard on Elon's X, the signatures have wider tires on the rear than on the front. I suspect this is only the case with the performance versions, or maybe all 22" rims, but I could be wrong.