Air conditioning / cooling noise?

Air conditioning / cooling noise?

Hi everyone,

I've had my Model S for about 4 months. It is great! However I am getting a really really loud noise when it is hot outside. Lately in So-Cal there have been 100+ degree days and the car seems to be struggling with the heat. Here is a quick link to a video of the sound. It is hard to tell the relative noise level until my 2 year old starts screaming over it near the end.

I brought it in to the LA service center and they told me the sound is normal (the sounds being whatever it is they could make the car do when I wasn't there). Question: Does your Model S ever make that noise? Is it normal? Thanks for the help.


mwojcie | 10 juillet 2013

It is a fan to cool the battery - so when it is hot and you are using a lot of juice - ie driving hard, ac on high, or both, it kicks in. Hopefully they will figure out a way to reduce this noise in the future. Kind of makes the "no noise" car louder than an ICE at times.

john.kahwaty | 10 juillet 2013

It is slightly embarrassing. Pulling up to a shopping market or something with a car that sounds like an RC helicopter. Luckily the sound is coming out of the most beautiful car they've ever seen so it balances out in my favor. As long as I don't have the goofy 1 of the bunch. Thanks for the tip!

NICE | 10 juillet 2013

Just say the sound is so that pedestrians will know you are there ;)
Really, you can say just about anything and people will believe it. LOL

Carefree | 10 juillet 2013

It's the compressor for the A/C. It sounds like a jet taking off. It will only last for a few minutes and then go away.

negarholger | 10 juillet 2013

If you keep it range mode then the A/C doesn't go the highest setting and the noise is more moderate.

AmpedRealtor | 10 juillet 2013

Tell everyone it's the fusion reactor.

privacylaw | 10 juillet 2013

Flux Capacitor - or Mr. Fusion -

Mine does it - only lasts a little bit, then tones down to a different setting. I usually up the heat temp in my car a degree or two, and it quiets down. Usually keep temp at 71. Pop it up to 73 and noise goes away (or down) then drop back down to 71 later. NBD.

TomasT | 10 juillet 2013

Yes, from the outside it's the buzzing sound you posted in youtube. And from the inside the high frequencies are muted but you still get the low frequency hummmmmmm. Pretty loud. It is the a/c condenser. It is normal in all Model S. I'm sure it's embarrassing for Tesla too.
But hey, it's an amazing car with an odd sound that we'll learn to love, I'm sure.