Any other reservation holders in the USA not seen the Model S in the flesh?

Any other reservation holders in the USA not seen the Model S in the flesh?

Because it is a bit of trek for me, I guess I am waiting until either my reservation is imminent or a true test drive is available. My guess is the two will time out to pretty much the same since I am in the low 3000's. Anyone else out there waiting? Same reasons? Different reasons?

JohhnyS | 19 mai 2012

We went to the factory event last October. Since then I watch the forums for news. We live between the Newport Beach and Los Angeles stores so we could easily visit either. I decided we might as well wait until we can go for a test drive. Since we are P4786 we still have a long wait.

Sudre_ | 19 mai 2012

I was one until right now. I am in Chicago looking at the car this very second. Everyone on the forum has pretty much answered all my questions but I just confirmed that the answers here on the forum have been correct.

The frunk does have a hidden secondary handle that you pull to open it after unlatching it from inside the car or remote.

jerry3 | 19 mai 2012

I wouldn't think any car would be allowed to be sold without a secondary latch. Having the hood (or should that be fhood?) pop up when you're driving in one of the scariest experiences you can have in a car.

georgevet | 19 mai 2012

I was one until a few weeks ago. I was recently in San Jose and stopped by the design center at Santana Row. Seeing the car first hand and working with the extremely friendly and helpful Tesla staff (Oriana) solidified my decision to buy this car. It was also helpful in making some decisions on wheel size and color. I didn't think much of the brown exterior until I saw it in the design center. And the tan interior is much lighter (nicer) than how the website portrays it. I also found out that Georgia has a $5K tax deduction while I was there. Yes!

I is definitely worth a visit if you can do it.

I am p3056 - Hopefully we can get a design center\show room in Atlanta soon. I really hope I have my car before year end.

Brian H | 21 mai 2012

kinda depends on what battery size you order. Big, Regular, or Small? ;)
Actually, I think all those sizes at that number range will arrive this year.

Volker.Berlin | 21 mai 2012

Brian H, what's the point of your post? It depends on the battery size, but actually, no?

DrJ | 21 mai 2012

I haven't seen it, and I'm coming up on my reservation (sig 371.) However, every one on here has been really great at answering my questions, and the photos have been great. I just can't dedicate time wise a flight to CA or driving to Houston for something that will likely just reinforce what I already want. I once bought a 911 sight unseen and not test driven, and had no qualms about it.

DallasTXModelS | 21 mai 2012

I haven't seen it in person. They seem to think Texas is a small state because each time they have sceduled the beta to be at the Houston Galleria they email me to just run over there and look at it.

It is 4.5 hours from my house to Houston Galleria. In half of that time I can drive to cities in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

In November I will be leaving out of Miami on a cruise. Lucky for me the Dania Beach, Fl store is 45 min from Miami so I will just run over there and look at it either before or after my cruise.

DallasTXModelS | 21 mai 2012

before it gets corrected I do know schedule is spelled with an h I'm 7/8 scotish after all.

Soflauthor | 21 mai 2012

@Dallas wrote: Lucky for me the Dania Beach, Fl store is 45 min from Miami so I will just run over there and look at it either before or after my cruise.

It's considerably less than 45 miles from Miami to the Dania store. Just be sure that you don't try to drive to Dania any time between 3:30pm and 6:30pm weekdays. Traffic is HEAVY outbound during those times

Sudre_ | 21 mai 2012

I will say that my drive to Chicago last weekend to look at the car was a waste simply because all it did was reinforce the fact that.... I WANT ONE! :-)

DallasTXModelS | 21 mai 2012

I definitely want one too, I really want to see the panoramic roof, see what the seats feel like and see the actual colors in person. The colors on the design studio are all so dark it looks like blue, black, grey, brown and green are all shades of grey.

David70 | 21 mai 2012

I've only seen the prototype in the Seattle store about a year ago. I missed the party, so I didn't get to meet the Washington reservation/Roadster owner. I did get to see it a few days later and spent about an hour talking to Lance.

Brian H | 22 mai 2012

If you're prepared to fuss a bit, screencap the pix you want, then open in a graphics package like Irfanview and fiddle with the color/brightness/contrast/gamma controls to lighten the images.

DallasTXModelS | 23 mai 2012


Lightening the images doesn't alter the color? They also print very dark on color printers.