Back up camera : Yellow and red lines + Nav System options

Back up camera : Yellow and red lines + Nav System options

I have been in several other cars where the back up camera displays a yellow box where the car will go, with a red line at the end indicating the danger zone. As much as I like the camera, without the line guidance it is not nearly as helpful as it might be. Any ideas on how to get Tesla to put in the lines?

Can the Nav system be programed for fastest or shortest route, to avoid freeways? Or is it simply the Nav's choice as to where it's going to send you?

nickjhowe | 23 mai 2013

Check out the Prioritized Software Enhancement List thread.

2-Star | 24 mai 2013

I tried the Prioritized Software Enhancment link and was denied access. What do I have to do?

Hogfighter | 24 mai 2013

buy a Model S. It's for owners only.

RonaldA | 24 mai 2013

The rear camera includes a view of the bumber, much more useful than the lines you can actually see the bumper edge.

Ron A

rickberg1 | 9 juin 2013

I find the back up camera lacking. I have a Lincoln MKT. The resolution is better, the lines help guide, and there is an alarm if it senses being too close or something is coming when moving out of a prking spot. A far Superior system.
Don't know if this could be retrfitted to the S.

Oaktowner | 9 juin 2013

@rickberg1 - Do you have the tech package? It comes with an HD camera.

Wondering which you're comparing to the Lincoln.

kidjay | 9 juin 2013

Do you get access to that prioritize list after receiving the car? I bought and will pick it up in 10 days. I don't access to the list either.

portia | 9 juin 2013

you should have access after making a reservation, deposit or order, otherwise, try contacting ownership@tesla

nhurst | 9 juin 2013

Before you design the guidelines in the rear view window, take a look at the Panamera (and perhaps other vehicles) where the lines curve according to the position of the steering wheel. That is, they show the projected path of the car according to the position of the steering wheel instead of a simple straight path.