Battery performance is subzero weather

Battery performance is subzero weather

Just wondering is anyone can tell me how well the battery packs perform in subzero weather ie minus 20 Celsius. Do they need to be plugged in for winter exposure or what if it sits outside with no outlet access, how easily would it start?

bent | 28 août 2013

When I had my Roadster sitting outside, not plugged in, for a full work day of around -15°C, it started and ran just fine and took me the 200km along Norwegian winter roads over the mountain (coldest was -21°C I think) back to my home town without issues. First hour's drive was without regen but that was it basically.

Brian H | 28 août 2013

Need to be plugged in below ~ -20°F, which is about -29°C.

Leeo | 10 septembre 2013

The bigger question is how is the heat at those temps?

Brian H | 11 septembre 2013

Fast. Uses a resistance coil, no need for the drivetrain to heat up.