battery updates over time

battery updates over time

Does anyone know...

As battery technology advances, will these be built into updated/next gen battery packs (and would they be swapped out at charging stations)? Would customers get swapped out with updated batteries?

Would weight reductions only help vehicle performance?

Tâm | 19 juillet 2013


Technically, swapping for higher capacity should not be a problem as long as they are same form factor.

When swapping stations are open, 40kWh owners should be able to swap for 85kWh and pay the extra cost.

As cell technology improves, hopefully they can pack more energy in the same size, thus the whole battery pack should be still the swappable same size.

Weight reduction should help range and acceleration.

carlk | 19 juillet 2013

Battery weight reduction probably will not happen since it will affect the suspension tuning. Battery capacity increase should help performance though.