Be realistic!

Be realistic!

I have seen so many posts of "issues", complaints on delivery, complaints on lack of cup holders in back (seriously?) complaints on service....c'mon people.
This experience is NewGen and I would expect that the sophistication of buyers and owners here would keep it in perspective. The vehicle is amazing. The concept of actually being on the front line of such innovation gives me great pride and loyalty. It's NEW so there are bound to be issues.
Be patient, stop driveling and give them a chance.
We have had our MS In & out the shop once for very minor tweaks. The service was excellent, truly personable and attentive.
Yeah, there are "things" but we have found Tesla to be communicative, responsive, professional, and a pleasure to deal with in comparison to "normal" car dealers & shops.
The entire Tesla experience for me, and I expect most people, has been a true joyride.
As reluctant as I was to sign up I have no regrets.

Keep the Tesla grin and go for a drive. It can only get better.

Brian H | 21 février 2013

Here's hoping! If TM, heaven forfend, were to go into failure mode, things would certainly not "only get better". 3rd party aftermarket service would probably be eye-wateringly costly and patchy.

Compared to older auto companies, TM is certainly trying WAY harder (to please and perform). Sometimes lack of track record, resources, and grooved-in patterns and staff experience pool prevents that, of course. The question is, in part, How much slack are buyers cutting it (compared to others)? Some ways more, some less, obviously. And some people much more or less than "average".

An objective "customer satisfaction and experience" audit, if there is such a thing, would be very interesting. Some stellar sections, some sub-par (but likely highly variable).

lov2krz | 21 février 2013

I would agree that some of the issues are really small and TM is a startup. Yea I've got issues with the on-board Nav system but it will get worked out.

With that said I have been calling and emailing TM (Delivery Services and Service Department) everyday to make an appointment to have the rear seat belts fixed for two weeks. They choke my passengers because they constrict and won't release resulting in a safety hazard, especially for my grand kids in booster seats. I get emails back from DS saying Service will call to schedule tomorrow and everyday I write back and tell DS that I haven't gotten the call. I also call the Service Department and leave another message because they don't answer the phone.

So regardless of how new the company is I would expect that warranty issues would be handled like any other auto company. So I'm driving in to Service tomorrow unannounced because I can't make an appointment.

Am I being realistic?

Brian H | 22 février 2013

Here's a suggestion, of general applicability. Every time you call a company, note time and names and promises made. And be obvious about it, without being obnoxious. In my experience, loss of anonymity inspires more diligence.

lov2krz | 22 février 2013

I do have notes for every phone call and I keep all the emails from DS that indicate I will be contacted.

FYI, I got fed up with broken promises and am now sitting in Fremont Service Center (at least 2 hours) because I didn't have an appointment.

David Trushin | 22 février 2013

Wow, that is a bad experience. Maybe Elon or George is in the building and you can talk to them while you are waiting. Seriously. Fremont should be the best place to take the car. I have not had the same issues with Chicago. They are great.

BTW, I had the same problem with the seat belts in both my Caddys. It turned out that they had child seat latches on them. If your pull them out first and them cross your body, they will lock, retract and lock, retract and lock in order to secure the child seat in the right position. On the other hand, if you sort of drag them across your body to seat them, then the inertial locks take control and they won't lock unless your stop suddenly. I was amazed to learn this and since then I have been able to advise passengers to set them correctly. No more problems.

Don't know if this is your problem, but it sounds like it.