Bellevue, WA #48? review with pictures

Bellevue, WA #48? review with pictures

I was getting my MINI serviced and had them drop me off at the Tesla showroom. On that note, that might be my last oil change before trading in.

Most of what I'll cover is interior and thoughts on adding accessories.

First off, from photos I wasn't sure I liked that the 17" is permanently facing the driver and making the whole dash non symmetrical. I'm still not fond of it and as a design change it should had been centered with a symmetrical dash and have a 3 position pivot. The other problem is the lower left corner cuts into legroom.
I didn't have the seat all the way back. I'm 6'1" and the current setting for all the way back was good for me but the limit IMHO is 6'4"ish.

Not a deal breaker thought ; )

I did play with the remote for adjusting the steering and it telescopes out quite far.

I took a shot of the rear under belly to see if mounting a hitch was possible for bike racks. Doesn't look like there's an accommodation.

But when I mentioned to the rep they showed me the roof rack mounts. Nice!

A shot of the sunroof fully open. See how it extends be on the B pillar.

I took a shot of the brake caliper clearance for 19" wheels to see if you could go smaller. Less unsprung wt to spin up when accelerating. 18" for sure but I'm thinking 17" wheels would be the limit.

I'm pretty set on black but the green is quite dark and can look black in some light.

I tried to capture the lacewood sample as well

A few interior shots of screen.
Day 100%

Day Reduced

Still sold on it bigtime as #3562 and looking to get the 160 range model the wait continues.

Jason S | 26 mai 2012

Wow, nice review.

I knew intellectually that the bottom of the car must be flat to reduce drag, but seeing the picture ... that's amazing. No way to get an ICE like that.

That lacewood looks quite greyish, but I've seen other pictures showing a more bronze color. What did it look like in person?

I hopefully will need to lock in my Sig reservation before the June 22 event and the trim decision is turning out to be the toughest one for me. lol, so nice that the big decisions are already made.

Sudre_ | 27 mai 2012

I like the lacewood much better in person. Heck seeing the car in person made a huge difference. The design studio just doesn't catch the whole effect of how the car's interior ties together. I didn't like the color scheme I chose with the head liner color in the studio but after seeing the car for real I can say it looks great.

A lot of people have 3D glasses now days.... I wonder how hard it would be to 3D render the car with a full panoramic view of the inside... a true virtual car interior.... well either way it won't be long and there will be actual production cars at the showrooms... and more showrooms.

Great review by the way.

steven.maes | 28 mai 2012

Thx for the review. Very nice pictures by the way. The first ones that I have seen of the bottom of the car.

If you look at the bottom it seems that there are lights ? (these round objects) Any thoughts ?

Robert22 | 28 mai 2012

In the picture demonstrating the Black color, is that blue on the right or green?

As for the karate chop to the knee, it is definitely a concern for me at 6'8". It was the only beef I had about driver comfort after sitting in one. I'm hoping they can find a way to make the seat go back an additional inch or two which would straighten my leg and probably fix the problem. If not, I might have have to tape a cushion at the contact point. It may seem trivial, but on a multi- hour trip road vibration can do a job on your leg. Thanks for the
Perspective and photos.

Volker.Berlin | 29 mai 2012

If you look at the bottom it seems that there are lights ? (these round objects) Any thoughts ? (steven.maes)

Nuts and bolts, literally? The battery must be fixed to the car somehow.

Crusoe | 31 mai 2012

Sorry was out of town all weekend and heads down coding at work.


That's silver left, green middle and blue on the right.


They were just bolt I believe.

@Jason S
The lacewood was charcoalish to me IIRC.

Crusoe | 31 mai 2012

When I took the picture it was set at comfort for me. I extended the seat all the way back and got ~2" more from what I remember. The contact point was at a decent angle and nothing but soft leather.

I was expecting it be a little more roomy in general but it's still nice. I'm surprised Tesla stuck with such a classic design layout in and out, probably to maintain the exterior aesthetic but they could had push everything forward a bit for a larger cockpit.

I did fold down the back seats and the storage is massive but the rep folded them back up before I got a shot.