Building Solar Superchagers

Building Solar Superchagers

I would like to help build one or more of the superchargers. I am a current civil engineer student and would love to be apart of this. If any has any info of how I could get involved that would be great. Thanks.

jad322 | 1 octobre 2012


olanmills | 1 octobre 2012


Brian H | 1 octobre 2012

Remove all the chargers from 6 Dual Charger Model Ses.
Stack them in series.
Provide a 440V 120A feed.


Timo | 2 octobre 2012

I think "a" refers to "apart", which should be "part", right?

jad322 | 2 octobre 2012

no I want to be apart of the construction of the supercharger highway that will go across the USA.
They do not have a career option that involves the building of the supercharging stations.
"a" was and accident and i did not mean to post that.

Timo | 3 octobre 2012

Maybe my English is failing me, but doesn't "be apart of something" mean "being separate of something"? That's what my dictionary claims that means. A part vs apart.

Brian H | 3 octobre 2012

There is no such expression, Timo. One would be apart from, not apart of.

olanmills | 4 octobre 2012

No he made the same mistake again.
What he meant was:

No, I want to be a part of the construction of the supercharger highway that will go across the USA.

jad322 | 4 octobre 2012

thank you olanmills, that is what i meant.

wtstevenson | 21 octobre 2012

Forget about the grammar. Let's talk about location, location, location! Think about building these new charging stations for those of us "snowbirds" who drive from the north/northeast every winter to Florida. We need charging stations along the major corridors to get there. These are 400 - 500 mile a day drives and we need that kind of capacity or charging stations along the road to accomplish it. So . . . think I 95 ; I 85 ; I 75 ; I 81 etc . All the major N/S routes. Thanks for listening.