Can we talk about the auto dimming mirrors!

Can we talk about the auto dimming mirrors!

Can we talk about the auto dimming mirrors!

I've had my car for three weeks.
And I feel it's dangerous with the dark mirrors.
Perhaps you have the same feeling.
When driving on the freeway they get very dark.
Especially on the passenger side much darker than center mirror

I'm guessing this is a software controllable item.
Can we get an option to turn it off or make it lighter.

I do really feel it's too dark and makes the car dangerous to drive at night.

I'd be curious to hear your experiences.

jerry3 | 17 novembre 2012

I'll trade. The ones in my Prius (Model S not due for another few months) hardly dim at all.

mrspaghetti | 17 novembre 2012

IMO if you're relying on your side mirrors you're dangerous anyway.

jerry3 | 17 novembre 2012

Properly adjusted mirrors (using the head-wobble method) don't leave a blind spot. Then a quick head check before you actually move.

Getting Amped Again | 17 novembre 2012

I believe the poster is asking for other Model S owners to give their opinion about the auto-dimming feature, not for non-owners to give their opinion about his driving or automobile mirrors in general.

HaroldS | 17 novembre 2012

The side mirrors on our Signature certainly don't seem too dark. They pass plenty of light and if they passed more there would just be more glare from following cars. AS another poster observed, the Prius passes more light and that is a problem -- it compromises the ability to see detail on the sides.

Brian H | 18 novembre 2012

If your night vision is a bit weak, autodimming might be too much.

STEVEZ | 18 novembre 2012

I haven't noticed the right mirror being darker than the others. I also don't find the dimming to be too strong.

But, a question: do the mirrors employ active dimming? I was under the impression there was just some kind of film that provided the dimming effect. I can see a border of brighter mirror surface around the edges of each mirror.

jerry3 | 18 novembre 2012


The are electrochromatic, so they actively dim and brighten.

mrspaghetti | 19 novembre 2012


If you do a head check anyway, then the head-wobble mirror check is superfluous, no?

@Getting Amped Soon

I believe my comment is well within topic.

Getting Amped Again | 19 novembre 2012

tesla.mrspaghet... | November 17, 2012
IMO if you're relying on your side mirrors you're dangerous anyway.

tesla.mrspaghet... | November 19, 2012
I believe my comment is well within topic.

Afilm_Guy is asking owners about their opinion of the auto-dimming mirrors and whether they think they are too dark when they dim. You imply that he's a dangerous driver without any rationale - what's up with that? Your comment is snarky, useless and has nothing to do with the topic.

jickovics | 25 février 2014

I think it is to dark. In my Lexus I could turn if off, I liked that.

Ohmman | 25 février 2014

Tesla should be careful removing or changing this auto dimming feature or SDT may demand a refund. Just saying.

billbaggy | 25 février 2014

Not too dark for me. Any vehicle with headlights on will show up just fine. If they don't have headlights on, you may see a silhouette or find it when you check your blind spot. Maybe it's hard to get used to the reduced visibility in the mirror, but it is supposed to just let you see headlights without the added glare.

I wish the whole mirror dimmed so there wasn't a rim that still has glare at just the right angles.

gregguy | 25 février 2014

The rear view mirror is not dark enough for me.
Adding a little of the darkening material used on windows.

14k in 15 weeks S60 SC 8-10 times per week.
207 new, dropped to 204. Range charged 3 times and it's back to 206.

Great Car!

murraypetera | 25 février 2014

Mine do not get dark enough. Your lucky they must have updated the mirrors since I got mine 10 months ago. I find the rear view always to brigh at night. I do find the mirror gets quiet warm at night.

notice | 26 février 2014

Too dark for me - agree with OP

Rheumboy | 26 février 2014

Mine are way to bright. Opps, maybe I'm having a migraine!

jcaspar1 | 26 février 2014

Mine are perfect! Then again, I like the manual dimming tilt mirrors all my other cars have had.

RanjitC | 26 février 2014

I find they just barely get dark enough for me. Is this the OP's first car with auto dimming mirrors? If so he will get used to it soon and start wondering how he lived without this feature. I agree that most cars with this feature allow you to turn it off but I don't know how to do that in this car.

chrisdl | 27 février 2014

How to disable auto dimming:
You can cover the sensor with a piece of tape. It's located about 4 cm / 1.5" left from the center at the top edge of the mirror.
Credits go to @SocalTesla for this one.

If the mirror's too dark when someone drives behind you at night or if you're just never getting used to the feature this is the way to go.

Also, check out for more great tips.

whitex | 27 février 2014

Works very well in my MS. Those who think they are too dark, have you tinted your windows? I got mine tinted though the front doors I always do a shade lighter, partially for that reason (had auto-chromatic mirrors on all my cars for over a decade).

Roamer@AZ USA | 27 février 2014

Maybe you just need to get used to not being blinded by lights from the cars behind you. I can see how it might be different if you are not used to the reduced glare. I find it much safer to not have my night vision blasted by bright lights from my rear view mirrors. Give it time and your brain will adjust to the change.

Sleeper | 27 février 2014

I love the auto dimming mirrors, I wish they were even a little darker sometimes.

Bighorn | 27 février 2014

No judgment here, but have you been checked for eye problems-- early macular degeneration or cataract would be more common causes of diminished night vision.

judimasters | 27 février 2014

@jerry3 What is the Head Wobble Method of which you speak?